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    Originally posted by Qasim
    No other actress could have done what AT has done with Sam - absolutely magnificent
    not many would have even tried.


      Originally posted by Skydiver
      i think part of the problem with the boys writign sam is, when she's in relationship mode they write her the way they WANT her to be, not the way she is.

      sam in chimera and affinity was a man's version of how sam should be, now how sam really was

      the 'real' sam woulda given pete crud for busting the stake out, or the 'real' sam would have not snogged pete at the stake out. she would have said yes later, somewhere else

      but the character was sacrificed for the sake of the plot
      the real sam would have dumped him at the end of chimera.


        Originally posted by ShimmeringStar
        Pete: "Oh man Sam – you shoulda been there! That perp just threw up all over me after I sacked him at the end of the alley." (chuckles) "Funny huh??!"

        Sam (thinking): Ohhhhh no. Please let this not be his idea of intellectually stimulating dinner conversation.... (smiles weakly as Pete continues on) What was I thinking when I said yes? (Glances at Pete’s chest, visible where his shirt is unbuttoned at the top) *ahem* Yes, I remember now…

        (Apologies to Sam/Pete shippers…)
        Oh, come on now, ShimmeringStar. I'm joining the conversation very late, but you know there are no S/P shippers!


          Does anyone know if any other actresses were considered for the role of Sam Carter?
          gumboYaYa: you are all beautiful, your words and openness are what make that shine. don't forget how much talent love and beauty you all have.
          so for now, peace love love love more love and happy, and thank you, thank you, thank you
          love Torri


            Originally posted by Qasim
            Does anyone know if any other actresses were considered for the role of Sam Carter?
            did i hear somewhere that jessica stein was one of the final few considered? or did someone make that up?


              Originally posted by Qasim
              Does anyone know if any other actresses were considered for the role of Sam Carter?
              According to Amanda, she was in a room full of potential Sams...and they all auditioned...

              And the person came out to give people the news. Whoever's name was called would have to leave. So she said she was standing there praying not to hear her name... LOL

              ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                if any sam fans want to come over and help on 'that' thread, come over now!




                  Originally posted by jckfan55
                  Do we have a Samanda version of the Purple Heart for such occasions?
                  Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye

                  For Grace under Pressure and Defense of the Queen

                  The Honour Roll of Samandans Going Beyond the Line of Duty in Foreign Lands
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                  Uber, Super Royal Pain in the Mikta
                  mini geek, Alternate Pain in the Mikta
                  Coley, Royal Accountant who doesn't tire, shouting "liar, liar, pants on fire"
                  deepspace, Little Page who takes on Goliath
                  the dancer of spaz, Lower Case but First Class all the way
                  Major Sal, VP of Fairness and Patience and all things Jack and Sam
                  ForeverSg1, our Royal Artist and Nanny who, if irked, may kick some fanny
                  STARGATE7777, brand new to us, but seems sincere which is a plus
                  chocdoc, Wise Elder pray tell, who can turn the discussion with a statement posed well
                  ann_sgcfan who also assists, making her points even though some resist

                  Please feel free to come forth and request your name to be added to this list as it seems to be a work in progress. Godspeed, keep your swords at your sides and your brains in fine shape ... be always prepared for the moment of debate!

                  Who is perfectly content to compose these lyrics
                  Whilst sitting near the Samandan Gate waiting for you all to return Home ...

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                    Originally posted by ÜberSG-1Fan
                    First and foremost, always have friends.

                    When you venture into strange anti-Sam lands where people bash my favorite character (and your favorite too) have friends.

                    When some take any offbeat and non sequitur opportunity to slam Sam and blame her for anything that's ever gone wrong up to and including Chernobyl and the sinking of the have friends. And access to a stock pile of zat guns.

                    When people mock her and the actress who plays her and ridicule the very things we appreciate and say that she's a vile and heartless have friends. And access to a stock pile of zat guns. And the hotline to Samandan security to call all Samandans to arms in defense of the crown.

                    But most importantly, you have friends.

                    Hi, Samanda! (*waves enthusiastically*)
                    I've been away a few days. RL called loudly. I haven't been here or anywhere else I promised I'd be! I'm still catching up on all you've said in my absence, but I hope to be able to get back into the conversation before the night is over.

                    And by the way, I couldn't think of a better way to re-enter the kingdom than by quoting this lovely post. Couldn't green you, Mary Beth, but this is just a wonderful post!!!


                      Originally posted by deepspace
                      I was particularly interested by some of the righthanded/lefthanded discussion a few pages back, about Sam wearing her watch on her right hand, and switching weapon hands. I’ve always found this a fascinating thing to observe in groups of people. I for one am definitely right handed. I’m a clutz with my right hand, but I’m a COMPLETE clutz with my left hand. However I like wearing my watch on my right hand. This is of course not counting the bizzare phaze I went through of wearing two watches, one on each hand. However, how many people who are left handed wear their watch on their left hand?

                      and this is my 400th post
                      Congrats on the posts!

                      I do, I do!!!!! I'm left-handed and wear my watch on my left hand.
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                        my question for amanda -

                        going with a jack-centric, daniel-centric, or teal'c-centric episode, which one of their epsodes do you wish would have been sam's?


                        ps - to sam fans (not part of amanda's question); did that question make sense?



                          another question for amanda.

                          do you think sam would like to run the whole sgc someday?




                            Originally posted by ForeverSg1
                            As much as I would love seeing two strong female characters on the show, this would never happen because as we have read on other threads and forums, this would make Stargate a female dominated show and there are those fans who abhor that idea. Keep the testerone levels high for the guys, and the beefcake factor at a level to keep the women of the world satisfied because that is the only thing we really want to see anyway. God forbid we'd actually want to see something of substance.

                            I'm sorry, not having a good week and my bitterness levels are extremely high right now.

                            We should be so lucky to see Sam and Vala work together this season or next. But I'll hold my breathe for this as much as I will at seeing Sam in a truly positive light. The writers have dug themselves into a hole and I really don't see them digging themselves out on this one.

                            What bothers me more than anything is that the writers have used Sam as a punching bag for nine years now and I don't see it easing up any time soon. God bless Amanda for putting up with all of this for so many years. She's a far stronger woman than I would have been. First she has to deal with years of Sam/Daniel conflicts and Sam-Jack/Jack-Daniel conflicts, and now just as she finally gets rid of the shadow caused by RDA/Jack, she's forced to contend with new Sam/Vala issues and Sam/Mitchell leadership issues. The woman can't seem to catch a break. It's like the writers are purposely writing storylines in order to keep the fans tearing out each other's throats and Sam is always caught in the middle.

                            Why is it that the writers can't just let Sam be Sam without having her followed around by dark clouds?


                            well said!




                              Originally posted by Coley
                              Managed to very quickly skim a new article in Cult TV Mag with AT.

                              Not too much to report. There were 3 more eps to film to the end of the season. She says it has just flown by.

                              She likes working with BB very much and thinks their screen characters are forming a nice bond (friendship) She loves the new show dynamic etc etc etc. She thinks she and Olivia have coped very well with the schedule.

                              One of her fave eps was Ripple Effect and she said it was great to work with JR and Teryl again

                              She says it will be nice to get some time at home but also hopes some work opportunity will come up (sounded as though she meant in between season 9 and 10). Sounds as though they are setting up for a season 10 and Amanda sounded as though she would be there if so.

                              The behind the scenes get togethers are still going strong with the cast and all the crew and they have just had a (I think it was) volleyball tournament between SG1 and Atlantis (2 teams each) The team Amanda was on got to the final and won the final over SGA. She was the only actor on the team.

                              She says she’s looking forward to doing stuff round the house and is currently freezing organic peas in ice cubes ready to boil and mush for when Olivia can take solids!!!!!!!

                              She mentioned GABIT and after GABIT she is going to the City of Bath (famous for its Roman Spa) and then seeing relatives in the south east.

                              Hope I haven’t missed anything!!
                              Coley, that's the most lovely AT article I've heard about in some time. Thank you so much for sharing the highlights with us! How like her to be the only actor on the volleyball team! And that part about freezing the peas! Priceless!


                                Dear Samandans one and all
                                Tonight's a night to install
                                All new members of our fair land
                                Who have added much, both small and granda
                                To the spirit of Samanda
                                (Hey it's late and I'm exercising poetic license)

                                Your presence here so be it writ
                                Has pleased us with good will and wit
                                It's great to have such shining stars
                                Who value Sam from near and far
                                So let's light the sky and celebrate
                                And welcome newbies through Samanda's Gate

                                mini geek
                                stargate barbie
                                Traveler Enroute1
                                And any other recent denizen
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