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      Very nice pic run, Addy.
      Sig made by me


        Originally posted by Runciter View Post
        Tomorrow will be the first day of a new era. The day we started something great about Claudia. I'm going to copy and paste the post I wrote on Terrafirma:

        "Hi. You should know that Claudia Black hasn't got an official website yet, an official blog, fan clubs and other things. Two years ago I started my personal project named Claudia Black Online with those ideas in my mind.
        Now this project is my job and I expend a lot of hours every day to create the best website dedicated to my favourite actress.
        After two years of hard work I have released the version 2.0 of the web with a lot of changes and a professional look, especially designed and programmed by me. I'm doing this job for you guys and for Claudia too and now I would like to get a few things with this new website:

        1-The official website of Claudia Black
        2-The official blog of Claudia Black (if she wants a blog)
        3-The official fan club of Claudia Black
        4-A lot of promotion this year at Farscape convention in Burbank
        5-Q&A with Claudia in Claudia Black Online forum.

        I can't do all those things alone so I need your help guys, the fans of Claudia. I want to create great things working together in an official site.
        I'm going to create a fan club supported by my forum and promoted by the web. I would like to get posters, photos and a lot of things signed by Claudia to be used for example in contests for the fan club. This Fan Club will open its doors on September 1st.
        I think Claudia needs an official website because all actors and actresses have those websites and I think it is good for them, good for fans and good for everybody. So there is a very important poll in Claudia Black Online where I'm asking if you want to see an official Claudia Black website. The results, statistics and more things will be sent to Claudia's agent.
        If you want to work with me to get all those things you know where you can find me.
        Unfortunately I need this help soon because at this moment I need tons of visitors and tons of posts in the forum to make the website available in the future. I would also appreciate donations to support the web and the fan club.
        I need people around the world to get news about Claudia Black wherever she goes, to go to conventions as collaborators of this web, to send me all the reports and pictures to be uploaded on Claudia Black Online later.
        If you collaborate with me in the forum or in the web, you could get blogs and email addresses where you can write about what you want whether is related to Claudia or not.
        The future is waiting for us to do something great about Claudia Black and I think this is the right moment to start.
        Thanks for reading this."

        So you...Claudia fans...what do you think?
        If you want the site to get good SEO rankings and be popular, it will help to allow everyone to READ the forums. Forum postings can be gold, you don't want to discourage people from reading, getting hooked, and wanting to register to reply. Entice them to register by letting them read all the good stuff. After all, every forum post that gets indexed by a bot is FREE CONTENT that you didn't even have to write, and it will count in your rankings.

        You want bots to be able to index those pages, because they'll vastly help your search rankings and people will be lead to your site from a much larger number of search terms. Content is important, so every page you can get indexed is gold.

        Lastly, people will be more likely to share and bookmark with Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and other social networking sites if people can read the posts without a login. Social networking sites are the most popular way to increase site rankings these days (even news sites are adding Share This buttons). Make it easy for people to share your stuff, or they won't share it, and you won't reap those benefits.

        You can get a lot of great SEO and site promotion advise from various other sites that focus on those things, such as, Graywolf SEO blog, Matt Cutts, and SEOMoz (they all have RSS feeds).
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          There are people in the forum who want more privacy when they're posting and if everyone can read all the posts I will be breaking that. You're right about those things but I have to choose what is right for the members and not only for the benefits of the site.
          It's something that I have to think seriously for the future. Thanks for that information.
          The web has been promoted in a lot of sites, including social networks and I think we have a great position in Gloogle right now, just behind Imdb and Wikipedia.


            Eh, just something to think about.
            Has anyone posted these yet? =)

            My LJ:


              And a couple more...

              My LJ:


                Nice pics run


                  Claudia, wet?


                    ECVala: *wanders in* Good morning, everyone.


                      Vala: *wanders in* Good morning, Val. Is tea ready?

                      ECVala: Good morning. Yes, just ready. *pours out two cups*


                        Aeryn: *wanders in* Good morning, everyone. *kisses Val and Vala on cheek, gets tea, settles in*

                        ECVala: Good morning, Aeryn. So glad you could join us.

                        Vala: Let me know when the actual meeting starts.


                          Liz: *wanders in* Good morning, everyone. *makes round with kisses on cheeks*

                          Vala: Are we starting the meeting now?

                          ECVala: Not yet. Patience. *beams in tray of tea cookies and pastries*


                            REDan: Val, EDaniel is snooping around the furnace...trying to get ECam to tell him why you're having this meeting.
                            ECVala: And he sent you, his replicant, to spy on us?
                            REDan: No...I am not spying for him.
                            ECVala: Of course not. *smiles, pats his shoulder, goes for more tea*

                            Vala: We'll never have our meeting at this rate.


                              Folks, we have got some absolutely massive sigs going on in this thread, too many for me to go about infracting every one.

                              The sig limits are:

                              no more than 200 pixels tall, no more than 700 pixels wide and ALL of it can have a file size no more than 50K.

                              I'm seeing sigs that are 2-3 times as tall as allowed, graphics that are 2-3 times as much as the limit.

                              Please, within the next 24 hours, check your sig, and if it's too big, please get it down to size. If you choose not to, then we'll snip and remove on our own to get things within our limits.

                              Where in the World is George Hammond?



                                ECVala: Very well, ladies. Let's adjourn to my cottage where we can meet in private.

                                Vala: Finally.

                                Aeryn: I am ready.

                                Liz: Me, too.

                                *all four beam out*