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    Originally posted by GenHammondsBarber
    To honor our beautiful characters of stargate I am creating a running top 25 poll. I will start it with my own top 25 list and update it with the input of others. Essentially a #1 vote will get the character 25 points, a #2 vote 24 points and down the line. If you submit a top five list instead of top 25 then i will place them at the top then take the remaining top 20 and assign them points based on their current position. Provide your list and rationale. **Remember this is about the character and not the actress playing that character.

    Current Poll

    1) Col. Samantha Carter

    Beautiful, smart, can do anything the guys can do. She's funny, and always finds a way to save the day. Not a super sexy type, but she has the I could meet her out somewhere type of down to earth personality that is very attractive.

    2) Dr. Weir

    I like her toughness and the way she deals with her role. She is pretty and has been able to earn the support of many. Not as pretty as samantha carter, but does tend to wear tighter close on occassion and show of her work at the gym.

    3) OSIRUS

    The hottest Gao' uld ever. She is beautiful. However, I always thought she could have been more powerful and she decided to take a backseat to Anubis so I don't find her as hot as the above.

    4) Julia Donovan (Ba'al's companion)

    Wow! Very hot. Didn't really think they made skirts that short in the SG universe. Seems to me the hottest person ever cast. I liked that the character stood up to col carter, and that she seems to be Ba'al's right hand woman. I do not know enough about the character to put her any higher. If she gets developed at all she could move up higher for me, but sadly if they do not develop her she could fall out of my top 25 even.

    5) Teyla

    Sooo cute. Cute and tough. I tend to think she is even sexier then they show. She tends to cover up alot in big bulky clothes.

    6) Vala Mal Duran

    She grew on me throughout the ninth season. Undoubtedly hot. The over the top sexual comments keep her from breaking into the top 5. I like alittle subltey and not realizing how hot they are.

    7) Hathor

    Previously the hottest gao'uld ever until OSIRUS came along. Gotta love the red hair.

    8) Anise/Freya

    The hottest of the Tokr'a. However, she was alittle weak for my liking and kinda threw herself at Jack. In the Vala category for me.

    9) Ishta

    A warrior hotty who leads her people well. Powerful and beautiful. Willing to stand up to anyone.

    10) Dr. Kate Heightmeyer

    Therapist to SGA's people. Beautiful and needs more screen time. Has helped many of the main characters and must know everyone's secrets.

    11) Ayiana (left behind ancient)
    Makign appearances in both SG-1 and SGA she was left behind by the ancients for spoiler/speculative reasons I won't get into. However, extremely beautiful and tragic character.

    12) Nirrti

    I did not find Nirrti attractive at all until the episode where she tried to get in Jonas's pants. She had on some outifts that were showing off the gao'uld goods--wow. If she kept going like that she mighta been up above OSIRUS for me.

    13) Sora (The Gennii)

    OK, My spelling might be off on this. However, it is the girl who tried to kill Teyla because she felt teyla betrayed her father. Again the red hair. Wish we would see more of her when the Gennii are seen again in episodes.

    14) Oma Dasala

    An older woman but still has it. Actually could be many many years old.

    15) Krista (Tealc's neighbor) weak and weak minded to enter the top ten. However, she was very hot and obviously hot enough to win over Teal'c rather easily.

    16) Lt. Laura Cadman

    In SGA. I really didn't find her attractive until the end of the episode duets. They showed her with her hair down. Very pretty, plus a soldier which I like and she seemed to have a great persnality while bouncing around in Mckay's head.

    17) Dr. Janet Frasier
    Not all that attractive to me. However, the brains and the toughness I love.

    18) Dr. Lam

    Hotter then Dr. Fraiser, but not in her league really.

    19) Sha're

    Very beautiful. Her own persoanlity didn't come out enough for me to place her highly.

    20) Cadet Jennifer Hailey

    A miniature Samantha Carter with attitude.

    21) Katie Brown (Botanist)

    The object of Mckay's affection? I can see why he would get tongue tied in front of her.

    22) Kerry Johnson

    A love interest for a short period of time of Jack. Hey--she's attractive but she's no samantha carter.

    23) Shau'nac

    Tealc's love interest who could communicate with her Goa'uld. Teal'c couldn't get her out of his mind, but I could which is why she is ranked in the 20's.

    24) Garshaw

    Much like Oma--she is older, and probably was very hot years ago. However, she's lost it more then Oma. Also, not nearly as friendly as Oma.

    25) Replicarter

    Had the loks but not the persoanlity and you just can't improve on the original.

    So here is the list. Put together yours...could be 25 or 5 and I will add them in.
    You know, I began making a list but sat back and this a personal list for a characters beauty or a female character in general? In case, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter is # 1 in both categories.


      The poll is for the characters in general. Thats how I intended it. I actually wish I could edit the title and get rid of the word "Babes".
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      Top 25 females of stargate

      Top 25 males of stargate


        You could ask the MODS to change the titles.
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          I find that sam looks a lot better after her pregnancy. lol Maybe it's that womanly glow or something?/
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     need to be sheepish. Find your last post and look in the top left hand corner of the box. The date of that post will be posted there.
              Every Tuesday General Hammond gets alittle touch up on his dome. I say, "General Hammond, alittle off the top today?"

              Top 25 females of stargate


              Top 25 males of stargate



                My new personal top 25 list,...last updatedd in October. Well over a month ago. Soooo overdue.

                1) Col. Samantha Carter
                2) Vala Mal Duran
                3) Chaya
                4) Teyla
                5)Dr. Weir
                6) OSIRUS
                7) Ancient 1st Officer
                8) Lt. Laura Cadman
                10) Ayiana

                11) Rosha

                12) Katie Brown

                13) Anise

                14) Dr. Kate Heightmeyer

                15) Oma Dasala

                16) Dr. Janet Frasier

                17) Ishta

                18) Lt. Satterfield

                19) Waitress from Holiday

                20) Charlotte Mayfield (Ba'al's companion)

                21) Cadet Jennifer Hailey

                22)Lord Zarah

                23) Garshaw

                24) Hathor

                25) Nirrti
                Every Tuesday General Hammond gets alittle touch up on his dome. I say, "General Hammond, alittle off the top today?"

                Top 25 females of stargate


                Top 25 males of stargate



                  My View From The Peanut Gallery


                    I can vote again.

                    1. Weir
                    2. Carter
                    3. Vala
                    4. Cadman
                    5. Janet Frasier
                    6. Oma
                    7. Nirrti
                    8. Lt. Hailey
                    9. Lam
                    10. Osiris

                    When all else fails, change channels.


                      1. Carter
                      2. Frasier
                      3. Lam


                        I voted last on december 12

                        Once again my favorite:

                        1. Fraiser
                        2. Carter
                        3. Weir
                        4. Teyla
                        5. Hailey
                        6. Ishta
                        7. Sora




                            YEY! I can vote again
                            01. Sam Carter
                            02. Janet Fraiser
                            03. Elizabeth Weir
                            04. Catherine Langford
                            05. Cassandra Fraiser
                            06. Jennifer Hailey
                            07. Osiris/Sarah
                            08. Sha're
                            09. Sara O'Neill
                            10. Ishta
                            11. Niirti
                            12. Teyla Emmagan
                            13. Aiyanna
                            14. Hathor
                            15. Grace (the girl from 'Grace')
                            16. Replicarter
                            17. Dr Elizabeth Weir (original, the blonde one )
                            18. Dr Lindsey Novak
                            19. Dr Brightman
                            20. Dr Caroline Lam
                            21. Dr Heightmayer
                            22. Oma Desala
                            23. Saroosh (Selmak host pre-Jacob)
                            24. Cadman
                            25. Anise
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                                01. Janet Fraiser
                                02. Elizabeth Weir
                                03. Samantha Carter

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