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    Forgot to vote yesterday


      Originally posted by valaCB View Post

      Voting done. Thanks for the reminder!

      AQOVC: Be honest with me, Shep. Cam won't tell me the truth of what's going on.
      AQOSC: Addy and the General are not speaking right now.
      AQOVC: Yes, Cam told me that much. But why?
      AQOSC: It's best I not say...he could have me busted to sergeant.
      AQOVC: Right...that's what Cam said too. Addy?
      AQO: I don't want to talk about it. *stomps away*
      AQOVC: And I thought I was the one with hormonal issues. *sigh*


        Can you tell me what's going on between Addy and the General?

        Hey, you're such a powerful god, well, ex-god - but still powerful. And smart - did I mention smart? I'm sure you could enlighten me about what's going on between these two.

        You will tell me what's going on!

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          Originally posted by Aeryn/Vala View Post
          Realized today that Christmas Eve is next Sunday and I still have no gifts!!
          The same here!
          T.S.G.D - The StarGate SG-1 Defenders


            Toman, you're only a visiting stray clone, so you can tell me what's going on between Addy and the General without fear of reprisal.

            Toman: Thank you for noticing me.
            AQOVC: about Addy and the General?

            Toman: Yesterday, Addy tied up the General and hung him from the ceiling in the lounge. He escaped and attempted retribution last night, but his plan backfired and the short lady doctor got involved...
            AQOVC: Wait a minute...slow down.
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              Toman: So, the General wanted to make Addy jealous and put NCIS on the TV and ogled the sexy woman then Addy ogled that Gibbs guy then the General decided to use the Fraiser clone from the lounge to make Addy jealous and all she did was get mad and tie up the Fraiser clone.

              So it all boils down to a lovers' spat. Hmm...I'll have to see what I can do to restore the harmony around here.


                Addy...I just had a terrific idea...lots of fun...

                AQO: What's that?
                AQOVC: We could take a couple of the guys out tonight and run amok with them before you report in for jury duty tomorrow. I'll get to sleep in and all...
                AQO: Maybe...but no booze for you.
                AQOVC: Of course not.
                AQO: Okay...I'll bring Cammie, you bring Evil Cam.
                AQOVC: I thought you could bring Jack.
                AQO: I thought you said this was going to be fun.


                  You know, Addy, having Jack tied up and hanging from the ceiling must have been some funny sight.

                  AQO: Yeah...he did look rather pathetic.
                  AQOVC: In a cute kind of way though...
                  AQO: I suppose.
                  AQOVC: And I'm sure he's learned his lesson.
                  AQO: Maybe, but he has yet to apologize.
                  AQOVC: Right...and if you take him out tonight, that will give him the opportunity to do just that.
                  AQO: Yeah, right. *snort*


                    AQOVC: Okay, Addy. I wasn't going to say anything, but from what I hear...Jack's waiting for you in the lounge so that he can apologize...uh...what did he do again?
                    AQO: He chased after Cammie and Daniel with an armored transport...shooting at them...
                    AQOVC: Well, he's ready to leave the past behind him...make amends...
                    AQO: In the lounge?
                    AQOVC: Yes.
                    AQO: I banned him from the lounge...*stomps away*

                    They'll work things out. *giggles* I'd best make reservations for dinner.


                      VALA - COOL, FUNNY, SEXY, SMART


                        So...any ideas where we should take those two to dinner? Some place romantic, perhaps?


                          The General will probably fall into catatonia, if it's a "romantic" place. You'd have to tie him down.... oh wait, that comes later.

                          So, Danny, don't you think this restarant just screams romantic date?

                          Is that a trick question?

                          VALA - COOL, FUNNY, SEXY, SMART


                            Marvelous idea, but I can't find Addy's handcuffs or nylon ties.


                              They might still be attached to one of the clones.

                              VALA - COOL, FUNNY, SEXY, SMART


                                You don't happen to know where Addy's cuffs are, do you, General Landry?

                                AQOEDC: Vala, time for lunch.
                                AQOVC: Coming.