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What was the funniest moment in sg1?

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    There are too many to count, honestly, but one of my favorites is in "Citizen Joe" where the team finds out that Jack has been seeing parts of this dude's life for 7 years and just forgot to mention it.

    Daniel: Wait a minute. Jack, you've been seeing parts of the life of a barber in Indiana for seven years, and you never mentioned it?
    Jack: Yeah, sure I did. I know I did.
    Sam: No, no you didn't, sir.
    Jack: I didn't?
    Daniel: You didn't find it the least bit odd?
    Jack: Actually no. I found it quite relaxing.


      Episode 'Fail Safe'

      Asteroid with a naquadah core is about to hit the Earth.

      As O'neill is looking out the window with them coming in close towards the planet, "Carter! I can see my house!"

      Then there was 'Reckoning' as Carter and her father are inside the Dakara super weapon trying to access it.

      Jacob: Come on Sam. It can't be harder then blowing up a sun
      Sam: You know, you blow up one sun and suddenly everyone expects you to walk on water.
      ~access was then granted~
      Sam: Next up, parting the Red Sea.


        I really love this quote from Season 10 episode Quest Part 1:

        BA'AL: He's tiny. Tell him to squeeze through the bars.
        TEAL'C: Assist us, or I will squeeze you through these bars.


          S3 E12: Jolinar's Memories

          Jack: "Mmm..The smells just keep getting better and better here."

          **Upon being thrown into the pit in hell**

          This simple one-liner had me cracking up.
          Complete newb to stargate - please no spoilers.


            Jack is always written as the wise-guy, but Teal'c gets the best lines. Best one that comes to mind immediately is from Brocca Divide:

            Teal'c: I cannot be certain you are back to being yourself. You referred to me as "Lucy".