I was rather dumbfounded when this came out in 2018. Obviously, I was very enthusiastic about the prospect of more Stargate content and also the casting of Connor Trinneer, but I don't understand why the decision was made to make it a prequel. I was always under the impression that the original Stargate movie, whilst appreciated as the franchise's fundament, isn't quite as beloved as the developments in the TV shows. Still, I shrugged and gave it a fair chance.

The cheap budget didn't necessarily bother me, but the story was quite frankly just terrible. It was the sort of thing you'd find in a cash-in novel read only by the most fervent of fans. If the idea was to introduce new fans to the concept, they failed terribly.
Origins is full of SG-1 references that nobody outside the fandom would understand. The pacing is very bad(whoever suggested that 10-minute episode idea should've been fired) and the Stargate itself isn't given much fanfare at all.

Why not write something that actually represents what the franchise means for people? Maybe we could follow a new character who is introduced to the Stargate program to join an SG-team. It'd be nice to see different dynamics and how other teams handle the crises that comes with the job. That's actually one of the reasons why I like The First Commandment, because we get to see a lot of SG-9, even they do get deranged.

I found the whole disappointing and misjudged, and if anything, it's contributed to the idea that Stargate is passe.