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Don S. Davis: 1942-2008

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    I'm only after hearing about this now, it still has not sunk in yet. Mr. Davis' you will be greatly missed.
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      He was such a good man and actor *crying*
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        God speed Don. You were an absolute charm.

        I am honoured to have had the chance to meet this wonderful man. It was at the London Film and Comic Con 2 years ago and he was such a crowd pleaser. At my autograph signing he posed for a couple of pictures with me and when he glanced at my name he said (in that drawl he did so well) "Ahhh Megyn, such a pretty name fer a pretty lady." He was such a charmer.

        My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


          RIP Don. You shall be missed xx
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            I'm feeling numb. He was such a sweet man.

            I'll never forget a story I heard at a convention. During one event some man got over familiar with one of the actress's. It might have been TR. Anyway the actress was very upset and the guy waas thrown out of the con. DSD went on stage and announced:

            "If anyone is thinking of copying that they will have me to answer too!!" He adored the girls and would do anything for them.
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                RIP Don and my condolences not just to his family and friends but to every fan of Stargate who've seen him bring the character of General Hammond to life.

                Once again RIP.


                  Rest in peace Don S. Davis. We gained a great deal of enjoyment watching you on Stargate and you found a big place in our hearts. You were a fantastic actor and a remarkable man. You will always be with us.

                  Godspeed, Hammond of Texas.


                    I made this a while ago and I posted it about a bit really but it seems esspecially suibtable now.

                    Rest in peace Don S.
                    Please do me a huge favour and help me be with the love of my life.


                      RIP Don S. Davis, you will be missed
                      My thoughts goes to his family and friends.

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                        When I checked out GW this morning, I thought I fall off my chair! I couldn´t belive my eyes! It is still hard for me to believe his gone.

                        Such a sad day for all of us. He was the greatest general and leader of SGC EVER!!! No one have ever portrayed a general better as he did!

                        I am sad because I´ll never get the chance to meet him in person. I thought (as probably many of us) that I have time. His death proves otherwise. Live and enjoy every moment as it would be your last. I know I will from now on!

                        My deepest and most sincere condolences to Don´s family and friends and to all Stargate fans who loved him.

                        Rest in peace Don/ Hammond of Texas. See you on the other side.

                        You will be greatly missed.


                          A great man who will be missed by many.

                          My condolences to his familly and friends.

                          RIP Don S. Davis
                          aka paddytehpyro


                            RIP Don S Davis, you will be missed dearly.
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                              R.I.P Mr.Davis
                     have a go....


                                May you rest in peace Hammond of Texas