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    Earth-based episodes playlist

    Just posting this here in case anyone else is interested. I made a playlist for myself of all the episodes that are largely Earth-based, meaning they leave the SGC or there is some Earth politics involved. Some of them are more Earth-based than others. Clips shows get an asterisk.

    There's an enormous degree of judgment here. For example, did not include "Rite of Passage" because, Earth scenes aside, it doesn't seem very Earthy. "Upgrades" only leaves the SGC once, but I love the scene at O'Malley's. The only one I included that has no business here is "Bad Guys," which involves nothing on Earth but I added because the museum just seems like Earth.

    You might disagree, you might say the Earth eps are the worst (in which case, consider this a skip list). But for your potential reference:

    Stargate Earth-Based Episodes
    1.20 *Politics

    2.09 Secrets
    2.14 Touchstone
    2.17 Holiday
    2.21 1969

    3.02 Seth
    3.21 Crystal Skull

    4.03 Upgrades (hon. mention)
    4.07 Watergate
    4.11 Point of No Return
    4.13 The Curse
    4.15 Chain Reaction
    4.16 2010
    4.19 Prodigy

    5.03 Ascension
    5.11 Desperate Measures
    5.12 Wormhole X-Treme!
    5.13 Proving Ground

    6.05 Nightwalkers
    6.11 Prometheus
    6.13 Sight Unseen
    6.14 Smoke & Mirrors
    6.17 * Disclosure
    6.19 The Changeling

    7.03 Fragile Balance
    7:15 Chimera
    7.19 Resurrection
    7:20 * Inauguration

    8:03 Lockdown
    8:07 Affinity
    8.08 Covenant
    8.10 Endgame
    8.14 Full Alert
    8.15 Citizen Joe
    8:19 Moebius: Part 1
    8:20 Moebius: Part 2

    9:07 Ex Deus Machina

    10.05 Uninvited
    10.08 Memento Mori
    10.13 The Road Not Taken
    10.15 The Bounty
    10.16 Bad Guys (hon. mention)
    10.18 Family Ties

    Thank you. I'm not a fan of the Earth-based episodes.


      I forgot:

      3:14 Foothold (not a lot off-base except for the airplane and a great restaurant scene: "Mayborne, you're an idiot every day of the week. Why couldn't you have just taken one day off?")