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    How long does it take to mspaint a thing like that?

    Here's another one.

    Hyperspace torpedo bomber (AKA we have launchbays, lets fill them with something that doesn't suck ass)

    I mentioned earlier that I was going to build carrier with FTL bombers. Here are the bombers. These are especially nice because they'll also go a long way toward upgunning the existing ships we already have.


    About the size of a Goa'uld cargo ship, the smallest vessel yet seen with a workable hyperdrive.


    Several racks of internally or externally stored nuclear missiles/torpeados or ideally mass packets if fast enough engines can be produced. I find that likely given that the Prommie can apparently get up to .99 c in a reasonable timeframe. I only really need a quarter of that to do what I want to here, and these are also much smaller ships with less mass to push.

    If my engine tech is sufficient for high relative C attack runs then mass packets will be used over nuclear ordnance. Mass packets should weigh roughly a ton or more made of dense metels. It would be nice if I could get them with engines so they could manuver a bit to adjust themselves after they left the ship but it's not absolutely necessary.

    Around 2-3 dozen warheads per bomber, so an added 30-60 tons when fully decked out. The ship itself will probably weigh twice that or more.

    Other notes

    The craft will carry limited reserves of fuel and stores for a small 3-5 man crew as they are not intended as long term operators. Internal volume will be mostly given over to bomb/missile storage capacity and engines (if I decide to go with KK missiles over nukes).

    It's going to also be hyperspace capable. That's the whole point

    Method of Operation

    The craft will be launched from one of the carriers or possibly from planetary bases within range of the combat area.

    In either instance the craft will close on the enemy and deploy it's payload of ordnance before returning as quickly as possible to hyperspace.

    If it's using mass packets over nukes then it will simply drop out of hyper slightly further away from the target and go full throttle while lining up an attack vector on the enemy ship. This is where the element of pilot skill will come in as they're going to need to get close enough to ensure the bombs hit the enmy ship without it eading but not so close as to get nailed by enemy fire. When the bomber gets close enough the missiles get released and slam into the enemy ship at fractional C speeds releasing lord only knows how many megatons of energy upon impact.

    Keep in mind that at these speeds "close enough" is not going to mean "I can see the enemy ship now, drop bombs!". At the ranges most gateverse combat is seen to occur these things could easily drop their bombs ten, twenty or 1000 times further away and still get guranteed multiple hits a fraction of a second later.


      An interesting change of doctrine. However, I feel we still need ships to duke it out with enemies at close range. Air power does not always guarantee victory (in this case, air power refers to small craft deployed for power projection).

      It took me about thirty minutes. I modified the design as I went along.


        I did a ship of the line to. Take a look here.

        Carrier doctrine would absolutely lambast our enemies though. They're all completely unprepared to defend themselves against it. No PD weapons, no fighters that are really up to the task of shooting down a fractional C bomber, no tactics or doctrines of their own to deal with mass bomber attacks or the threat there of, no means of catching and attacking the carrier mothership itself.

        Even a small fleet of carriers could cause an incredible amount of carnage.

        It's also a ship that unlikely to get destroyed itself which is another big plus for Earth since we can't exactly build them by the barrell full.


          Nice. ^__^

          Me, I'm a believer in the BSG-style of combat-Heavily armed capital ships, able to bring down overwhelming air power and firepower against a single target. Our ships at the moment have to be jacks-of-all-trades, because we simply can't build many of them. Still, having long-range bombers would be a great boon to our military abilities. I just don't think the solution to becoming the galactic superpower is that simple. The Gou'ald do use bombers, after all... THe Al'kesh.


            They don't use them properly though, just like they don't really use their cloaking devices properly.

            I posted a design on page 4 of this thread for yet another ship that uses the boon of a cloak properly.

            It's got all its firepower concentrated in one direction so it can try for one hit kills on unsuspecting chumps who'll be dead before they ever know it was even there.

            I agree about the philosophy though. Have you seen the BSg episode yet where the Peggy tears into that base star


              Oh yeah. ^__^

              How about this: I'll design a bomber for the Tau'ri, and you design another, and we'll compare them tommorrow?


                Didn't I just do mine?


                  Well, more specific design. Here's mine:

                  B-371 Blackbird

                  Type: Long-range stealth hyperspace capable bomber
                  Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin/Area 51
                  Technology Base: Earth/Asgard
                  Length: 107' 5"
                  Length of Nose Probe: 4' 3"
                  Wing Span: 55' 7"
                  Wing Area: 1,795 ft. sq.
                  Wing Aspect Ratio: 1.939
                  Wing Root Chord: 60.533
                  Wing Dihedral Angle: 0 degrees
                  Wing Chord: 0.00
                  Wing Sweep: 52.629 degrees
                  Inboard Elevon Area: 39.00 ft. sq.
                  Outboard Elevon Area: 52.50 ft. sq.
                  Total Vertical Rudder Area: 150.76 ft. sq.
                  Moveable Rudder Area: 70.24 ft. sq.
                  Rudder Root Chord: 14.803 ft.
                  Rudder Tip Chord: 7.833 ft.
                  Height: 18' 6"
                  Empty Weight: 50,000 lbs.
                  Maximum Weight: 450,000 lbs.
                  Fuselage Diameter: 5.33 ft.
                  Service Ceiling: 100,000'+
                  Maximum Speed: Mach 9.8+
                  Cruising Speed: Mach 9
                  Engines: two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 afterburning turbofans; two Lockheed Martin "Skunk Works" SE-600-A aerospikes (for altitudes above 100,000 feet); one hyperspace window generator powered by a naquadria generator.
                  Range: 30,200 nautical miles (without refueling in an atmosphere)
                  Weapons: Two underside weapons bays, for carriage of any aircraft-based weapon in US or NATO inventory; maximum payload: 220,000 lbs.Two external hardpoints for AMRAAM+ defensive missiles.
                  Defenses: Trinium construction; Asgard shield generator; reverse-engineered Gou'ald cloaking device; radar-jamming technology.


                  The SR-71, despite being over fifty years old, has retained speed and altitude records for a manned aircraft that no other air-breathing craft has yet exceeded (save for the F-302). This aircraft can be considered one of the greatest creations of mankind. And with this basic design, the United States gained it's first interstellar bomber, giving them a relatively inexpensive strike weapon against the Gou'ald, and finally gaining an effective deterrence against future threats.

                  Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter first conceived of the idea while heading up research at Area 51. Lockheed Martin had retained it's SR-71 production facility in a mothballed condition, intending to refurbish it into a museum one day. However, with regular shipments of trinium, and the discovery that devices used to shape titanium could be modified to work the extraterrestrial metal, Carter realized that the old design could still be utilized, and made even more effective. Working with the Lockheed Martin "Skunk Works", Lt. Colonel Carter and her team began the process of building the Tau'ri's first interstellar attack craft.

                  The SR-71's basic design was still cutting edge-85,000 feet was an altitude that only the F-302 had managed to exceed with air-breathing engines. Using the engines from the F-22, the now-designated B-371 gained a supercruise capability. Adding slightly more powerful versions of the F-302's aerospike engines made the former spy plane design a true spaceplane. With intertial dampening technology, the craft gained an even greater range in an atmosphere, and even greater acceleration capabilities. It could now easily outrun the F-302, and keep up with Gou'ald Deathgliders.

                  However, the B-371 is not intended as a fighter. It's internal weapons bays are optimized for carrying large strike payloads, from JDAMs (modified to be guided in by the B-371's advanced sensors) to Mk. IX Gatebuster bombs. The B-371 can engage targets in space, in the air, or on the ground, and can carry a mixed payload for every mission, giving it exceptional flexibility. It's reverse-engineered Gou'ald cloaking device and hyperdrive allow it to close in on enemy ships without detection, and release it's payload while still under the cloak-Unlike Gou'ald ships, which (due to the nature of their weapons) have to de-cloak to open fire. Enemy ships would literally be destroyed before they knew what was happening.

                  In addition to it's cloak, the B-371 received a small-scale Asgard shield system. Nowhere as strong as the shields on the BC-304s, but sufficient to protect the ship from capital-ship fire for a few minutes should it need to decloak. The bomber can either use the shield or the cloak, but not both at the same time. The Blackbird's only other defenses are two AMRAAM missiles, modified for use in space.


                    I put my picture for the Perseverance-class interplanetory exploration vehicle with my original post. I hope you guys like it.
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                      Originally posted by Daryl Froggy
                      This is a link to my picture for the Perseverance-class interplanetory exploration vehicle. I hope you guys like it.

                      We're denied access.

                      Best Stargate quote:
                      Sheppard: (yells to McKay) Canadian football is a joke! Celine Dion is overrated! Zelenka is smarter than you are!
                      Green is your friend.


                        Someone wanted to see a ship with my design schematics, so here it is. I prefer real life stuff, intermixed with what's already available to the SGC. For an interesting read, check out the link for the shield section below.

                        Vortex Class Destroyer

                        Length: 472 meters

                        Speed: Sub-light engines utilize advanded ion propulsion(reverse-engineered from Hebredon technology), and can accelerate to 110,000 miles per second.

                        Hyperspace engines, by opening a hyperspace window and traveling through Hyperspace(a different dimension), can accelerate the ship up to 10,000 times the speed of light (Light speed is 186,000 miles per second).

                        Offensive Systems:
                        1 10GW Class Neutral Particle Beam Weapon
                        12 500MW Class Free Election Lasers (FEL)
                        10 Ballistic Missile Launch Tubes
                        4 Multiple Rocket Launch Systems (MRLS)

                        Defensive Systems:
                        Asgard Shielding
                        Cold Plasma Shield
                        Trinium/Carbon Baffled Deadspace Hull

                        Transporter Systems:
                        Asgard Transporter
                        Ring Transporter

                        The Particle Beam weapon utilizes hydrgen atoms, easily replenished from multiple sources in space(and planets). However, since the end of the barrel is located in the nose, the entire ship must be oriented to face the target. The Free Electron Lasers, mounted in 12 seperate turrets on the top and underside of the ship, are tunable to specific wavelengths and are capable of burning through a standard Death Glider's hull in 5 seconds. The missile tubes are capable of launching medium to large ballistic missiles, which can home in on a target in a number of different ways. Lastly, the MRLS consists of 12 tubes per system, and fires 12 rockets in a staggered volley.

                        The first shield system is standard Asgard design, although not as strong as regular Asgard shields, due to construction limits and power generation. To compensate, a secondary shield system has been developed to utilize cold plasmas, which have remarkable energy absorption effects and stealth capabilities. Only one shield system can be active at one time, however the particle beam and lasers are all but useless when the cold plasma shield is active, since a great deal of their energy would be absorbed by the field. (more information found here:

                        The ship also benefits from a "Baffled-Deadspace Hull System", in which empty space of about a foot seperates the primary and secondary hulls, further cushioning impacts. Even if the primary outer hull is punctured, the ship will remain operational.

                        Power Systems:
                        The Vortex is powered by two different systems. Main power is derived from the three large Naquadah reactor located in the engineering section, and is used to power most of the ships systems. The Particle Beam, shields, and hyperdrive are powered exclusively by Naquadria, however, since current Naquadah reactors aren't capable of producing the needed power requirements.In emergencies, when the hyperdrive is not needed, additional power can be drawn from the Naquadria cells to reinforce other systems, be they life support, gravity control, lasers, etc.

                        Main Computer:
                        Optical Computer Network - Uses light instead of circulating electrons to carry information. This eliminates heating problems and bottlenecks at metallic junctions, while rendering the computers immunne to EMP effects. Also interfaces better with the crystal tech portions of the ship.

                        Crew complement: 154 (includes 24 marines)

                        Small Craft Complement: 4
                        Room for F-302s, Puddle Jumpers, or Tel'tacs.

                        F-302A "Nova" varient:
                        M-695 20mm coilgun cannon utilizing trinium-tipped shells, 800 rounds
                        Solid-state laser emitter
                        8 AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles (Naquada warhead optional)

                        F-302A Nova's are equipped with only two engines: Aerospike engines for atmosphere, and a powerful ion drive for outerspace. Dropping the other two engines used in the prototype, allowed room for more weaponary.

                        Main role is Carrier protection. The Vortex Class will hang around the Carrier, defending it from attacks. In assault mode, it singles out one capitol ship and charges it, nose first, laying down repeated Particle Beam fire to weaken shields. At the last moment, it turns and performs a broadside maneuver, first firing a couple salvos from the MRLS, with the tactical Naquada nukes right behind. The multiple rockets fired first helped to shield the tacticle nukes from being shot down. Lastly, the cold plasma field renders the ship invisible to any enerby-based detection systems, although it is still highly visible to the naked eye. The field also greatly absorbs the energy from energy weapons.


                          Originally posted by freyr's mother
                          We're denied access.
                          Oh...well I have no clue how to include pictures into posts. any suggestions?


                            Photobucket is a good option. Kaiphantom, good post! Excellent job, I like both vessels. Need someone to draw them for you?


                              Thanks I edited my post it should work now.


                                Nice design, DF! Now... Mind heading over to "Homeworld Defense"? I'd like to see your vision of the contract I issued.