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Don S. Davis: 1942-2008

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    I just heard about this a little while ago. Thanks for all the memories, Mr. Davis.

    Hammond of Texas will be missed.


      R.I.P., General Hammond.


        Prior to becoming a staff member here at GateWorld, I had the chance to meet Don Davis several times.

        GenCon, a gaming convention held in Indianapolis now, was originally held in Milwaukee, WI for it's first 30 or so years. The final year that it was held in Milwaukee (2002), two of the celebrity guests there were Teryl Rothery and Don Davis. While Teryl was there the whole day, there were complications with Don's arrival. We were the first ones in line for an autograph from him, but our time in Milwaukee was unexpectedly cut short due to an emergency that meant we had to head home immediately (a 3 hr drive). By this point, Don had arrived but had not had time to eat or prepare himself for his schedule while there. That didn't stop Teryl however. When she heard of our situation from others in line, she promptly escorted us herself to the green room (guest relaxation area), and made introductions. We never got that autograph, but the one-on-one time and pictures were worth it, and made us realize just how giving the cast of SG-1 truly was.

        The second time was Creation's first SG convention in Chicago in 2004. By this point, I was working for a radio station, and with some perseverance and luck, I got Creation to allow me to record some station identification liners with Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, and Don. Once more in a green room with the man, I was again struck by his professionalism, charm, sense of humor and potty mouth. I left the room that day with audio bloopers from Don that make me laugh to this day. Some of you that helped me with GW duties in Vancouver this year have heard them and know what I'm talking about. It's a memory I'll have forever.

        My last encounter with Don was once again in Chicago in 2005. While there, I had the chance to again sit down with him. He had brought his wife Ruby with him on this trip and the magic in their eyes was unmistakable. This was a man who was truly in love. I only got to spend about ten minutes with him that time, but they were ten minutes well spent. He talked in length about his passion for art and how much he had enjoyed getting back to it after leaving SG-1 and his health improving. He also talked a bit about love, philosophically. And his thoughts on it and his thoughts on Ruby. To this day, I still remember his words.

        Creation is in Chicago again in August. Don was to have been a guest. And as the GW editor closest to Chicago, I had planned to speak with him again. It was one of the things I was looking forward to most. Speaking with Michael Shanks, with Lexa Doig, with Ben Browder...for interviews. It would be a good time. But I most looked forward to Don. And now...I find my enthusiasm for this convention already somewhat muted. It won't be the same. And as fun as it may be, their will be sadness in the air. Not just for the conventioners who would have met Don S. Davis for the first time, but for those who had before, and couldn't wait to do it again.

        You see, for me...I broke down the characterizations in SG-1 like this: Jack was the leader of the team. Sam, the brains. Teal'c the brawn...and Daniel, the conscience. But to me, George Hammond was the heart. The character itself was great, but it wouldn't have had near the depth it received had it not been for Don's portrayal.

        My heart, my thoughts and my prayers go out to Ruby, to the rest of Don's extended family, to Teryl Rothery (with whom Don had almost a father-daughter relationship), and to the casts and crew who worked on SG-1 and Atlantis over the last twelve years and had the chance to meet and get to know this incredible man.
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          Rest in peace, Don, and godspeed to your soul. We'll miss you.

          In memory of Deejay.
          May we all be so well loved.


            Man, I couldn't believe this.

            He was an amazing guy. Very friendly and always willing to chat with fans. I was watching Con-Air the other day and realized he was the guy who had Dave Chapelle land on his car after getting it washed.

            Man, This really sucks.


              And I was in such a good mood earlier...

              This is really sad. Not even 70... You could tell by his interviews that he was one of the few humble successful actors. He was a straight-shooter and was quick to laugh at himself, that's quite scarce among actors that find any level of notability, but he portrayed it.
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                "I like nothing better than to pleasure the SG-1" - Hammond of Texas.

                R.I.P Don.


                  It isn't often I would get emotional over an actor passing, but Don meant a lot to the Stargate community, and watching him on SG-1 always brought a smile to my face.

                  I think the first time I ever saw something with him in it was probably A League of Their Own and I remember liking something about him even though it was a bit part. He was always standing out.

                  I don't think there was anyone better for the part of General Hammond, and he was obviously some massive shoes to fill considering no one could quite run the SGC as well as he did.

                  Don, you'll be missed, but we'll continue to carry you in our hearts... see you on the other side.


                    I just saw the news... Rest in peace Don... You touched so many lives and hearts.. There's a special spot in Heaven with your name on it..


                      Originally posted by camulus13 View Post
                      i followed Don's work ever since i saw him on Stargate for the first time. i cannot believe that this could happen. we all will miss you very much.
                      I loved his work in "Twin Peaks" and he made a great cameo appearance on "The X-files"...

                      Very sad to hear of his passing, but he will not be forgotten. RIP, Don.
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                        RIP Don.

                        Ever since i found out the news I have been crying.

                        I had the pleasure of meeting him. I went up to him at a convention and asked him if he would sign my pants. He knew that Peter Williams had signed them earlier that day near my butt. He got all excited, and said out loud that he thought he would sign them near my butt as well. But then i rolled up my pants and he saw that it was near my feet. He said, i get to sign near her stinky feet. it was funny the face he made. Then he said, actually she has pretty feet and that they... to which he left hanging. After her signed my pants. He talked about my feet for five minutes. Later on in the day, we had a little "stargate reinactment" and i played Hammond.
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                          I just can't believe this news...this is my tribute to him...


                          Although I never met him from what I heard he was a lovely warm will be greatly missed..



                            Rest in peace.
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                              I was lucky enough to meet him (at the same time as Teryl, at my first con) back in 2002, only a month or two after I'd finished high school. It was a great con. The con had serious conversations as well as the usual jokes and laughs. I've always valued that experience. Lovely, great man.


                                I must admit I am still in disbelief
                                I never had the pleasure to meet him...but from what I've heard he was down to earth and in general..a great guy
                                Thanks for the all the wonderful years on SG-1