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    Looks fine.


      Yeah, I posted a supply ship a few months back. (My first ship design actually). I'm planning on doing a complete redesign of it soon in conjunction with my Planetary Assault Ship redesign.

      I think its back on page 15 or so.


        so my battle group constices of 1 Valor class, 2 Deadleus classes A & B type, 20 Eagle classes and any body want to add some ships of their own. also could some body if they have free time make a 3d modelf the valor please thanks


          Originally posted by Aroura-Gate
          Railguns today these large generayors to creat enough power to power the magnets of the gun and i though it looked cool
          Look into just about any of the Rail Gun threads on here to see how a Rail Gun actually works. That, or just look on Wikipedia.
          This poster has a Superiority Complex. Apologies in advance.



            My new gateship thinger. I'll make specs and stuff later.


              mabey add some retractable wings



                Made a front view and an some modifications. Also added an image of Mitchell for comparison. What's sad is the picture of Mitchell is better than the gateship, which totally sucks. >>
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                  Originally posted by ZakeD

                  Made a front view and an some modifications. Also added an image of Mitchell for comparison. What's sad is the picture of Mitchell is better than the gateship, which totally sucks. >>
                  It just needs some shading and you could put it into a b level game.


                    Shading? o_o


                      To make it look cartoony. You know make it look like it belongs in the same picture as the sprite head you put in there.

                      Edit: But it is a cool looking ship. Do you have any specs for it yet? Goodnight!


                        Uh..let's see..

                        About 15 meters long, 4.5 wide, 4 meters high.

                        And the can pretty much tell from the ship. .50 cal machine guns, that vulcan cannon thinger, and those weird missile launcher things on the sides. I don't really know much about guns and stuff it's probably really innacurate. I wasn't really planning on keeping this..but I could make better specs tomorrow I guess.


                          wewt, 75 pages

                          sig made courtesy of M2W


                            I have An Idea for a Multi purpose ship

                            It would be called the Sputnik class ship
                            It would be 400 meters long
                            150 meters tall
                            and as thick as the Deadulas(sp?)

                            It would have 12 missle silos
                            18 rail guns
                            4 Felger lasers
                            2 gatebusters

                            room for 24 fighters and 4 ships the size of the space shuttle
                            multiple escape pods

                            Advanced Earth sensor tech with Asgard Sensors
                            Rings and Asgard transporters
                            powered by 1 Fusion reactor and 2 Naquada Reactors

                            And now what makes this ship real good...
                            SeatBelt Technology!!!
                            With airbags and railings to hold on when the ship shakes
                            Every seat has belts!!

                            Their are digital consuls in order to avoid most sparks. and internal sprinkler sys. is also in place with fuse boxes all over the ship to further insure the lack of sparks every time the ship is hit.

                            Now top that!!
                            [An alarm is sounding. Harriman checks his watch as he and Siler stand, facing Ba'al's hologram.]
                            I'm sure he'll be here any second now.
                            [Ba'al is obviously impatient.]
                            So, um…

                            Take our ships, take our toys, take our awesome alien tech... I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take Stargate from me!

                            Special Thanks to Elles sence this is a ripof of her great sig.


                              I could, and have easily surpassed that ship in every respect except for the railings... but then any intelligent ship designer would put some safety systems on their ships.

                              P.S. Felger's weapon wasn't a laser it was a plasma firing weapon like the staff cannons on the Al'kesh.

                              Edit: Do you have a picture for this ship. Or is it just a joke to you?
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                                ^^ looks like the health and safety bureaucrats have gotten into starship construction