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    Top 25 Men of Stargate


    Since Summer I have been conducting a ongoing poll of the top 25 women of Stargate. The poll has been going well and several women have requested that I start one for the men of stargate. I thought it was a good idea, but waited and waited and waited. Well here it is.

    Basically, the goal is to create a top 25. I will do the calculations every so often.

    Each person is allowed to vote:

    1) = 25 pts
    2) = 24
    3) =23
    4) etc
    5) etc

    You can vote for as many as 25 in a single vote,....but there must be a minimum of at least a top 10.

    You may vote 1 time per month. There are constantly new characters, may find you don't like a character anymore, or a character may begin to grow on you and you want to adjust your list. Or you just might want to give more points to the people on your list.

    YOu can vote for anyoen from the show or movie. It does not matter it they were on the show or in the movie for 5 years or 5 seconds.

    It would be appreciated if you gave a rationale for why you chose members of your top 25, but it is not required.

    You can choose people because you like them, think they are cool,..or find them really doesn't matter. No judgement here.

    Here is my top 25. As people start to post theirs I will add the totals.

    To see what this poll look like for the women check out as a reference.

    1)Gen. Jack O'neill - He's the man. This character got me to be a fan of the show, and no SG leader will ever live up to him. His one liner's are hilarious and his leadership impeccable...well, he makes some bad decisions, but thats what makes him great.
    2)Teal'c - He's the strong silent type...but he's pretty funny too. Liek a warrior version of mr. spock.
    3)Major John Shepherd - Persoanlly I think he is a better elader then our new SG-1 leader. I like his style better and find him more interesting...more of a risk taker.
    4)Dr. Rodney Mckay - Love this guy. I would ahte to work for or with him, but he is hilarious to watch.
    5)Master Bra'tac - Master Bra'tac is cool. Over 100 years and can still kick butt. Gotta be in my top 5.
    6)Apophis- Best SG villian ever.
    7)Gen. Hammond - Wasn't sure if I liked him in the beginning, but as you can tell from my screen name I love this guy. Loved when he went offworld and defied orders to do the right thing.
    8)Thor -- He I hysterical. Him and Jack shoulda taken their show on the road. Supreme commander bailed us out a number of times.
    9)Dr. Daniel Jackson -- Alot of people's favorite. I never really liked him. He has recently grown on me, but still not one of my top 5.
    10)Harry Maybourne - He played a great villain at 1st,..and then become great comic relief. I liked his character alot and like Thor his interactiosn with Jack.
    11)Steven Caldwell -- This might be my x-files bias showing, but he this character is great and I think also better then our new SG leader.
    12)Jacob Carter -- He made the Tok'ra bearable.
    13)Robert Kinsey -- Every show needs a guy you "love to hate" he was it.
    14)Martin Lloyd -- Worm-hole X-treme!
    15)Jonas Quinn -- Filling Danial JAckson's shoes is not easy but he did a great job.
    16)Lord Yu-Huang Shang Ti -- He is my favorite system Lord, mostly because of the senile angle they did with him.
    17) General Landry -- Doing ok filling in for Hammond/Jack. So far so good.
    18)Anubis -- He was a good villian, but coulda been better.
    19)Ra--I think this was a great character, but gotten taken out too early to be Uber-cool.
    20)Sokar -- I liekd this concept alot, but like Anubis he did not last long enough.
    21)Urgo -- I hope he comes back for a episode one day. He was fun.
    22)Lord Ba'al -- Has potential.
    23)Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell -- I see some potential, but really hope he steps up in the 2nd 1/2 of this new season.
    24)Dr. Zelenka -- Just a fun contrast to Rodney.
    25)Dr. Beckett -- He's ok but kinda boring.

    Ok there is my list. Definetly more of a guys list. I am sure many of my picks will not make the top 25 but thats ok. Its all about creating the best top 25. Hope to see lots on here. I will add the poll up lets say every week for starters.
    Every Tuesday General Hammond gets alittle touch up on his dome. I say, "General Hammond, alittle off the top today?"

    Top 25 females of stargate

    Top 25 males of stargate

    My top 10:

    1) Ronon - He's hot, mysterious, has a sense of humour, and a wild side to him that brings something fresh to the show
    2) McKay - Oh come ON! He is FANTASTICALLY snarky!
    3) O'Neill - His wit was fantastic.
    4) Shep - Coz he is sweet, a gentleman, trusts instinct and is loyal to his friends
    5) Teal'c - I would have ranked him higher, but there weren't enough numbers He is just... I dont htink i can find the right word at the moment.
    6) Zelenka - he puts up with so much of McKays c*** and still manages to do it with humour.
    7) Thor - coolest good!alien ever *thinks about 'Disclosure'*
    8) Maybourne - HA! best bad!guy. Funny, slippery, can be trusted..sometimes
    9) Daniel - Liked him more at the beginning of the show when he was still the general geek. It made for some funny and light scenes between him and O'Neill
    10) General Landry - Not too sure about him yet. He seems okay but I'm going to have to give him a bit more time. But he's no General Hammond.

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      Thanks for creating this Thread. Hmmmm, this was more challenging to list than I thought. My Top 11.

      1. Jack O'Neill- Brave, honorable, irreverent, funny, loyal, trustworthy. O'Neill is a leader who is steadfast in his promise to "leave no one behind." He inspires those under his command. Gotta love The Man!! Did I mention he's handsome and hot?

      2. Jacob Carter- I liked Jacob inspite of his gruffness at times. He was intelligent and dependable as the liason between the Tok'ra and the SGC. Is it a coincidence that my favorites are the two most important men in Sam's life?

      3. Teal'c- You mentioned strong and silent? That and an intelligent warrior who was loyal to his adopted world. Jack depended on Teal'c's counsel when exploring new worlds. Teal'c delivered.

      4. Jonas- Intelligent, energetic, happy, assertive, happy!! I really liked Jonas. I wish he would come back.

      5. Harry Mayborne- Even when he was bad, he tried to help Jack find Sam. Harry took the long and winding path to earn SG-1's trust. It was good to see Harry be king!!

      6. Master Bra'tac- This guy is focused, dedicated, strong, and unyielding when it comes to Freeing the Jaffa. A noble mentor to Teal'c.

      7. General Hammond- He commanded respect and ran a tight base. He would go to the mat for his people. Loved when he'd call anyone's bluff..

      8. Thor- Gotta love the .....little guy! Hey, he appreciated all the Tauri's stupid ideas!!!

      9. Daniel- I liked Daniel. Very passionate about his ideals. Loved his bantering and bickering with Jack.

      10. John Sheppard- I'm just getting to know him. He seems sometimes reckless but he gets the job done and inspires those under his command to push forward in their remote and dangerous circumstances.

      11. Cameron Mitchell- I'm giving Cam a chance. He's a brave and patriotic pilot and soldier. He has potential. Funny. Hope to see his leadership qualities develop.
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        1)Daniel-He's just so cute.
        2)Jack-Funny and sensitive (when he's not being a smart***)
        3)Jacob-All around good guy
        4)Bra'tak-Strong and wise
        5)Teal'c-He can communicate so much just by clenching his jaw
        6)Baal-Pretty hot, for a goa'uld
        7)Hammond-I love that look he has whenever SG-1 comes back and tells him something unbelievable
        8)Dr. Lee-He cracks me up
        9)Robert Rothman-even when he was a goa'uld, he was still a geek [in a good way]
        10)Chaka-the one in seasons 4 and 5, not 7. I love his little chant/gyration thing
        11)Thor-he's naked
        12)Major Davis-I don't know, I'm running out of guys
        13)Maybourne-now I am out of guys
        14)Osiris-LOVE the CLOTHES!!! (I forgot he's sort of a guy)

        No reflection on the new guys, I just don't have cable so I haven't seen them yet


          1. Jack O'Neill
          2. Jacob Carter
          3. John Sheppard
          4. Ba'al
          5. Dr. Carson Beckett
          6. Daniel Jackson
          7. Teal'c
          8. General G. Hammond
          9. Cameron Mitchell
          10. Col. Caldwell
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            1. Jack - he started it all.
            2. Sheppard - "Purdy", but we better learn more about him soon, or the interest may wane.
            3. Daniel
            4. Mitchell
            5. Kinsey (the nasty ya love to hate)
            6. McKay
            7. Ronon
            8. Ba'al (the suave baddie)
            9. Teal'c
            10. Beckett

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              Okay well here's my two cents for what it's worth....

              1. Daniel- Of course, who else would be number one on my list? He's passionate, sensitive, attractice, the moral fiber and voice of the SGC. For reference see Meridian, Threads, Prototype, First Ones, Enemy Mine etc. His bantering with Jack, his growing relationship with Cam, his sister/brother role with Sam and he is possibly the closest person to Teal'c, the share the bond of understanding the Go'auld like no others. Daniel is a central part of the SGC as a whole, not just SG-1. If SG-1 were to end, a place on Atlantis would not be hard to find.

              2. Jack - he's the man, no doubt about it. Cam can never replace him, though he is doing a good job of trying. Sarcastic, witty, charming in his own way, a strong leader, no one else can mock like him.

              3. Teal'c - strong, the SGC's first line of info on their first outer space enemy. Gruff and strong, but with a heart of gold. Teal'c is able to be the strong warrior but be a gentle person at the same time. An invaluable part of SG-1.

              4. Gen. Hammond - An unwavering leader, sees both sides of the coin, is soft and strong when needed to be. Great diplomat, makes a hard job look easy.

              5. Jacob - the only Tok'ra earthling, makes him one of a kind. Instrumental in keeping the Earth/Tok'ra/Jaffa alliance together.

              6. Sheppard - new to the Stargate universe, but quite handsome. A good leader, cares deeply for his team, and much like Daniel, wants to save everyone, badly.

              7. Thor - A ruler among the Asgaard, always shows up when needed, enjoys bantering with Jack and kicks some serious butt when need be.

              8. McKay - Brilliant, sarcastic, rude, but at times quite loveable and humble. Has a serious crush on Sam and makes for amusing and interesting interactions with the ladies of the Stargate universe.

              9. Ronon - Hot, smoky and mysterious. Every series needs one of those. Fantastic warrior, great addition to Atlantis.

              10. Ford - miss him bunches, was great on Atlantis and should have been kept as a regular character. Miss his interactions with McKay, he was a valuable part of the team as the sarcastic, witty, young and reckless member of the team.

              11. Ba'al: Smoky Go'auld lord, he is sneaky, manipulative, cruel and witty, his interactions with Jack and Sam always made for an interesting scene. He is a needed bad guy in a Stargate universe populated with bad guys teetering on the edge between bad and just doing what they're told.

              12. Bra'tac: the master Jaffa, his wisdom and knowledge were instrumental in allowing the mere Earthlings to help the Jaffa win their freedom and defeat the Go'auld. The series wouldn't have been the same without him.

              13. Apophis: Was the best villian ever, too bad they killed him off too early. He could have had seasons worth of bady goodness, his reign was too short lived.

              14. Kinsey: the guy you love to hate. Great bad guy that's slimy and evil but still supposed to be on our side.

              15. Maybourne: Funny, slippery, his banter with Jack made for great television. You wanna trust him, but know you can't.

              Well that's my top 15, for better or for worst.

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                1. Ronon
                2. Daniel
                3. Anubis
                4. Teal'c
                5. Jacob
                6. Sheppard
                7. Graham Simmons
                8. Martouf
                9. Martin Lloyd
                10. McKay
                11. Beckett
                12. Zelenka
                13. Ba'al

                They're just meant to be.
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                  1. DANIEL - The first reason why I started to watch Stargate SG:1...

                  2. SHEP - I love my Atlantis head military officer...

                  3. Ronon

                  4. Carson Beckett

                  5. Maj. Lorne

                  6. Jack

                  7. McKay

                  8. Mitchell

                  9. Ford - gone but not forgotten

                  10. Martouf


                    1. Daniel - hot
                    2. Sheppard - hot
                    3. Mitchell - hot
                    4. Beckett - hot
                    5. Jack O'Neill - you know why
                    6. McKay - super funny
                    7. Ronon - hot
                    8. Major Davis - cute
                    9. Zelenka - his mumblings in his language are hilarious! Even though I have no idea what he's saying!
                    10. Ford - WAS cute
                    11. Martouf - cute
                    12. Ba'al - one of a kind system lord, very funny. I can't take him seriously!
                    13. Dr.Lee - hilarious
                    14. Gen. Laundry - has a sense of humor

                    does it have to be 25?
                    Well there you go


                      1. Ronon
                      2. McKay
                      3. Sheppard
                      4. Beckett
                      5. Col. Caldwell.
                      6. Zelenka

                      icon pic thanks Cathain Nottingham


                        1. Daniel--a hot intellectual who is great with languages
                        2. Sheppard--a gorgeous smart aleck
                        3. McKay--I suspect someone has planted something in the water, but he's growing on me.
                        4. Beckett--for the innocent do-gooder side of him
                        5. Mitchell--for his good nature and his looks
                        6. Ba'al--classy and great looking, plus he's the bad guy
                        7. Aphophis--same as above, but not quite as classy
                        8. Martouf--I was sorry that the writers killed him. He had a great combination of looks and character depth.
                        9. Zelenka--something about him is so compelling
                        10. Thor--We must have at least one alien on the list. The bad guys with human hosts don't count.
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                          I've got several new entries mixed in also:

                          1. Daniel - Favorite! I always had a soft spot for the compassionate geek, but it's cool that he can now hold his own in battle as well. It's amazing watching him go through all he has in 9 years and how he's dealt with it, how it's changed him.
                          2. Jack - Always great on screen, the quips, the way he deals (or doesn't deal) with situations.
                          3. Teal'c - I love watching Teal'c - he may not say much, but he conveys so much more through his presence. Some of my favorite episodes are Teal'c episodes.
                          4. Jacob - Quite interesting every time he's around. He's got something quirky about him that I like.
                          5. Hammond - What a great boss.
                          6. Walter Harriman - Consistency. He's always there, he fun to watch. Like his development in the beginning of season nine.
                          7. Ba'al - One of my fave bad guys - evil but cool, always a delight to see what he's getting up to.
                          8. Thor - Thor rocks.
                          9. Martouf - Tok'Ra suck, but he was cool. Enjoyed his interactions with Sam.
                          10. Fifth - This guy is great - a bad guy that I fear yet feel for at the same time.
                          11. Skaara - Skaara! Loved his story arc over 6 seasons.
                          12. Chaka - Particularly season 4, 5 episodes. LOVE the guy.
                          13. Bra'tac - He kicks ass. Frequently.
                          14. Pete Shanahan - I actually LIKED Pete. Quite a bit. I'd have him for a boyfriend if Sam won't.
                          15. Agent Barrett - Another favorite recurring person - always cool to see him pop back up.
                          16. Beckett - My fave Atlantis guy. Love his compassion.
                          17. Sheppard - He's his timing.
                          18. Mitchell - I'm sure I'll move him up as we see more of him.
                          19. Zelenka - Background character, but emphasis on the character =^)
                          20. Ford - Always a soldier I'd want at my back, but a very interesting villain as SuperFord as well.
                          21. Jonas Quinn - Hm, he might be a bit low, but he's gone. I thought he was quite a cool character; sort of a pity he and Daniel filled the same role, as I really liked both of them together.
                          22. Landry - Haven't seen enough of him, but he's cool
                          23. Ronon - He's going to be fun to watch.
                          24. Anubis - Particularly his 'Threads' version, Jim!
                          25. Kasuf - I always enjoy seeing this guy, so I had to squeeze him into the poll somewhere. Pity we couldn't see him more, but it really wasn't feasible.
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                            1) Daniel Jackson- He is intelligent, snarky, caring, stubborn, and adorable.
                            2) Jack O'Neill- Mostly because he has an attitude 'problem.'
                            3) Carson Beckett- He's funny as heck, and he has a neat accent.
                            4) Jonas Quinn- Smart, helpful, and unassuming. I miss him.
                            5) Cameron Mitchell- He is classically sarcastic, and has learned quickly.
                            6) John Sheppard- Shep is SASSY if ever anyone was. He'll mouth off to anyone.
                            7) Ba'al- He's evil, but confident. And there's several of him, so more overall points.
                            8) Teal'c- Although I hate his new hairdo, Teal'c is super tough.
                            9) Loki- He's one messed up little grey man, but so much inept fun!
                            10) Jacob/Selmak- He always has good advice for SG-1.
                            11) Ronon Dex- I haven't seen a lot of him so far, but he seems awesome- a hipper, more bada$$ version of Teal'c.
                            12) Gen. Hammond- He put up with so much crap from SG-1 and Jack, he deserves a spot on the list.

                            Can I give negative points? Because McKay is a pompous little wuss. I can't stand him.

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                              I love the idea of voting for my top characters even though I don't understand how the poll goes

                              But here they are:

                              1. Jack O'Nneill - Is there anything to say... he is and will always be SG-1, it's the reason why I started watching the show and I miss him every day.

                              2. Major John Shepherd - Do I have really to explaing myself? The Shep needs no more words...

                              3. Daniel - I love his sensitivity and his goodness in the first season, fighting always for what was right.

                              4. Apophis - Complelty agree.... Best Villian ever and PW... best actor with fans ever...

                              5. Rodney McKay - In Sam Carter's words... I Hate You! I mean you have to love a man that drives those passions

                              6. Ronon Dex - With the Shep there is always the Dex

                              7. Ba'al - How you can leave the ultra, mean, cool, bad Goa'uld behind

                              8. Gen Hammond - I just miss him...

                              9. Teal'c - I can't make a list and not include Teal'c

                              10. Martouf - I liked Martouf in a way.... miss him.... but he better stay away from Sam, Sam belongs to Jack

                              11. Martin Woods aka The wrench guy - He is my favorite director with Cameos on all his ep.... gives also the best commentaries

                              12. Beckett - I think he's cute and love his accent

                              13. The Technician guy - He has to be here and also...

                              14. Siler....

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