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The Ultimate Nox Discussion Thread.

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    That's too bad. Now I wonder what the general consensus of the Nox is for Stargate fans. I could see how some would find them lame but they were worth exploring and I wish they were explored more.


      The Nox being apart of the great four alliance is something not to be overlooked in the aspect that they weren't just a alliance of powerful races they were a collective of races that could learn from and teach each other in more ways than just military might, we think of the alliance as just a group of powerful aliens with the fire power to eliminate others but maybe the entry requirements was a general overall advancement in all aspects of advancement


        I mostly like the Nox. I hate their holier-than-thou attitude though.

        "You guys are primitive jerks because you resort to using violence to defend yourself against those that will kill or enslave you. If you'd just develop technology waaaaaaay in advance of them and hide yourselves from them, you wouldn't need to fight them."

        Must have been nice to evolve under the protection of the Ancients and Asgard (possibly the Furlings too) just to act all high and mighty when younger species don't have that luxury and need to use violence to defend themselves because there is literally no other way (except to accept defeat and death).

        Having said that, Lya is so damn adorable!


          There is a new humanoid, playable race called Aturen in the Stargate : Phoenix RPG which is going to be published this year. Maybe we will learn more about the Nox as well.
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