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    by Jumble

    Welcome to the Season 9 Shipper Rewatch!

    This is how it’s going to work. I’ll be posting an episode synopsis (from the GateWorld guide) for this week's scheduled episodes. The thread is then yours to comment as you will on the episode as a whole, the story, characters, and of course Sam and Jack.

    This week we will be rewatching and discussing the three-part season 9 opener Avalon 1 & 2 and Origin.

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts.


      by LadyGalaxyJ

      From the GateWorld Episode Guide

      Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell walks up the ramp of the Stargate to get his first look at the legendary device, the memory of his F-302 battalion's fight defending SG-1 over Antarctica ("Lost City, Part 2") still fresh in his memory. Now, he is here to join the team. Soon Sergeant Harriman guides him to General Landry's office, where Mitchell learns that the members of SG-1 have gone their separate ways. He is now the commander of the unit, and Landry -- now in charge of the S.G.C. since the departure of Jack O'Neill -- instructs him to build a whole new team.

      Mitchell is stunned and disappointed, and tries to sway Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Samantha Carter from their decisions to move on. Daniel is determined to traveling to the legendary city of Atlantis with the Daedalus, while Teal'c is entrenched in the founding stages of the new Jaffa government. What's worse, Teal'c's connections with the Tau'ri are not winning him any publicity awards while the Jaffa nation attempts to stand on its own two feet. Carter has been reassigned to Area 51's research and development labs, and is currently working to get the bugs out of the advanced Asgard hyperdrive installed on the Daedalus.

      Colonel Mitchell is unsuccessful on all counts, and begins to look into base personnel to fill his new team. With each passing applicant it becomes clear that he will not be truly happy unless the original team is reassembled.

      Vala Mal Doran, a beautiful con artist who once stole the Earth ship Prometheus ("Prometheus Unbound"), pays a visit to Stargate Command, bringing an encrypted Ancient tablet in tow with the promise that it leads to buried treasure hidden somewhere on Earth. She also breaks the news that she's pregnant, and there is a one in 10 chance that Daniel is the father -- though both of these could be an outright lie.
      While Daniel reluctantly works on deciphering and translating the tablet, Vala reveals two identical items she had concealed from the guards that returned to Earth with her: a pair of bracelets. She slaps one on the unsuspecting Daniel's wrist and, as he calls security, applies the other to herself to ensure that she gets a fair share of the profits from where the tablet leads. Dr. Lee is unable to remove the bracelet, or to even figure out how it works. Before long, both Daniel and Vala fall unconscious.

      Teal'c returns to Earth and to Daniel's side, where Mitchell reveals the bracelet has debilitating effects when the pair are separated for more than a half hour. Teal'c has only heard of the technology (once used by the Goa'uld Cronus for the transport of prisoners) in passing and does not know how to remove it. Vala herself is counting on the solution from the individual from whom she stole them, and she will not release them until the treasure is found.

      Daniel is infuriated by Vala. But since the Daedalus departed for Atlantis while he was unconscious, he consents to an investigation into the origins of the tablet. He discovers that Myrddin, the Ancient who signed the tablet, was also on the list of those Ancients who returned to Earth from Atlantis 10,000 years ago following the first Wraith siege of Atlantis (Atlantis "Before I Sleep"). Myrddin's English name is "Merlin," connecting the Ancient with the King Arthur legend. Daniel believes that Merlin carved the tablet and encoded it to lead the reader to buried treasures within the magical stronghold of Avalon, a series of Ancient-shielded catacombs beneath Glastonbury Tor, England.

      Prometheus's Asgard sensors detect the catacombs and the team, including Vala, transport through the barrier to investigate. Almost immediately they are confronted with a sword in a stone, and a message from a holographic Merlin. But Mitchell is unable to remove the weapon from the rock.

      The team splits up into two groups to explore the caverns. Mitchell and Teal'c find a chamber with a pedestal of symbols on removable stones. Daniel and Vala find an identical room with a pedestal with two covered pots, labelled "The universe is infinite" and "The treasure is in this pot." Both groups are soon trapped inside by heavy doors at the entrance of the chambers.

      Mitchell deduces he has to arrange the stones in a specific order to solve a puzzle. Vala takes matters into her own hands and uncovers the lid to the first pot. The ceilings of both chambers begin to slowly move downward, with the teams trapped inside.

      Sam and Jack:
      With SG-1 disbanded and going their separate ways, Colonel Carter has taken reassignment as the new head of Stargate Research and Development at Area 51 in New Mexico. She refused Colonel Cameron Mitchell's invitation to come back and rejoin SG-1, telling him somewhat cryptically that she has her reasons for taking this assignment.

      Sam and Mitchell are personal friends, perhaps stemming from his help in the battle over Antarctica. It was Sam who presented Mitchell -- hospitalized and going in and out of consciousness -- with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

      Jack has left Stargate Command, sold his house and his car (and his motorcycle), and moved away from Colorado Springs. Jack appears to be personal friends with his replacement at Stargate Command, Major General Hank Landry. The two got together for a beer and a game of chess when Jack was back in town.


        by hlndncr

        From the GateWorld Episode Guide

        With the first attempt to solve the puzzle resulting in failure, Daniel reasons out the Ancient proverb recorded in the underground chamber: "There is only one truth: The universe is infinite." Therefore, the statement "The treasure is in this pot" must be false. He resets the pots by replacing the lids and pulls the lid of the pot of "The universe is infinite." Lifting that lid, a gold coin appears inside. The ceiling halts its collapse and begins to recede.

        Daniel and Vala race to Mitchell's aid, where the Colonel tries to describe the Ancient text. Daniel recognizes one character from Mitchell's shouted description, meaning "reflect." Covering his thumb over a portion of one of the stones, Mitchell realizes it is a mirror image of the number four. In fact, the stones are the mirrored numbers one through eight. He places them in order and saves himself and Teal'c from being crushed.
        The four return to the main catacomb where Mitchell finds he can now extract the sword from the stone, and a holographic knight appears to challenge him. When it strikes him he is not cut, but it still hurts, and Mitchell is almost disabled. Remembering a time when he didn't allow a physical therapist to help him during his recovery, Mitchell regains his footing and takes the knight down.

        Jackson wonders if the others' presence is preventing the treasure from being revealed, so he, Teal'c, and Vala return to the Prometheus via the ring transporter. Once they disappear the catacombs begin to collapse; Vala has taken the gold coin. Mitchell quickly returns with it in hand and returns it to the pot. Replacing the sword in the stone, mounds of treasure fill the empty room!

        Among the artifacts Daniel discovers a book detailing the history of the Alterans, a race that made a home called Avalon and built many "astrea porta" -- the Stargates. He believes this book contains the first evidence that the Ancients did not originate in the Milky Way Galaxy, but instead came here from somewhere else entirely. Nearby, Lieutenant Marks uncovers an odd-shaped Ancient device.
        Back on Dakara, Rak'nor updates Teal'c on the turmoil churning in the new Jaffa government as leaders press for control. Rak'nor is uncertain why Teal'c has chosen to spend so much time with the Tau'ri at this critical stage, but Teal'c assures him that what he is learning about the Ancients will greatly aid the new nation.

        Daniel has determined the Ancient device that was discovered is a long-range communicator, and it is designed to work in conjunction with the Ancient telepathic stones recently discovered by SG-1 ("Citizen Joe"). He tries to convince General Landry that pursuit of the Ancients and their origins ought to be the S.G.C.'s highest priority from this point forward. After Dr. Lee resets the devices, Daniel and Vala each take one and insert them into slots at the base of the unit. The crystal on top begins to glow, and the two collapse into unconsciousness.

        Daniel and Vala's consciousnesses are now in control of two individuals in another galaxy, a married couple named Harrid and Sallis who live in a village populated by descendents of the Alterans (the Ancients). Back on Earth, the S.G.C.'s new chief medical officer, Dr. Carolyn Lam, examines the two and determines that they are in a sleep state.
        A large crowd gathers at the center of the town as a priest lights torches for Prostration, a ritual of worship to the Ori. Daniel and Vala, appearing as Harrid and Sallis, attend the services. While kneeling in prayer another member of the town tells them they must meet by the "portico of light at the hour of bly." After six hours of services they return to Harrid and Sallis's home. Vala finds a copy of the Book of Origins, the local's holy book, and inside it two communication stones like the ones they used on Earth.

        The villager who spoke with Daniel and Vala at the service arrives at their home, worried and curious as to why they did not meet him. Daniel explains the situation, and the man reveals that Harrid had suspected the devices were for communication purposes. Their secret group is comprised of historians who uncovered the stones at a dig site. They have gathered evidence that proves humans predate the supposed creation of man by their gods, the Ori -- and they are thus heretics. Those Alterans left behind when the Ancients migrated to our own galaxy also learned how to ascend, leaving worlds inhabited by humans, too. But unlike the Ancients, the Ori do meddle in the affairs of those mortals. Because they have powers like the Ancients, the Ori are virtually indistinguishable from gods.

        Meanwhile, Teal'c returns to Dakara and learns that the fate of the new nation has already been decided (though Rak'nor voted for Teal'c by proxy). They have chosen to govern by high council rather than elected officials, with votes distributed based on military power. This arrangement has effectively made the Jaffa leader Gerak the new head of the nation.
        Not long after Vala left to "take leaves" with the Administrator's wife (as Sallis would), the village administrator takes her and chains her to the sacrificial altar. A large crowd gathers to see Sallis's possessed body "cleansed." As Daniel's new friend flees he decides to go with the truth, and explains to the administrator that they are from another galaxy, using communication technology to speak through Harrid and Sallis. But their cries fall on deaf ears. Daniel tries to save Vala from the altar but is restrained by the villagers. A fuel-lit fire soon overtakes Vala and she, in Sallis's body, is burned to death.

        Back on Earth, Dr. Lam pronounces Vala dead.

        Soon a great gust blows the flames away. At the other end of the courtyard stands a robed man with a tall staff. Everyone present bows to him except the freed Daniel, who climbs onto the altar and wraps himself around Vala / Sallis's burnt flesh. The man approaches and raises his staff, cleansing the body and clothes of all wounds. Vala has returned to life, both there and back on Earth.

        Daniel thanks the mysterious, cloaked figure. "Thank the Ori," replies the man, and beckons the pair to follow him out of the village.


          by hlndncr

          From the GateWorld Episode Guide

          The mysterious Prior of the Ori takes Daniel and Vala by ring transporter to the city of the gods on the Plains of Celestis and locks them away in a dining hall with a copy of the Book of Origin. Back in our galaxy, a Prior is sent to convert the first world in the Milky Way to the Origin religion.

          Dr. Lam reports Vala and Daniel's life signs are stable and consistent. General Landry's interest has peaked over the rise of the Jaffa Gerak. He requests that Teal'c extend an olive branch so that they can meet. Meanwhile, the anthropologist stationed on P3X-421 has reported that a man has stepped through the gate and started spouting words of an alien religion. Landry sends Mitchell with SG-12 to investigate.
          Daniel has continued to read the Book of Origin, and is making headway into its iconic centerpieces, including the importance of fire. The Prior arrives to ask that they give him names of other individuals from the village of Ver Eger who have wandered beyond the Origin faith. Daniel, however, insists that he speak with the Doci, the chief Prior and mouth of the Ori.

          Jackson is granted the audience (with Vala left behind in the dining hall), but he encounters the same opposition as he did with the Prior. Daniel explains his position and his feelings about ascension, that we should all be able to get there of our own free will, but the comments fall on deaf ears. The Doci takes him to the Flames of Enlightenment, a great chasm of fire within the city. There, an Ori possesses the Doci and turns to speak to Daniel. "All will know the power of the Ori."

          Back on Earth, Gerak arrives to meet General Landry. The General is eager to begin negotiations for an official treaty with the new Jaffa Nation, but Gerak is preoccupied with the presence of an Ori Prior whom Mitchell and SG-12 has returned from 421. He wishes to hear his claims and challenge him.
          Daniel returns to Vala with the bad news. Priors will be sent into the Milky Way to convert all people, and if they don't see the light, they will be cleansed. The Prior returns to the Doci and is given orders to return Daniel and Vala to Ver Eger. Worried that their return will uncover Fannis and his entire resistance, they remain in their home -- until Farris comes to them, demanding that they allow his help. He has known for some time that he may give his life for the cause of truth.

          Fannis takes Daniel and Vala to a hidden crate on the other side of Ver Eger. Inside is another Ancient long-range communication device Taking the two stones Vala found, she and Daniel plug them into this device, and briefly wake up on Earth to spread the warning about the deadly Priors.

          Daniel and Vala's consciousnesses are sucked back into Harrid and Sallis's bodies, only to witness a Prior wave his hand, choking Fannis. Daniel is flung against the wall, unable to stop the slaughter. Once Fannis is dead, Daniel and Vala are taken to the Ara to be burned to death.
          The moment that they returned to their bodies was a useful one. Mitchell and a team of guards return to the briefing room where the Prior has been explaining Origin, only this time they point guns in his direction. Gerak demands an explanation. An SF removes the Prior's staff, but he returns it with a wave of his hand, sacrificing himself in flame until he is gone.

          Daniel and Vala's heart rates rise as they are tied down on the Ara, the channel of flame approaching them. Despite Dr. Lee's warnings about removing the device to another planet (it would not end the connection), Mitchell and Teal'c carry the long-range communicator through the S.G.C. to the Gate Room. As the Stargate's unstable energy vortex emerges the two men fling the device into it, disintegrating it.

          Daniel and Vala are returned, leaving Harrid and Sallis likely to burn on the Ara.

          At the request of the Doci, the Ver Egen administrator arrives to gaze upon the Flames of Enlightenment. An energy field washes over him, transforming him into a Prior. "Great holy armies shall be gathered and trained to fight all evil," says the Doci. "Ships shall be built to carry Ori warriors out amongst the stars and they shall spread Origin to all believers."
          Vala uses a crystal key to release the bracelets from her and Daniel. Landry calls them to a meeting, where Daniel admits he is unsure whether or not the Ancients will continue to use their powers to prevent the Ori from attacking the Milky Way directly. But the Priors will still come. They will offer to people what will seem like proof of God. Landry insists to let them come, to use our strengths against their weaknesses.

          Major General Jack O'Neill arrives in Daniel's office after finishing up a meeting with Landry. Daniel tells him that for the first time he's scared of the outcome, but Jack insists that he is hungry and the two go to eat.

          O'Neill takes Mitchell up for a joyride in an F-302. There, he tells him that SG-1 will be fine. Mitchell kicks on the afterburners.


            Wow! Great reviews hlndncr! I wish I could green you but alas I have to share the love first apparently.

            So, Avalon-Origin:

            I began my first watch of Season 9 fairly excited. Although I knew RDA was leaving, I was excited by the fact that Ben Browder was joining the cast and interested to know how they were planning to 'reboot' the series given the unexpected non-cancellation. I was a little unnerved about Vala/Claudia Black joining to cover for Amanda's absence due to her maternity leave but that was more because of Prometheus Unbound than anything else.

            I enjoyed Avalon - primarily loved the flashbacks and the snippets where Jack(!) and Sam(!) both appeared. I wasn't expecting that and it was a lovely surprise.

            While the team breaking up and moving onto other things was a shock (and I think we were all meant to sympathise with Mitchell), it made sense in light of the storylines at the end of S8.

            So where did it all start to go wrong for me? Possibly once they got to the Ori galaxy and it was Daniel and Vala who went rather than Mitchell and Daniel. Mitchell, the new lead was effectively relegated to the C plot of the episode in Origin. At this point, I think they missed the opportunity to (a) let us spend time getting to know Mitchell who was the new regular and (b) to give Mitchell a personal connection to the fight.

            That said, I liked Mitchell's introduction for the most part (will get round to the leadership issue when we hit Sam's return).

            Sam and Jack

            I love the hints through Avalon: that Sam left for "personal reason" and Jack selling a motorcycle when the only one ever mentioned before is the one Sam owns. There'a a sense that one of the reasons for the professional changes (although not the only one I'm certain - I'm sure they both deserved and were awarded their positions on merit) we see is because Sam and Jack have decided to pursue a personal relationship.

            While it's tenuous, there is the suggestion that Sam and Jack are likely to be out of each others' chain of command. She has moved to Area 51/Groom Lake; he's at Homeworld. Because she's still working in R&D I would assume it's likely there's still a conflict of him having some oversight of her work but I would say he's out of her reporting line at this point.

            Of course, many people in the past have noted that the fact that Jack turns up to give Mitchell a pep talk in the F302 at the end of Origin is because Sam told him to after her own discussion with Mitchell; that Jack's allusion to being able to get things as a two-star is an allusion back to his realisation in New Order that being a General meant getting everything he wanted - that he now has.
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              Jack's allusion to being able to get things as a two-star is an allusion back to his realisation in New Order that being a General meant getting everything he wanted - that he now has.
              Jack is The Man - not just as a general but in Sam's life as well.
              I believe between season 8 and the seasons I don't believe exist was the perfect opportunity for Jack and Sam to get together and possibly marry to prevent any future chain of command problems.

              I agree Mitchell was left hanging as it became the 'Daniel and Vala Hour' instead of Stargate
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                I didn't like Vala until the last half of the last season, when she had mellowed. I remember thinking, that while the other characters found both her and Mckay annoying, I found it fun to watch McKay annoy people, but watching Vala annoyed me!

                Rachel, I hadn't really thought of the plotline that way - Cam was dissed by the writers in a lot of ways, now that I think of it. If AT hadn't been on maternity leave, would the character of Mitchell had been brought in at all? Would he be her 2IC? Would Landry instead have been given a larger part, nearing the screen time of RDA?

                Would Vala have ever been brought back? Would they still have done the Ori plotline? Would Sam have become the mother of the Orici?

                As for Sam/Jack, I fervantly hoped that Sam's "personal reasons" involved Jack, especially after the fishing scene was shown twice, reinforcing the "we should have done this years ago" sentiment. By selling off his stuff, it was obvious that he had no reasons to maintain his ties to Colorado Springs. Makes me wonder if he regreted doing so after everyone else ended up staying there after all.

                But pregnancy changed AT - she just seemed softer, subdued - her voice, her expressions, the way she carried herself. I noticed this during her scenes at the beginning of Moebius, so it's not an acting choice for the new season. Otherwise I could say it was becasue she was with Jack - or maybe she is, and it started with Threads
                It failed to qualify as a cave, technically speaking, but Jack called it one anyway.
                He'd never been one for speaking technically.

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                  I really liked Vala but I couldn't stand Mitchell or the Ori storyline. If it weren't for the Daniel/Vala interaction and the Ancients' Arthurian storyline, I don't think I would have watched seasons 9 and 10.
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                    FedCon videos!

                    The second one he talks about Jack/Sam (that's why it's relevant )



                    It failed to qualify as a cave, technically speaking, but Jack called it one anyway.
                    He'd never been one for speaking technically.

                    Jaunt to Paradise - Spiletta42


                      I wanted to add a few thoughts on Avalon and Origin, but I just haven't had the time. Since I need to be at work early tomorrow morning and I won't be home until late tomorrow night (and no internet at work right now ). So I'll put up the next eps and hopefully I'll have time to catch up and comment later.

                      I'll give brief summaries of the episodes we're skipping and a more detailed summary of the episode we're discussing. (Although you're always welcome to comment on any episode.)

                      All summaries come from the GateWorld Episode Guide.
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                        by hlndncr

                        Jackson and Mitchell must join Vala on an interplanetary scavenger hunt when they learn that they are still bound together by an alien energy field.

                        The international community (made up of non-U.S. governments that have been informed of the existence of the Stargate Program, the Atlantis expedition, and other secrets) is throwing their full financial backing behind the Atlantis mission instead of the S.G.C. This is due in large part to the prevalence of invaluable Ancient technology in the Pegasus Galaxy -- but also because the international leaders have no say in how the S.G.C. (a U.S. military instillation) is run.
                        Now that the Senate Appropriations Committee has slashed the program's budget by 70 percent, General Landry has two choices: eliminate the S.G.C.'s exploration mandate and maintain a minimal state of operations, or seek aid from the international committee. In order to secure funding from the international community to compensate for the budget cut, he would have to agree to a new civilian position on the base, appointed by the international committee, with full access to the base and a say in all major decisions -- an international watchdog.

                        Senator Fisher wants to spend money building more Daedalus-class ships. Fisher wishes to now deemphasize new exploration, focusing money instead on exploiting this technology to defend Earth. Though the Senate foots the bill for the Stargate program, ultimately it is the President who decides on the program's mandate ("The Broca Divide," "Inauguration"). The President's orders have not changed, so presumably General Landry is free to continue the S.G.C.'s exploratory missions should he secure funding to make up the shortfall.


                          by hlndncr

                          SG-1 visits a world whose people once worshipped Vala as a god -- and demand that she stand trial when she confesses to manipulating them.

                          An Ori prior comes and instigates a plague that decimates the village. SG1 is powerless to help them. When the prior returns the villagers all of them bow down before him, pledging their allegiance and devotion to the Ori. The Prior pelts the foot of his staff into the ground, igniting the orb, which eliminates the virus from the planet. Mitchell and the others are instantly cured, and even Asdak rises from the grave.

                          The population is sold on the Ori. The Prior comes face-to-face with Daniel. "Tell others what you have seen today," he says, and departs through a parting trickle of submissive acolytes.


                            by hlndncr

                            A Prior returns to planet Kallana, eager to hear the decision of the Jaffa settlement. But their representative, Latal, speaks for the people. He has read from the Book of Origin and declares that they do not wish to serve the Ori. When the Prior does not leave the Jaffa fire staff weapon blasts in his direction, but he whisks them into the sky with his own staff. A large blue field begins to form around the vicinity of the Prior and Stargate.
                            Stargate Command receives a text message from Nerus, a minor Goa'uld who served Baal for many centuries. He wishes to work for the S.G.C. to develop new technology to defend against the Ori threat.

                            After a thorough search Nerus is permitted to travel to Earth. He reveals a small holographic device (Much like the device once used on Vorash) that has detected the activity on Kallana. His readings are two days old, and the bubble is expanding. He urgently suggests that General Landry dispatch a team to throw every conceivable weapon at the bubble while Nerus attempts to find a way to bring it down. Landry agrees to send a naquadria-enriched warhead with its inventor, Colonel Samantha Carter, and Vala Mal Doran (still present because of the bond between she and Dr. Jackson) in tow.

                            With the Stargate permanently active on Kallana (likely powered by a black hole in the Ori galaxy), SG-1 travels to P4C-452 to hitch a ride with Prometheus. Once aboard, Colonel Pendergast orders a course to Kallana. Colonel Carter's experimental warhead will be the device used in the unlikely event the Prior is swayed.
                            When Prometheus arrives in orbit SG-1 beams down to Kallana with the warhead. As expected, the Prior is unwilling to listen, but after the deployment of the nuke weapons fire begins to impact the bubble. Three of Gerak's Ha'tak have arrived and have begun to pelt the energy field with plasma fire. He agrees to hold off after he learns that SG-1 is on the planet, but resumes after the team returns to Prometheus, the nuke armed.

                            Before the detonation the Prior places his hand on the gate, likely extending his personal shield to help protect it from the blast wave of the nuke (before sacrificing his own life in the process). Almost immediately the explosion increases the radius of the field. Only then Carter realizes that the Ori were unable to calculate the required power output from the other galaxy, so they developed a forcefield that would be strengthened by enemy weaponry. The nuke provided 70 percent of the energy they needed to expand the field.

                            Gerak's Ha'taks continue to fire. As soon as the field is completed dozens upon dozens of craft, relatively ten meters in length, emerge through the molten Stargate on the planet's surface and exit through the field. Extremely sturdy and intent on reaching a certain point in space, two of Gerak's motherships are destroyed by collisions, and his is critically damaged. Prometheus nicks one of the devices as well. Unwilling to risk further damage to his own craft, Gerak flees the scene, warning that a cloaked scout will remain to monitor Prometheus.

                            With sensors back online, Carter finds the small components that traveled through the gate are coming together to form an enormous "Supergate," a Stargate orbiting the planet and large enough to bring through an entire invasion fleet from the Ori's galaxy. The forcefield that has now completely engulfed the planet is quickly shrinking it to create a singularity. With a black hole on the ends of both Stargates, the wormhole could be maintained indefinitely, allowing armadas of warships to pass through and conquer the Milky Way for the Ori.

                            Vala, not getting attention for her ideas, goes to the Prometheus's ring room and uses the rings to seek out the cloaked cargo ship's. She zats the Jaffa and rings him back to Promtehus, taking the Tel'tak into the spot where the last missing supergate component would be placed. Pouring on the throttle, the cargo ship becomes jammed into the slot. As the singularity occurs, she tries to beam away, but does not make it back to the ship.
                            Back on Earth, General Landry interrogates Nerus (and an empty table where a feast once sat), who sided with the Ori in order to get Earth to provide their most potent weapons for the energy bubble. He tells the General that when he is put to death he will ascend to be with the Ori, but Landry insists that will not happen. Instead, he's going to be locked away deep inside of Area 51, intent on developing countermeasures against the Ori -- the only way he will be able to satiate his hunger.

                            Fortunately for Dr. Jackson, the bracelet's effect had begun to wear off to a point where Vala's absence would not do him harm. Carter notes that the last few moments of telemetry revealed that a matter stream did leave the cargo ship. Its possible Vala was pulled through the singularity into the Ori home galaxy instead.

                            If the team wanted to send the Ori a message, they certainly did.

                            Sam and Jack

                            Landry is on the phone with Jack trying to convince him to send Sam back to the SGC to help deploy the bomb when Sam arrives in Landry's office.
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                              Hey everyone, be sure to read about the GateWorld Stargate Rewatch.

                              It will be starting right around the time we finish up our own SG1 rewatch. So I encourage all the shippers to participate and think of ways we might join in on the party here or elsewhere on the net.

                              Because really it isn't Stargate without !


                                Originally posted by banlu View Post
                                Rachel, I hadn't really thought of the plotline that way - Cam was dissed by the writers in a lot of ways, now that I think of it. If AT hadn't been on maternity leave, would the character of Mitchell had been brought in at all? Would he be her 2IC? Would Landry instead have been given a larger part, nearing the screen time of RDA?

                                Would Vala have ever been brought back? Would they still have done the Ori plotline? Would Sam have become the mother of the Orici? <snip>
                                I think if AT hadn't been on maternity leave then the team would have still been 'broken up' at the beginning of S9 but I would guess that another device would have been used to discover Avalon other than Vala, and that Sam would have come along on the treasure hunt reestablishing the team in theory from the get-go.

                                I still think Mitchell would have been brought in to provide a fourth, and by all rumours his being the SG1 leader was a network requirement even though story-wise I think it would have been more interesting to have had Mitchell there as Sam's 2IC and to have seen her having to deal with leadership issues.

                                I think they still would have done the Ori plotline but it would have been different - it's possible that they would have still done the Orici just used a character that Daniel might have encountered when he was in the Ori galaxy via the use of the stones - I really can't see them using Sam for that as she would have had to have disappeared like Vala did to the Ori galaxy for a period of time.
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