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    Very nice work on the cargo ship cooky! A green cookie for you!


      Not a ship, but an add-on to ships. And a little bit of a crossover as well.

      Name: NERV-series Positron Accelerator Cannon Type 42
      Designation: APA-42
      Type: Land/Ship-based tactical direct-fire weapon
      ~Barrel Length: 10 meters
      ~Unit weight (standard turret): 1,798 kilograms
      Energy Output: Standard setting: 45.3 GW; Maximum setting: 79.2 GW.
      Effective Range: 1,000+ kilometers

      Background and Technical Notes:

      Designed and built by the Nishinto Strategic Defense Forces on the planet Genesis (SGC Designation: P3S-180), the Positron Cannon was intended for use against the mysterious Angels attacking the inhabitants of that planet through the disaster known to them as Second Impact. When the SGC made first contact, it was with NERV, a paramilitary-organization formed to fight and defeat the Angels.

      Colonel Cameron Mitchell and SG-1 made the initial contact through NERV's Stargate shortly after the Ori were first encountered. NERV's leader, Commander Gendo Ikari, was suspiscious of Earth and the Tau'ri, but agreed to a treaty established in secret: The Tau'ri would receive access to NERV's reverse-engineered Angel technology, while NERV would receive assistance against the Angels.

      It was later discovered that the Angels were in fact partially-ascended Ancients, trapped between this plane and the next, through a failed experiment conducted at the city-ship that now housed NERV. They had gone into hibernation at Genesis's southern ice cap, as their transformation made them unable to survive long in Genesis's environment. Scientists from the nation Nishinto discovered two of the Angels, code-named Adam and Lillith, in the southern ice, and attempted to revive them with disasterous results, the Second impact, which devastated the ecosystem of Genesis to better support the Angels.

      Then Dr. Gendo Ikari, and his wife, Dr. Yui Ikari, discovered the Ancient city ship buried underneath the surface in a secluded valley in Nishinto, and were able to decipher the results of the Angel's experiments. They learned that the Ancients, hoping to stop the plague ravaging their people, had conceived of a means to "destroy" the metaphysical barriers between the true conciousnesses of living beings. In Tau'ri psychology, a concept known as the Absolute Terror, or AT, Field. This would allow their entire race to become one gigantic living ocean, a single collective being and conciousness, immune to disease and achieving, perhaps, the closest thing to a true utopia. This technology could also result in easier ascensions by altering a person's AT field. The seventeen Angels that results from these experiments had their AT-fields warped into a partially-ascended state, like the System Lord Anubis, but rather than becoming non-corporeal entities they mutated into beings that meshed their incorporeal and corporeal states, an extremely bizarre transformation that inadvertantly led to the destruction of the rest of their people, and most of the lifeforms on Genesis (the so-called "First Impact").

      The Ikaris, and a secret organization known as SEELE, sought to bring about this utopia, which they termed (appropriately enough) "Third Impact". However, the closer they came to figuring out how to initiate 3I, the more Angels were awakened by their latent telepathic connection to the machine that caused their transformation. They would then sense that their "brother" Adam and "sister" Lillith were being held against their will, for the purposes of intiating Third Impact (which, actually, they did not wish to happen). So, SEELE and NERV prepared to lure each Angel to the Ancient city-ship (called the "Geofront"), where they would be ambushed and killed, one by one, until they were all dead and Third Impact could go on without interference.

      SG-1, however (as they are prone to do), screwed up Ikari and SEELE's plans and saved Genesis's people from destruction, with the help of Ikari's own son, Shinji Ikari (who was instrumental in defending and defeating the Angels thanks to his Ancient gene), and additional members of NERV: Lt. Colonel Misato Katsuragi, Pilots Asuka Langley Sorhyu, Hikari Horaki, Touji Suzuhara, and Rei Ayanami. The Seventeenth Angel, Tabris (posing as Pilot Kaworu Nagisa) also assisted. The nations of Genesis then captured SEELE and Ikari, tried, and then executed them for their crimes. And, in gratitude for Earth's help, gave full disclosure of all their technology to the SGC, among them, plans for NERV's Positron Rifle.

      Conceived as a replacement for Earth capital ship's main rail guns, the NERV Type 42 Positron Cannon uses an advanced particle accelerator/convertor assembly to transform electrons into positrons, or anti-matter. The cannon then fires the burst of particles with powerful eletromagnetic field generator rings. The anti-matter of the beam produces 200% matter-energy conversion, making it a devastating weapon against enemy ships. However, as the positron cannon requires a great deal of time and energy to recharge between shots (6 seconds), it is not practical as an anti-fighter weapon on a smaller scale. Still, coupled with the huge power output of a Daedalus-class starship, the Positron cannon can deal heavy damage to enemy vessels, able to blast through a late-model Ha'tak-class vessel in only four shots.

      With the threat of the Ori, and the disasterous battle at the Supergate, the SGC has immediately begun fitting all ships currently under construction with positron cannons. An Ori scout ship was destroyed by one on Genesis in several shots when it approached the planet. NERV has increased production of Positron Cannons as a result, opening three new facilities for their manufacture and beginning production in less than six months-Often with the factories only partially finished.


        Well I never did like the front end so I redesigned it today. I like it much better. Pictures were refreshed on the original post.

        Thanks for all the comments guys.


          Originally posted by mburrows
          bit of a fan wank in my opinion...(teh satellite) but give us a few decades and we MIGHT be able to barely make it

          but here is my first thing, just be easy lol, not very good at the stuff

          F-310 Missile Carrier

          Primary mission role: to take out non-sheilded enemy target(e.g hive ships)
          Secondary Mission Role: Weaken Enemy Sheilds

          Involved partners:US military, Russian Military, and UK Military

          Size: about 4 times the size of the 302

          Design: think something like the imperial gunboat from star wars

          just make it a lil more "earthy"

          Power Source:
          Mk III Naquadah Generator

          Secondary Power Source:

          4 ion thrusters
          Hyperdrive Equal to that of the goa'uld cargo ship
          inertial dampners

          x1 Mk II 5mm Rail Guns/ 1000 rounds each
          X2 Rocket Pods/ 20 naquadah enhanced rockets each

          Standard Sheilds, can take a lil beating, but not for long
          Cloaking device

          asgard beaming technology

          Cargo: Small Cargo hold type compartment behind the cockpit, carries food water for long trips(just incase, and ackup magazines for railgun and rocket pods

          With an increasing threat of hive ships being made more and more by the wraith, the us, russian, and united kingdom governments decided to make a gunboat/missile carrier type ship, about 4 times the size of the f-302, it carries 1 mkII 5mm railgun with 1000 rounds of ammo, along with this are 2 rocket pods that carry 20 naqudah enhanced rockets, each of pretty nice firepower, in the cargo bay there is 2 backup magazines for the rail gun and 4-6 backup magazines for the rocket pods, to reload the weapons the ship uses it's asgard beams to put the ammo in. once the ship is out of ammo, or unable to fight, it hyperspaces away or returns to it's main ship. 2 of these ships are able to succesfully take out a hive ship with sustaining low damage. the ship is very manuverable for it's size so the cannons of the wraith hive ships are rarely a threat. occasionaly one ship is granted 2 f-302(or whatever the current fighter is) escorts.

          (more to come maybe, just gotta sleep on it lol)


          ps: if anyone could make a drawing or model of this, i'd love it, hopefully my description was good enough...
          It's a little vague on the general design of the ship and distibution of the weapons. Also what is a Mk. III naquadah generator and how is it better than a regular naquadah generator?

          But other than that it sounds very interesting and plausable...
          if we didn't have the Ori threat here in the Milky Way.


            Originally posted by Daryl Froggy
            It's a little vague on the general design of the ship and distibution of the weapons. Also what is a Mk. III naquadah generator and how is it better than a regular naquadah generator?

            But other than that it sounds very interesting and plausable...
            if we didn't have the Ori threat here in the Milky Way.

            lol, the mk III i just made up rofl, i thought i saw mkIV and V in previous posts...i unno, just sumtin i made up come on, a mk III is bound to come up sooner or later, it's better because it generates more power for extended travel(e.g needs to hyperspace from one end of the milky way to the other lol)

            anywho, what is vagure and general about it? or w.e

            also, the weapons are launched...easy? lol, most rockets are...and it uses a unique and advanced system of pretty much beaming in the rockets and the spare rounds for the mini gun in...instead of going threw a whole airlock thingy or w.e in the heat of battle, the pilot(s) can just press the button and the ammo will be restored within seconds.......

            it is my first ship lol


            ps: andrew, that gun suspiciously looks like Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray from star wars lol

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              Originally posted by freyr's mother
              Here's my design for a satellite:


              The Intergalactic Re-supply Repair and Defense Satellite

              Purpose: Used to re-supply, and repair Earth and Friendly Allied vessels when they are on intergalactic missions and would be easier to be re-supplied or repaired by a nearby satellite rather than return to earth.

              Cost: $58 Billion

              Production Run: 3

              Stationed: Intergalactic medium between galaxies in which earth and its allies conduct their missions.

              IRRADS must be towed into the intergalactic medium by two Daedalus class DSC’s, and does not have a hyperdrive.

              Features: The exterior of the Satellite is magnetized so someone can simply walk outside and make necessary repairs. The IRRADS has landing pads for 8 BC-304’s, however when there is a high quantity of 304’s docked, they may have to share docking bays.

              Size: Approximately 2x the volume of a Ha’tak.

              Power: One ZPM for the Ancient shield and 30 Naquadah generators supply all the other power needed

              Cargo Space: 125 Million Metric tons

              Offensive Weapons: None

              - Ancient Shield
              - 10,000 Ancient Drones

              Support Craft:
              - 10 Puddle Jumpers
              - 30 F-302’s

              - 60 F-302 pilots
              - 20 Puddle Jumper pilots
              - 10 Console Technicians
              - 70 Repair technicians
              - 50 Re-supply personnel
              - 1 Station Commander

              Other Technology:
              - Lantian Long Range Sensors
              - Artificial Gravity
              - Artificial Life Support
              - Magnetized Hull

              Take away all the ancient stuff and it sounds realistic.....where would we get the shield, puddle jumpers, zpm, the drones, and the sensors?


                Originally posted by chilapox3
                Take away all the ancient stuff and it sounds realistic.....where would we get the shield, puddle jumpers, zpm, the drones, and the sensors?
                I wasnt aiming for realistic.

                Best Stargate quote:
                Sheppard: (yells to McKay) Canadian football is a joke! Celine Dion is overrated! Zelenka is smarter than you are!
                Green is your friend.


                  Originally posted by chilapox3
                  Take away all the ancient stuff and it sounds realistic.....where would we get the shield, puddle jumpers, zpm, the drones, and the sensors?
                  dunno about eveyrthing else, but remember they found ithink 2 stock piles of drones, lots of them, i beleive one stock pile was in inferno and the other one in the one where they found the civilization with their own city ship, i wonder when we'll take that from them and use it for ourselves

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                    Originally posted by freyr's mother
                    I wasnt aiming for realistic.
                    Then leave this frelling thread alone!


                      Originally posted by aAnubiSs
                      Then leave this frelling thread alone!
                      Agreed. Now, for something different... Again...

                      Name: Del Shakka Mel
                      Type: Next generation hyperspace-capable mothership
                      Technology Base: Gou'ald/Earth/Asgard/Ancient
                      ~Length: 545 meters
                      ~Width: 545 meters
                      ~Height: 195 meters
                      Displacement: 10,833,455 tons (1 gee environment)
                      ~Crew: 50
                      ~Troops: 4,000
                      48 x Deathgliders
                      18 x Teltacs
                      8 x Al'Kesh
                      6 x Landing Ships
                      Powerplant: Free Jaffa/Tau'ri designed custom naquada reactor system
                      Gou'ald Intertialess Drive
                      Asgard Hyperdrive
                      ~40 Type II Staff Cannons
                      ~12 Type III Staff Cannons
                      ~4 Type V Staff Cannons
                      ~Inert Naquada Armor
                      ~Asgard/Ancient technology enhanced shields
                      ~Sodan Cloak
                      Del Shakka Mel (commissioned)
                      Garek (under construction)


                      Conceived as the next-generation of Gou'ald battleships, the prototype Cheops-class mothership under construction by Anubis was left incomplete when the System Lord was defeated over Earth. The Cheops would later be seized by Ba'al, but he was unable to complete it when elements of the Free Jaffa, led by Master Bre'tac, stole the partially-finished starship and hid it near Chulak. When the Free Jaffa Nation was at last established, the Cheops was originally going to be destroyed, due to it's connections with the System Lord Anubis. However, with the threat of the Ori, the vessel was quickly taken to the orbital shipyards around Erebus and a systematic upgrade and refit was undertaken.

                      Renamed the Del Shakka Mel, the vessel possessed numerous advances over the standard Ha'tak-class mothership, but was roughly the same size. It utilized a form of inert naquada armor that the Tau'ri shared with the Free Jaffa Nation in return for help with perfecting their ion drives. In addition, with the help of the Asgard, they were able to improve the Ancient-knock-off shielding Anubis had installed on the Del Shakka Mel. The final enhancement to the basic design was the inclusion of four Type V Staff Cannons-Vast improvements over previous Gou'ald ship-to-ship weapons, and able to deal devastating damage against all but the most powerful ships in the universe.

                      The Del Shakka Mel was one of the few Free Jaffa vessels to not suffer destruction or catastrophic damage in the Battle of the Supergate, but was forced to disengage when her weapons were destroyed. She later assisted the Earth ship Abydos in escorting the survivors of the allied fleet in their retreat.


                        OoOoOoOO, me likey likey likey!!!!uber mothership...just not too uber i see...but it kinda conflicts with the end of season 9, they would've said sumtin about it im sure....but otherwise, very nice mate


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                          This is only a preleminary spec sheet so any suggestions are welcome.

                          Name: Shinobi
                          Type: first generation interplanetary Chinese anti-fighter gunship
                          Technology Base: Gou'ald/Earth
                          Length: 90 ft.
                          Width: 30 ft.
                          Height: 19 ft.

                          Displacement: 675 tons (1 gee environment)

                          Propulsion: Earth adaption of the drive on Ha’taks and Death Gliders

                          7x point defense coilguns
                          2x heavy linear coilguns

                          Trinium/titanium alloy outer hull and superstructure.
                          An energy shield based closely off of an Al’kesh’s shield.
                          Goa’uld cloaking device based off of a Tel’tak’s.


                          Developed as a first step in China’s fleet it doesn’t have the hyperspace capabilities that the later planned capitol ship classes. Its primary mission is to escort cargo ships from one place to another unfortunately without a hyper drive it is severely limited in its escort capabilities thus the Chinese government is pressuring the Russia and the US to allow them access to the greater power sources that will enable the Shinobi-class to truly become an interstellar escort.
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                            add some more stuff maybe?

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                              well here is my ship. its a cargo ship around the size of the 304 fighter bay (maybe a bit smaller)

                              same sorta design of the 304 (just about 1/4 or 1/3 smaller)



                              im gona add the internal layout later and a more detailed info on the ship

                              i really need to add something on the top back (cargo part) it just seems to empty. any suggestions eg small communication tower

                              for size reference and also because i was bored
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                                Why does it need more stuff mburrows? I figured it was a first step and its equipment would take up a lot of room.

                                Personally sinisterdeath I think that the cargo ship looks fine, but if you want something there it could always be a small bridge structure like the one midway up on the Daedalus class.