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Fan Theory (Anubis was the Harcesis)

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    Fan Theory (Anubis was the Harcesis)

    So here's a CRAZY stargate theory, take it with a grain of salt. I am currently on a rewatch of SG-1 and am currently on Season 3, So my frame of reference is to this point and what I remember from later seasons.

    We know that Oma De'sala helped Anubis to ascend and for that she was punished by 'The others' ... so my theory is that the Harcesis is/was in fact Anubis.

    Hear me out.

    Why would Oma De'Sala take on the Harcesis knowing it had all of the knowledge (and therefore the hatred and power-hungry nature ) of the Goa'uld after being punished for bringing in Anubis to the higher plane of existence. My theory is at the point of taking the Harcesis she hadn't yet made the mistake of letting Anubis ascend.

    The Harcesis was in fact the reincarnation of Anubis himself (Reincarnation is a stretch, but as it contains all the knowledge of the Goa'uild it isn't far off)

    She helped the Harcesis to ascend who for whatever reason, hid its true nature from her (probably because by this point it was already in ascended form) Once it was discovered the 'Others' pushed Anubis down a level, not quite ascended. not quite on our plane.

    now I did say this was a crazy theory, but there was a point in the show where Anubis shows his true face (I think to Daniel as an ascended) ... We never get to see the face of Anubis (Apart from the guy in the cafe, who was in my mind just his original host). I believe Daniel saw the face of the Harcesis at this point.

    But as he was pushed down to our plane of existence, he never got to share what he knew.

    Originally posted by SGOByond View Post
    The Harcesis was in fact the reincarnation of Anubis himself (Reincarnation is a stretch, but as it contains all the knowledge of the Goa'uild it isn't far off)
    The harcesis had access to the combined knowledge of Apophis and his Queen, Amaunet. The Goa'uld guard knowledge jealously, so anything Anubis or the other System Lords learned since they, Apophis, and Amaunet branched off from a common ancestor would not be known by the harcesis.

    A harcesis' uniqueness is not magical; it's based on how Goa'uld genetic memory works. When a Goa'uld Queen reproduces, her offspring inherit her knowledge. When two Goa'uld in human bodies produce a human child, that child gains the knowledge of both Goa'uld. Here's a quote explaining that:
    He is born with the genetic memory of all Goa'uld who came before him.

    So the kid should know everything Apophis knew when he…

    Fathered the boy.


    Are you Harcesis?

    I am many things.

    Do you possess the genetic knowledge passed on to you by Apophis?


    -Absolute Power (Season 4, Episode 17)


      Stargate Origins : Harsiesis would be an interesting subject, but it is not a priority one. It would be nice to have more SGO stories like an anthology of movies next the fourth series. I am just dreaming again.

      Personally I always wanted some comnection between Anubis and the black smoke from Atlantis like a third group of ascended beings. So what if they exist like dark matter in the universe outside of the Milky way and they are feeding on the nebulas or the cosmic background radiation etc. And even if such things could be intrlduced how would they have any affect on our heroes or how could they be defeated?

      It would be nice to see an adult Shifu and what is doing nowadays and how he sees the actions against the Ori and what is his opinion about the Ark of Truth etc.
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