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    SG1 Merchandise available


    I have some SG1 merchandise I've been hanging onto, and the time has come for me to let it go.
    It is all in as-new condition.
    If anybody is interested in any of the following, contact me and we'll sort something out.

    - books: Stargate SG1 A Celebration of 10 years (2 copies) (not signed but in mint condition)
    - magazines: Hollywood Reporter issue dedicated to congratulating series on 100th episode (2 copies)
    - 100 episode party gift box (silver coloured box containing Gate picture frame, Gate keychain, matchbox cover, pamphlet and invitation (envelope has my name so will not include envelope)
    - spare gifts: Gate keychain and matchbox cover
    - hat: beige Stargate baseball hat (2)

    Thank you

    Seeing as you have that Celebration-book available. There was someone recently who was looking for it.

    Unfortunately, I can't remember their name, but I'll have a look around and see if I can locate them again. I think they would be happy to see this listing.

    Here we go: Technologica wants to get his hands on a copy.
    Since you're both newbies, private messaging will be difficult so maybe the mediation of moderator could sort that out for you two.
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      Great, thank you very much!


        Also, it's worth saying - I'm not trying to make a pile of money on this stuff, would just rather it live with a fan.