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    Close to fanwank. Too many reactors, for one. But still, the weaponry is pretty original. I like the mass driver, good idea for getting our nukes past enemy defenses. I would suggest scaling down the ship a bit though, to make it more realistic for us to construct on the ground (hard to hide a 600+ meter ship on the ground after all ^__~). But, for your first post? Not bad, not bad at all. And thanks for including my Abydos-class destroyer. ^__^


      here is something i cooked up. Its a full fledged carrier, but with me being completely pony at 3d (better at sketching but ship isn't finished yet) i figured i would have a go. it's actually part of fiction that i am writing. so go easy on me....

      As the result of a landmark agreement between the asgard and earth, (after certain events which saved the asgard and some others) the asgard decided to assist earth in it's predicament: to be able to build ships at a rate faster than they get destroyed. the asgard also donated specific technologies, namely Neutrino Ion Generators, Inertialess engines and energy dampening fields. the asgard would not give any weapons, but earth suggested something different: their knowledge of goauld technology.
      the sgc took this opportunity to design a very much needed ship, and the first Carrier was born.

      Comparable in size to a hive ship.
      new enhanced engines (bigger, more powerful)
      hebridan ion engines (supplementary)
      hyperspace engines (IGHD capable)
      also has a deceleration drive facilitating the return to normal space
      has multiple neutrino ion generators
      also has multiple naquadah generators placed all over the ship
      carries multiple redundant power systems
      energy dampening fields (still allows projectile weapons to be used in case they are boarded)
      subspace communications array
      asgard shielding
      multiple asgard sensors
      multiple asgard transporter arrays (beam attack can be initiated)
      multiple hangar bays for rapid transit of fighter craft into and out of a battle
      carries the first generation, SEMAC (Super Electromagnetic Accelerator Cannon) capable of firing naquadah enhanced slugs laced with nuclear warheads. the first anti-capital ship weapon. the carrier was built around these 2 massive weapons. the carrier is the only vessel capable of holding these weapon coils.
      hundred of mk2 railgun emplacements all over the ship
      carries the "D" mount railgun aperture (semi spherical rail gun anti fighter weapons. fires munitions at higher velocities, and carries a larger munitions payload. powered by it's own generator
      the vessel also carries heavy coil cannons which fire naquadah enhanced slugs. these also have their own generators
      carries a massive vls array which can fire almost any kind of missile in the inventory of the earth nations
      also has an experimental hls array
      carries hundreds of the new "Mini" missiles- 1 foot long, half again as wide for massive strikes against a single or multiple craft
      all missiles on this vessel have new higher burn engines for higher velocities, making the chance of interception during firing remote (but still possible)
      has mobile missile packs for surprise ambushes against enemy vessels
      also carries experimental energy weapons- carter poured over the goauld technical manual given by the asgard, and managed to figure out the problems with felgers weapon, and then she managed to perfect it. it was a number of times more powerful than equivalent goauld weaponry, and it had a bonus: it could be scaled up and made bigger. the carrier had 50 of these energy weapons placed around the ship, powered by their own naquadah generators, making them independent of the ships own main power systems
      the carrier also carries a reverse engineered form of the Kull warrior armour over it's hull, just in case the shields fail. this armour is 1 foot think.

      the carrier can hold almost 700 302 fighters. these have been improved using engine technology also from the asgard. they carry experimental human energy weapons and have hull armour. stabilisation of naquadria allows them a greater range of operations.
      carries 50 experimental seraphim bombers, which carry hull armour, and multiple mini naquadria power plants,inertialess engines and mk2 rail guns for anti fighter coverage. carries hull armour, and also a payload of 20 improved "Shield Buster" missiles. can also carry the anti capital ship Harbinger device (essentially a mark 9 in missile form)
      can also carry thousands of troops into battle
      crewed by many hundreds

      the first vessel took 90 days to complete. it's design was from a unprecedented joint undertaking between all the nations signatory to the gate treaty. they realised that it was time to unify, rather than split themselves, making themselves easier targets.
      It was built by the asgard using earths first space based ship yards and docks, the Hephaestus, located deep inside asgard territory for reasons of security.
      Once built, the vessel was tested extremely thoroughly on it's many shakedown cruises by not just the asgard, but also the sgc. once finished, the vessel was named The Sumeria, and it took over a month to fully stock the vessel with it's supplies. personnel for the vessel took over 6 months. during this time, the Hephaestus built many more Daedalus class vessels and hundreds of 302s. the sumeria had the ability to dock with it's own escort, and carry them, just like the hive ships can carry their cruisers. this allows massive versatility, as the Sumeria can take it's battlegroup anywhere it goes.
      The sumeria and it's battle group engaged the wraith in the pegasus galaxy. a fleet of 4 hive ships and their accompanying escorts attempted to ambush the daedalus in it's find of an ancient battleship, which had never been seen before and was not mentioned in any ancient text or database. needless to say, the wraith were very surprised when an unknown vessel jumped in from hyperspace, and then split into it's own battlegroup, taking them on. the SEMAC was used to great effect, taking out a wraith hive ship in 5 shots. whilst it may have taken time to recharge the SEMAC, the result was nevertheless effective. the hive ships have met their match.
      the new fighter took on the darts, and gave them many surprises. the Daedalus class ships took on the cruisers, while the hive ships attempted to take down the shields of the carrier. the asgard had calibrated the shields to a new experimental variation, specifically for this engagement, and as asgard, Forseti, served on board the ship during the battle.
      the wraith lost all their cruisers, 90% of their darts, and 2 hive ships, before retreating. the allies lost 8 fighters, and one daedalus class vessel, the agamemnon, took heavy damage to engines, stranding them in the pegasus galaxy. whilst the fleet ensured the Daedalus was okay, and helped to secure the ancient craft, they jumped back to atlantis, where the agamemnon was left on patrol, whilst repairs were undertaken.
      the sumeria also saw action against Ori incursions, where it engaged them from a distance, and pounded their positions from a distance. the SEMAC proved very useful against the Ori Ship shields, and in a massive co-ordinated strike against an Ori vessel, involving the SEMAC, the Seraphim Bomber and large numbers of Alkesh, the ORi shields actually dropped to 45%, before the carrier ran out of shells for the SEMAC. a hasty retreat saved the carrier for another engagement.
      the hulls of several Sumeria class carriers has been laid down, and the SGC expects at least 4 to be built within the year. although there are problems in crewing such large vessels, they are the icons of the SGC, and lead the way forward for earth

      a little out, yes, but my story does explain it. i know i went above and beyond, but i was on a roll and i couldn't stop typing!!
      what do you guys think?
      strength must be balanced with sweetness of temperament


        ^ Bit of an ubership I think, not to keen on it. Especially the completed in 90 days.
        Size of a hive? no way
        700 f302s, then all those weapon systems. Nope
        Dont know if im the only one but I dont like it at all.


          Originally posted by Davidtourniquet
          ^ Bit of an ubership I think, not to keen on it. Especially the completed in 90 days.
          Size of a hive? no way
          700 f302s, then all those weapon systems. Nope
          Dont know if im the only one but I dont like it at all.
          I don't like it either. Fanwank.


            Robert Jastrow (self-proclaimed agnostic): "For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries."


              Forward view of the Aegis-class fleet carrier:


                what do u use to make those pictures?
                Robert Jastrow (self-proclaimed agnostic): "For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries."


                  Originally posted by Andrew Joshua Talon
                  I don't like it either. Fanwank.
                  trim it down? well, yeah. take out the naquadah generators placed all over the ships..i admit there was quite a lot of them..cut down the neutrino ion generators to 2, and replace other power systems with multiple naquadria power is much easier to obtain naquadria than a neutrino ion generator...
                  i did forget to mention that this was a ship in the future..i haven't put down the time frame exactly..
                  like i said, my fiction does explain it, and then it all comes together..once it is finished, it will be understandable why it is how it is...and it copies the wraith in that it carries it's cruisers and what have you...

                  and yes, it is the size of a this fiction, something happens to make it easier to obtain materials to build ships (hint..lots of untouched mines and other ancient stuff equals lots of building material) and the asgard can make stuff by modifying their beaming technology, hence the 90 days completion time...those grey guys really know what to do..i was going to say 6 months, but i wasn't sure....
                  yes, 700 is possible..the ship was designed to counter the wraith first, and then it took on a dual role against the ori....
                  there are things that still need to be worked out..weapon emplacements etc..and other things..
                  the asgard stabilised naquadria in this fiction, hence it's usage...

                  fanwank? come on. there is no ancient technology in this zpm, no ancient shielding, no drones, no puddle jumpers, and you still say fanwank? naaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
                  i figured fanwank was something that was completely impossible in the current SG universe? in my fiction, the asgard help, hence this ship being in existence, and that is it..
                  it may seem like an uber ship, but it really isn' can still be taken down..the part where it ran out of ammo against that ori ship i had to put in..the ship can only carry a certain amount of munitions...and it does pack quite a needs refining..thats all...
                  if only the sketch was complete, you would see that it was a big, flat ship, very wide, and it can accomodate lots of things...i really need to do that sketch...
                  well, thanks for the critique...will modify the ship appropriately...

                  have fun
                  strength must be balanced with sweetness of temperament


                    Originally posted by Buba uognarf
                    what do u use to make those pictures?
                    Style, homme. Style.

                    Side-view, done in MS paint.


                      Lets make this clear, just because there is no ancient stuff in the ship doesn't mean it can't be fanwank.
                      Lets go over the problems
                      Size of the ship: will never build something that big.
                      Timing: 90 days you cannot be serious, more like 900 days at least
                      Equipment: ok the volume maybe into the billions of cubic metres but 700 fighters, thousands of personnal and all those different weapons plus their sources. No way could you put that all in one ship.
                      On your flat and wide style, the ship against the ori will can ripped apart. No manoeuvrability at all.


                        Revised and completed specs on the Aegis-class carrier.

                        ~Aegis-class starship~

                        ~Type: Large hyperspace-capable starship
                        ~Designation: SCVN-365
                        ~Users: United States Navy, United States Air Force.
                        ~Builder: Northrop Grumman/Newport News
                        ~Technology Base: Tau'ri/Asgard
                        ~Naval Classification: Carrier/Assault Ship
                        -Length: 450 meters (990 feet)
                        -Width: 127 meters (279.4 feet)
                        -Height: 72 meters (158.4 feet)
                        -Decks: 14
                        ~Displacement: 86,230 tons (Earth normal gravity)
                        -Officers: 39
                        -Enlisted: 491 (112 for ship operations, 379 for the airwing)
                        -Troops: 3,000
                        -Maximum: 4,500
                        ~Powerplant: One Mk. IV Naquada generator
                        -Four Jet Propulsion Laboratory IP-6 sublight ion drives
                        -Two Asgard/Area 51 hyperspace window generators
                        -Anti-Gravity Wave Generator network
                        -Maximum Acceleration: 93.3 PSL
                        -Maximum Hyperspace Velocity: 19,968 lightyears/hour
                        -Maximum Hyperspace Endurance: 4.5 weeks/top speed
                        -Hyperspace Generator Recharge Rate: 17 seconds between jumps
                        ~Ship Systems:
                        -Computer: Asgard Crystalline-based quantum processors;
                        AEGIS Networking System
                        -Life Support: Lockheed Martin FPA-93 oxygen/CO2
                        filtration system
                        -Sensors: Asgard Sensor Array
                        -Navigation: Stargate Network Common Coordinate Alignment Datalink
                        -Communications: Northrop Grumman SST-42 Subspace Transceiver Array
                        -Eighteen x 20mm rail gun cannons x 10,000 rounds each
                        -80+ air/spacecraft
                        -Asgard Shields
                        -Inert naquada armor belt (3.5 inches)
                        -Reactive armor plating (12.5 inches)
                        -Cloaking Device
                        SCVN-365 USS Aegis
                        SCVN-366 USS Helios
                        SCVN-367 USS Thrace
                        SCVN-368 USS Icarus
                        SCVN-369 USS Hercules (destroyed)
                        SCVN-370 USS Argo [under construction]
                        SCVN-371 USS Jason [under construction]

                        Technical and Historical Notes:

                        The idea of a spaceborn carrier for F-302s had been considered
                        since the launch of the first prototype fighter. However, the
                        Deadalus-class starships offered a battleship, carrier,
                        and troop ship all rolled into one, and so was the craft of
                        choice. Alongside the 304-class vessels was the 306, a heavy
                        cargo carrying starship intended to ferry supplies back and
                        forth between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies. They were
                        built simply but soundly, with an emphasis on speed.

                        After the horrific battle at the Supergate with the Ori, Earth
                        had only the Oddessy for defense. With the need for a
                        much larger space fleet obvious, it was decided to complete five
                        C-306 class starships as fleet carriers, much as had been done
                        in World War Two with the Independence-class carriers.
                        Emergency work was carried out, and all of the new
                        Aegis-class carriers entered service four months later.

                        The Aegis-class carrier is much faster in both sublight
                        and hyperspace than any other Earth ship. This was
                        intentional-Her job is to get her attack fighters to a combat
                        zone as quickly as possible, then stay out of harm's way to
                        support her planes. Without needing to power large weapons
                        systems, the Aegis has much more powerful shields as
                        well, letting her absorb a great deal of punishment before
                        shield failure.

                        Her standard air wing is comprised of 36 F-302s, 16 EA-302s, 8
                        SC-309 Pegasus utility craft, and two Tel'tacs. She has room for
                        over 100 craft for ferrying purposes to allied bases, and can
                        accomodate Jaffa Deathgliders as easily as Earth fighters. Her
                        munitions and fuel supplies allow her to maintain continuous
                        combat operations for over three months, and in her secondary
                        role as a transport ship, can carry up to 24 months worth of
                        supplies to friendly ships and planets. As an assault carrier,
                        she can transport over 3,000 troops into hostile territory,
                        along with their vehicles and equipment. A more common tactic is
                        to carry half her standard air wing alongside 900 troops,
                        allowing her to support ground operations with air strikes.

                        Owing to their exceptional design and brave crews, only one
                        Aegis-class carrier has been lost to the Ori, the Hercules. The
                        Aegis herself suffered heavy damage while acting as a
                        decoy for the Ori Fleet in the battle to liberate Chulak. Two
                        more Aegis-class carriers are already under construction,
                        and the Russians, Chinese and British have all expressed
                        interest in producing their own versions.

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                          Here's my idea.
                          Name: Standard SGC Transport
                          Length: 60ft
                          Width: 20ft at widest point
                          Height: 15ft at highest point
                          Engines: Twin standard sublight
                          Railguns: 8 multi directional medium railguns
                          Missiles: one forward facing launch tube capable of lauching mk8 nukes and similar sized warheads
                          Shields: Compact multi layered standard shielding
                          Hyperdrive: medium range
                          Crew: 10 standard 50 maximum human capacity (no sleeping arrangements)
                          Aux. Craft: none
                          Beaming Technology: Ring Transporter; Asgard Beam Technology
                          Construction: Reinforced Trinium Neutronium hull
                          Control: compact multifunctional helm console
                          Cargo Capacity: 1500 Cu. ft
                          Deck Description:
                          Flight Deck: The flight deck is at the very top of the ship and is a rounded shape. The flight deck is largely open with the Helm, Tactical, and Commanding Officer's positions forming a compact trio at the center of the deck. The remaining walls are lined with consoles and work stations which include Engineering, Science, Navigation and general purpose.
                          Lower Deck: The lower deck consists of small Pullman-Like sleeping compartments for up to 12 people. There is a small conservative toilet/shower/lavatory at the rear near the Flight Deck access ladder. At the front is the interior entrance into the 1500 cu. ft. cargo hold. Near the access ladder are two access hatches with folding airlock capability. The workings for the ring transporter are contained in between the sleeping compartments with the controls on the wall with auxiliary controls on the Flight Deck.

                          The shape of the transport is similar to the primary hulls of Star Trek Intrepid and Prometheus (!!) class ships. The back end with recessed engines is 20ft wide and 15 ft tall and forms a diamond. The diamond tapers down to a rounded point at the front of the ship.

                          History: Shortly after devastating losses at the hands of the Ori the need for a small capable craft became apparent. Shortly thereafter, plans were drawn u pand concstruction was begun on TS-001A. The goal was to be able to organize the ships much like 302 squadrons. The first Transport was launched and performed admirably against an attack by the Lucian alliance near Dakara. The attackers used 3 Ha'tak class Motherships and 6 Alkesh. TS-001A was not alone as the Odyssey escorted the Transport on its first live test. The Transport took some damage, disabling the hyperdrive beyond repair. However, due to its size, it was easily able to land in Odyssey's Port Landing Bay to return to Earth. While enoute, other repairs were made and the versatility of the transport abilities were proven by large amounts of needed supplies being moved quickly on and off the ship during the repairs. Upon return to Earth, TS-001A was quickly repaired and permanently assined to Odyssey. A second Transport TS-002A Was built and assigned to Odyssey within one month. The Daedalus was also given a pair of Transports to serve in the Pegasus Galaxy. After their designs being proven, trnasports were quickly being built and assigned to either Flight A or B and one of the 8 squadrons of 8 within the Flights.

                          Combat Effectiveness: The 8 railguns can easily take down Death Gliders, and Alkesh. Serving within a larger group the Transports alone can take down several Ha'tak vessels at one time. Due to the nature of the multi layered shields Transports can take severe punishment from enemy forces before sustaining significant damage.
                          The small size of the transports makes them unobtrusive on the Flight Deck of a Daedalus Class vessel allowing F-302 fighters to be launched either before or after launch of the Transport.

                          General Effectiveness: The Transport's worth has been proven time and time again by their immense strength and cargo capacity. Frequent trips between Earth and its offworld bases on cargo missions were one of the main benefits provided by the Transports. The cargo bay itself can be accessed through the lower deck, or through one of the large doors on the outside of the vehicle.
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                          When the time comes to utilize Earth's best weaponry against an ailen threat. The weapon that will ultimately prove to be Earth's best will be the Zatnikitel


                            Shouldn't the units of measurement be in metrics? I may live in the US, but when it comes to the space arena and sci-fi, aren't measurements in metrics?


                              ~Ash'rak-class attack fighter~

                              ~Type: Small multi-role fighter
                              ~Designation: N/A
                              ~Users: Free Jaffa Nation Fleet
                              ~Builder: Delmak Fleetyards
                              ~Technology Base: Gou'ald/Ancient
                              -Length: 4.8 meters (10.58 feet)
                              -Width: 28 meters (61.6 feet)
                              -Height: 9.7 meters (21.34 feet)
                              ~Displacement: 25 tons (Earth normal gravity)
                              -2 pilots
                              ~Powerplant: Two Jaffa-designed naquada generators
                              -Gou'ald Intertialless Drive
                              -Maximum Acceleration: 99.92 PSL
                              -Range: Unlimited
                              -Endurance (Life Support): 24 days
                              -Two Class Two staff cannons
                              -Two Energy bomb launchers
                              -Inert naquada armor
                              -Cloaking device

                              ~Technical and Historical Notes~

                              The System Lord Anubis had been working on creating a new fighter to replace the aging Deathgliders just before his final defeat on Dakara. With the fall of the Gou'ald, this research fell into the hands of the Free Jaffa Nation, and, while considered, was ultimately shelved to avoid increasing the tension between the leaders of the new galactic superpower any more than it already was.

                              With the new threat of the Ori, and their first beachead attempt, the Free Jaffa Nation reopened Anubis's research and began work on the new fighter, now named the Ash'rak. The Jaffa researchers felt that such a name was appropriate for a hunter of false gods that the new fighter was to become.

                              While essentially based upon the standard Deathglider, the Ash'rak (still called a Deathglider, interestingly enough) is an entirely new spacecraft from the ground up. With a much smaller profile than it's predessessors, the Ash'rak is much harder to hit. With the trademark intertialless drive enhanced by Ancient technology to drive it, the Ash'rak can outrun and out-turn any other fighter in use today, even those used by the Wraith. The addition of a cloaking device and inert naquada armor has made the new Deathglider even tougher than it's forebears, able to take a capital ship staff blast and survive.

                              The life support capabilities of the craft have been more than doubled, on the recommendation of Council Member Teal'c. An ejection system has also been added to the fighter, detaching the Glider's entire cockpit module and sending it away with energy burst jets. Also on the recommendation of Council member Teal'c, a holographic Heads Up Display (HUD) has been added, allowing the ship's pilot to track and engage targets much more accurately than in previous Gliders.

                              Perhaps the biggest difference between the Ash'rak and the older Deathgliders is the inclusion of two Energy bomb launchers, modeled on those carried by the Al'Kesh. In conjuction with the vessel's more powerful staff cannons, the guided energy bomb launchers make this the first Gou'ald-based fighter to have an anti-ship capability. The bomb launchers can switch between concussive mode (for use against unshielded targets) or disruption mode (puts out large EMP pulses that can do great damage against shipboard shields and systems). Working in squadrons of eight, the Ash'rak-class fighters can engage and defeat Ha'tak class vessels.

                              The new fighters were being deployed when the second Ori Supergate went active. The Jaffa High Council, fearing invasion, immediately recalled most of it's fleet to defend Dakara, including the majority of the Ash'rak squadrons. One squadron of the new fighters, based on Chulak, engaged the Ori invasion forces, but were overwhelmed by superior numbers and forced to retreat to another planet in the system. Production of the new fighters continues, but how they'll fare against the Ori is anyone's guess.


                                No Offens but i think it looks a lot like the X301. Im not sure if thats what your shooting for but thats what it looks like to me. But it still looks good