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O'Neill - Cameron Mitchell's Father?

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    Few years late to the thread but I'm watching S10e15 "Bounty", Cam Mitchell's high school reunion is in Auburn, KS. I'm from Topeka, and Auburn is only like 10 miles SW of Topeka. From Cheyenne Mountain, the most straightforward way to get to Washington D.C. is via I-70...which passes right through Topeka, just 10 miles north of where Cam Mitchell was born and raised. And, as Cam's mom tells Vala: "I grew up in the '60's. I have stories"


      And I just saw Cam was born in 1970. Auburn, KS is a small town. Only place to party was and still is Topeka. 1969 Topeka was still rebuilding along Wanamaker Blvd after the 1966 tornado and a bunch of bars and clubs popped up on Wanamaker to replace those destroyed by the tornado. Wanamaker Blvd drops straight onto I-70 (it's why Wanamaker was developed in the first place, as a business and retail hub).

      Topeka has an airfield that used to be
      Forbes Air Force Base and was part of the SAC and became part of the TAC in 1964. It's now home of Kansas Air National Guard's 190th Air Refueling Wing.

      So SG-1 passed 10 miles north of Cam's hometown in the year of his conception, in a city that housed Air Force TAC forces and was possibly the site where Cam's dad lost his legs.

      Holy crap, I'm going down a rabbithole here...


        Little bit more Forbes Air Force Base history/info: The Montara subdivision in unincorporated Pauline, Ks which sits literally right across from Forbes was built solely to house Air Force personnel.

        I-470 was built in 1950 to bypass I-70 and allow quicker access to Forbes via US-75 and allow equipment to travel from Ft. Riley (an Army base) to an Air Force base without ruining city streets via SW 57th St.

        Montara was built with it's main highway access road that later was renamed Gary Ormsby Dr (can't find what it was before, I think just simply 72st St.) after his death.

        So Cam's mom totally could've been partying with SG1 and O'Neill, gotten her rocks off, and gone from a bar at I-70 & Wanamaker to the off-base housing in Montara within 15 minutes. It took me 8-10 minutes to get from Montara to 21st and Wanamaker and most of that time was spent waiting at the stop lights making 2 lefts.


          Yeah it was a joke.

          Some folks have pointed out that the mission file was probably the episode 'Foothold' when the SGC was invaded by an unknown alien.


            Originally posted by Skadi View Post
            Me too - however, it might make for an interesting fanfic.
            I don't recall the title of the story, but I think someone did write a story about Jack and Sam being Cam's parents. When he found out it was true, his response was "Can I have a sister?"