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Don S. Davis: 1942-2008

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    Rest in peace Don,

    You will be missed by all.

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      Great Actor. He really seemed like a nice, down to earth guy too.

      RIP. You will be missed.
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        Don S. Davis always came across as a lovely man, such a sweethearted soul,
        My condolences go out to the family & friends.

        I always adored George Hammond, such a great charismatic leader and that's all down to Don.

        God Speed.


          Wow! I was shocked to hear the news. I was saddened by his passing. I've recently been rewatching my SG-1 DVDs, and to hear that Mr. Davis has passed hugs at the heart strings.


            I just found out and i'm stil in shock. All i can think of is the great times of sg1 that he managed to pull off great stuff. Tribut to Hammon I didn't make it but its a great video.

            General You have a go. God Speed!



              This is from Hewlett
              Thank you so much for being such a friendly, funny and commanding presence, both on and off screen.

              We miss you already :-(

              Lots of Love

              D! and Jx
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                pity i never got to meet him i would have loved to have met him rest in peace don you've taken your final trip through the stargate

                a tear came to my eye as i typed you've taken your final trip through the stargate

                don you will be missed

                can someone make some Don S. Davis memorial wallpapers i would like to stick one on my desktop.


                  he was a wonderful man! I had the honor of meeting him in 2003 at Gatecon. he will be sorely missed.

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                    Gone but not forgotten General Hammond!


                      If it were not for the hard work that General George Hammond did to bing the SGC to what it is today, we would not be here alive now would we?

                      Good Bye General, Rest In peace

                      all miss you dearly!

                      A tost to General Hammond! Cheers!!

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                        My thoughts go out to Mr. Davis's family at this time. He is a gem in the Science Fiction world and in the world of film at large. And for this, I send my condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. His performances are memorable and still delight me after watching and rewatching shows such as Twin Peeks.

                        He will be greatly missed.

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                          I always remember Don S. Davis in Vancouver in 2007. He did a very emotional talk about Sci Fi producing the new heros that we look up to in life.
                          We have now lost one of those heros and his words will live with me forever.
                          Your achievements and films will live forever.


                            I got such a shock opening the main page this evening and what a way to join the forums too!

                            While I completely share the sentiments expressed here, I also feel it worth saying that as much as we should grieve for the passing of a great man, we should also rejoice in the fact that he lived, and because of Stargate, Twin Peaks, MacGyver or any of his other roles, he touched more people more deeply than most of us can ever hope to.

                            See you in the place where no shadows fall, General.


                              Its sad to hear that such an great and famous actor like Don S. Davis
                              has passed away...

                              I mean, we the fans, love everyone at Stargate, but its so sad that such an important and such a warm Character, like Don. with his role of Hammond is gone...

                              What i´am trying to say is,...every character has right a place in my heart, and especially Gen. Hammond, because he was such a nice man up to SG1 and the whole team he worked with...

                              Its really sad that Don has passed away...
                              RIP, Don. S. Davis / Hammond of Texas
                              Greetings O´Neill (signature by me)


                                The charity for Dragon*Con this year is American Heart Association. I have heard that there will be auctions of SG things with the proceed going to the charity in Don's memory as he was to have been a guest at the con this year. I intend on going to the con and I encourage all Stargate fans to try to make the trek in Don's memory!

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