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what's different about Stargate S7E19 Resurrection?

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    what's different about Stargate S7E19 Resurrection?

    Hi everybody,

    in my recent (partial) rewatch of SG1 i was reminded how great S4 - S8 are. and season 7 is especially fantastic. but there is one episode that stands out as being terrible, and that's episode 19 "Resurrection".
    when i saw that episode when it first came out i didn't like it, obviously, but because i was relatively young i didn't quite understand why.
    in rewatching it (and other SG1 episodes) i think i know what's so different about it, and why it feels out of place and i wanna bounce that idea off of people here in the forum.

    first a little reminder for those who don't recognize most episode by name (like me xD): it's the episode where a Goa'Uld-human hybrid, called Anna, was created by rogue NID agents, all of who died except one guy, Dr. Keffler. the episode takes place at the NID facility where they question Dr. Keffler and Anna, and try to defuse a Naquada bomb.

    the main difference comes form how they treated Dr. Keffler, imo. in most of SG1 sociopaths are treated as a threat or as a joke, but in this episode Dr. Keffler, a sociopath, was treated more like they are handled in other shows (like Breaking Bad or GoT), namely kind of fetishized.
    it feels like they brought in somebody from the outside to write (and/or direct) that episode, and they told him something like "in Staragte there is sometimes a ticking clock element, and in Stargate Daniel connects with the alien girl" and that's all he knew about SG, he didn't know how people act in SG, you could say that he was given a recipe, but didn't know the most important ingredient . maybe he was very young and/or inexperienced, because the writing isn't terribly good, and there wasn't much depth to Anna or Dr. Keffler. Daniel never seemed to connect to Anna the same way as he connected to Reese either. it felt like the writer/director had just seen Silence of the Lambs for the first time, and wanted to do something similar without realizing that that doesn't make sense in SG. in Silence of the Lambs (for those who haven't seen it) Hannibal Lecter, despite being in prison, is portrayed as being always in charge and this dangerous person, and this clearly inspired the portrayal of Dr. Keffler.. and again: in Silence of the Lambs the sociopath (Hannibal Lecter) is fetishized, and that's kind of what the writer (and/or director) tried to do in this episode with Dr. Keffler, which is really un-Stargate-ie, because in Stargate sociopaths are kind of a joke (the Goa'uld are often made fun of for the over the top way they dress, the way they speak and of course their egos xD) but in Silence of the Lambs, or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones sociopaths are worshipped (just think of the episode in BB where Gus kills that one guy with a knife in front of Walter in the laundry. Gus doesn't even change facial expressions as he murders them.. it's made for people who get off on sociopaths... i could give examples from GoT as well, but i don't think i have to xD anybody who's seen that show knows that calling it a sociopath-fetish-show is justified xD)

    it may seem random to talk about this episode, but as i said, in my rewatch it really stood out. and now that they are talking about creating a SG4, maybe it's worth remembering how important the tone, the humour and the decency of the characters were in SG1. it wouldn't feel like Staragte if they just put sociopaths, detached moapie people, or people without a sense of humour in a room with a Stargate and called it a show (cough SGU cough ;-)). which is a real possibility.. considering Amazon also makes shows like The Boys...

    take care everybody o/

    Been a while since I've seen the episode but as for bringing in outsiders to write and direct, they DIDN'T.

    The writer is Michael Shanks in his first and so far only full script credit. He also received story credit for Evolution Part 1 S07E11. He is also credited as writer for clips of his prior episodes as a writer reused S07E20 Inauguration.

    The director is Amanda Tapping in her very first director credit. Amanda had made known to the producers of SG-1 since about season 3 or 4 that she wanted to direct an episode and they let shadow the directors on several episodes and they let her know that she'd get her shot in season 7. For this episode they had Martin Wood on hand in case Amanda needed advice.

    Looking back, I'd consider this episode as a completely stand alone. It could have take place in any prior season and could have been an entirely original story aired on SciFi Channel as a movie of the week. Only the use SG-1 characters and background story details make this a Stargate story.

    Also, filming for this episode was done at the very end of season 7. All principal photography as well as pick-up shots of all the other episodes for season 7 was already completed. Indeed both Don S. Davis and RDA had already left Vancouver for their end of season vacations. And in Don's case his effective retirement from Stargate SG-1 for medical reasons though he would have guest appearances in seasons 8 through 10 and the movie Stargate Continuum.
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      Originally posted by iiradned View Post
      Been a while since I've seen the episode but as for bringing in outsiders to write and direct, they DIDN'T.

      The writer is Michael Shanks in his first and so far only full script credit.
      that's fascinating

      it felt like an outsider wrote it, because it didn't seem like it was in the spirit of SG. but it explains why he knows the tropes (ticking clock element, and Daniel connecting with the girl). it's bizarre that, even tho he wrote it, the connection between them didn't seem as believable. Maybe he's just a bad writer xD

      you know.. sometimes when i saw interviews with Daniel i got the sense that he wasn't too happy with the tone of SG, maybe this was his attempt to do SG in his own way, and by "his own way" i mean: ripp off Alien and Silence of the Lambs xD xD

      has he talked about writing that episode in an interview!? i would love a link