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    Well since we're posting Fan Wanks, here's mine. Sorry I don't have a tacky pic ready to put up yet.



    8 km long

    4.3 km wide

    2.9 km high


    56x Trojan ZPM's(think someting ten times the size and power output of the traditional ZPM)


    34x reaction-less drives

    7x hyperspace flash drives


    10x Ancient designed shield generators(designed by Sheppard during his own experiance with an ancient head grabber)

    4x passive shields(they absoarb ambient energy to power themselves)

    1 1/2' thick Neutronium/Trinium/Naquadah alloy armor for the inner and outer hulls.


    2x main bays capable of holding two Daedalus classes, almost a thousand F-302's, and fifteen Tel'Taks each.

    Escape Pods

    There are fifty of these but are not needed due to the large number of ships assigned to it.


    38x Obliterator Mk.IV cannons(based off of the "pwnage cannons" used by the Ori ships)

    120x mini-felgers(for anti fighter defense)

    What do you guys think?



      the only part about the 4000 that isnt fanwankish is the sublight capability, the promie can go 110,000 miles per second...i beleive the daedalus can reach past that, but ya never know

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        ok, here is my fanwank hehehehe


        Length: Size of a planet!

        power: 70milloion zpms with 140million backup!

        sheilds: 100000 ancient sheilds

        weapons: 10 quadrillion drones with 20 quadrillion backups, 10 death star beems

        capacity: 3million f-302s, 100 daedalus, 3 death stars, and 3billion people for a crew!!!!!

        and add on everything that sould possibly make it more uber!!


        can we stop with fanwanks?

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          Seriously: Why don't we use more of the ancient disruptor wave technology, like Thor did in New Order? Just put two or three disruptor guns onto a ship, and the just modify an output wave.


            Fanwank? Give me a minute...

            X-305 Battleship: The Zeratul
            Dimensions: (tip-chopped cone-shaped)
            - Width: 50m to 75m
            - Height: 50m to 75m
            - Length: 200m
            - 1 Zero Point Module
            - 3 Ion Drives
            - 1 Asgard Hyperspace Engine
            - 1 Asgard Shield
            - 1m thick Titanium/Trinium Armour Plating
            - 1 Ori Pwnage Cannon
            - 5 Rail Guns

            As to the name, well I couldn't come up with anything else on the spot...
            This poster has a Superiority Complex. Apologies in advance.


              dude, did you see what i just said? NO FANWANKS FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

              an ori pwnage cannon? in your effing dreams, we didnt use a death glider cannons until about 2 or 3 years into the show(i think), and a 305 has already been designed, look up a little

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                Originally posted by freyr's mother
                I can see everyone's having a hard time coming up with non-fanwankish ships that are different from everyone elses so why don't we do this: Everyone, post your fanwank ships! This way we can get it off of everyone's chests.

                BEWARE OF THE LONG POST

                My Super-duper-Uber Fanwank Ship

                The DSC-4000 Superbattlecarrier (The Samantha Carter)

                Body – 8 mi long, 3.5 mi wide, 1 level= 20m high

                300 Million Metric Tons

                Arm length
                ½ mi long, ¼ mi wide

                The Samantha Carter is powered by 6 zero point modules, as well as several dozen Mark II Naquadah generators for backup. There are also 6 spare ZPM’s.

                Ancient Intergalactic Hyperdrive Powered by two Zero Point Modules and can reach speeds equivalent to 30,000c

                ancient much like Atlantis’ shield, with a backup asgard shield
                10 Sub-light engines: Ancient Sub-light system capable of reaching 185,999 miles/second

                Docking clamps: can dock 2 Daedalus Class Battle Cruisers.

                Escape Pods
                one escape pod can hold 400 people, P-90’s and enough ammo and explosives to wage a small war. Will not leave ship until it is 95% occupied everyone is buckled. If so, escape pod will move to the side for jettisoning through a parallel tube.

                Quarters- One quarters room on one floor is capable of holding up to 400 people.

                There are four sections to the bridge, the Primary Control, Defensive Control, Ground Control and the Briefing room. There are several asgard sensors on board to allow the beaming of multiple objects at a time. All positions have double the number of personnel to allow for half of each position to be on duty at any given time and half off duty. The exceptions are the pilots, Armored Divisions and Marines.

                The Stargate on board has a universal point of origin and SG teams that go on missions through the Stargate have a special receiver that plugs into the DHD and automatically dials The Samantha Carter

                Chair Weapons Platform
                240,000 drones are capable of being called upon, 10,000 are stationed at each vent and there are 120,000 in storage

                Cargo Bay- Split into two sections with a large door that separates the two. Both sections contain tractor beams One section is able to house 1,000 M1 Abrams Battle Tanks and the other section can hold something near the size of a goa’uld mother ship.

                Fighters bays: The four fighter bays hold a grand total of 450 Puddle jumpers, 400 F-302’s w/VTOL capabilities, 125 Alkesh and 100 cargo ships. There are shelves in the fighter bays that stack the ships above each other. Two M1 Abrams tanks can be attached to one Cargo Ship for deployment along with 200 Marines plus the tank crews inside. Energy shields are placed at the exits of the fighter bays, so no depressurization is necessary.

                Weapons Control – All weapons control consoles are manned by one person per weapon emplacement, all friendly vessels are programmed into the computer and cannot be locked onto.

                Armories can be found throughout the ship but are locked under normal conditions with the exception of the Master Armory which is only accessible to SG teams and security officers.

                Primary Weapons
                - Satellite Beam Weapon
                - Tollan Ion Cannon
                - Drone Weapons

                Secondary Weapons
                -Rail guns
                - Missile Batteries
                - Mark IX Naquadria Enriched Gate Buster
                - Mark VIII Tactical Naquadah Enhanced Nuclear Warheads
                - Mark VII, VI, V, IV, III, II

                Primary Systems
                - Shield
                - Hyperdrive
                - Sub-light Engines
                - Primary Weapons Systems
                - Transport Chambers
                - Bridge Systems
                - Stargate

                Secondary Systems
                - Docking Clamps
                - Fighter Bay Shields
                - Asgard transport array

                Officers on BC-4000 Responsibilities

                Lieutenant Generals –2 Commander BC-4000

                Major Generals – 2 Off-ship Personnel (All Aircraft, Tanks, SGC personnel and Marines)

                Brigadier Generals – 2 Defensive weapons, Technicians,
                Security, Mess, and Doctors

                Bridge Personnel
                Commander, Radar officer, Helmsman, Primary Weapons officer, Key Systems Operator, Communications officer.

                - 10,000 Battle Ready Marines
                - 6,000 Tank Personnel
                - 250 Alkesh Pilots
                - 900 Puddle Jumper Pilots
                - 800 F-302 Pilots
                - 200 Cargo Ship Pilots

                Defensive Weapons Crew
                - 54 Rail gun personnel
                - 20 Ion Cannon personnel
                - 8 Missile bay personnel
                - 2 Chair Weapons Platform Personnel
                - 2 Satellite Beam Weapon Personnel

                Parts/Technical Crew
                - 20 hyperdrive technicians
                - 40 sub light engine technicians
                - 30 Shield Generator technicians
                - 30 Power control technicians
                - 180 Scientists
                - 1600 Maintenance/Repair Mechanics

                -3000 Cooks
                -60 Medical Doctors
                -2 Gate Technicians
                -4000 Security Personnel

                -SG Teams on Board
                -SG-1 -SG-10 -SG-19
                -SG-2 -SG-11 -SG-20
                -SG-3 -SG-12 -SG-21
                -SG-4 -SG-13 -SG-22
                -SG-5 -SG-14 -SG-23
                -SG-6 -SG-15 -SG-24
                -SG-7 -SG-16 -SG-25
                -SG-8 -SG-17
                -SG-9 -SG-18

                Grand Total Number of People: 27,422 People


                S – Stargate
                H – Hyperdrive
                Su – sub light engines
                R – Ring room
                F – Fighter bay
                G – Rail Gun
                IC – Ion Cannon
                SG – Shield Generator
                Br – Bridge
                C – Chair weapons platform
                M – Missile Battery
                MD – Medical station
                D – Docking clamp
                MA – Master Armory
                V – Drone Vents
                Z – Zero Point Module
                P – Power distribution room
                CB – Cargo Bay
                A – Armory
                Q – Quarters
                t – Transport Chamber
                Me – Mess hall
                Bm – Briefing Room
                SL – Science Lab
                – Escape Pod
                St – Storage room
                Pr – Brig
                G - Gym
                Sa – Satellite Beam weapon
                stc – Space traffic control
                W – Weapons room
                Gc – Ground command

                sorry, freyr's mother, but you used G twice. May I recommmend using RG for Railgun. ANd these are some interesting ships. GJ everyone.

                Jesus is Lord!


                  Class: Space capable Fighter/Bomber
                  SL Propulsion: Twin Sabre mk2 engines for primary propulsion. 2 Japanese designed aerospike rocket motors for speed assist/emergency thrust.
                  FTL: 302 class hyper drive window generator. Jump capacitor system to boost total hyperspace travel time to 1.6 minute duration when fully charged.
                  Weapons: twin 20mm cannons. 8 external hard mounts for 10,200lbs of weapons, aux. fuel tanks or special equipment.
                  Crew: 2. pilot/gunner, spotter/radar/com. officer.

                  The F/B 307 fighter/bomber began developement in early 2007. Most systems were designed by the U.S., with the notable acception of its sub-light engines, designed by the U.K. and Japan. The Mk 2 Sabre main engines can power the ship from surface to orbit in ~3 minutes, then power the 307 in space flight withough having to switch to a second engine system. The aero-spike rocket boosters are used to provide additional thrust or emergency boost where needed. The 307's superior aerodynamics allow it to burn 7% less fuel in atmospheric flight than the 302.

                  Though slower and less maneuverable than the F-302 fighter, it is capable of making hyperspace jumps nearly 3 times as long through the use of a capacitor system to store extra energy for the hyperdrive generator. This gives the 307 the capability of travelling nearly a full lightyear on its own, allowing hit-and-fade attacks through hyperspace on enemy vessels a powerfull new tactic available in space combat.

                  The 307 also has superior multi-role capabilities to the 302. It can carry twice as many AIM-120 missles as a 302 (8 compared to just 4) or can be equiped with up to 3 of the new Javolin anti-ship nuclear missles designed to kill capital starships. It also has ground attack capabilities equivilant to most of Americas air-fighter fleet.

                  The first prototype, known as the XF-306 proved much of the design, but its American designed LACE engines, with no additional boosters, proved inadequite to power the craft. A second prototype, incorporating a new engine designed in England, based on the SABRE concept, and additional aero-spike rocket boosters designed in Japan was built, named the YF-307. This second design would later be put into production by all three nations involved in its design. The first 307 was deployed by the U.S. in the summer of 2009, giving the 307 one of the fastest concept-to-production times of any aircraft since WW2. In 2011, the U.S. and U.K. authorized the sale of 12 302's and 5 307's to the European Union, the first internation sale of either craft.


                    Oh Cooky what can i say. i have been waiting for an updata in ur bomber for a while and here it is. It deffinatly doesnt dissapoint! very well done! keep those sweet lookin ships commin


                      Just out of curiosity whats fan wanking?
                      I dunno what to put in here now..


                        Originally posted by Puddle-Jumper
                        Just out of curiosity whats fan wanking?
                        It's when fans cook up unbelievably bezerk ships that could pwn anything in the universe.

                        Best Stargate quote:
                        Sheppard: (yells to McKay) Canadian football is a joke! Celine Dion is overrated! Zelenka is smarter than you are!
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                          Originally posted by Puddle-Jumper
                          Just out of curiosity whats fan wanking?
                          Just look previous posts about planet-size ship with 100000 ZPMs, quadrilion cannons....

                          Anyways, why does this bomber have so large wingspan?


                            Originally posted by StarGi
                            Anyways, why does this bomber have so large wingspan?
                            Your place is not to question; but to drool. After all, do you think you could create what cooky created?

                            Best Stargate quote:
                            Sheppard: (yells to McKay) Canadian football is a joke! Celine Dion is overrated! Zelenka is smarter than you are!
                            Green is your friend.


                              Originally posted by freyr's mother
                              It's when fans cook up unbelievably bezerk ships that could pwn anything in the universe.
                              Ok thanks its just where I come from wanking has only one meaning if you know what I mean
                              I dunno what to put in here now..


                                well, long wing spand would help with the hardpoints i guess

                                and i beleive he based it have the first 302 design, remember, the >>X<< 302 had a very big wingspan, flat too, not curved like they are now

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