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Could Aset be Tok'ra?

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    Could Aset be Tok'ra?

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but I have not been able to find an answer anywhere. After watching Origins last week, I was left wondering if Aset is Tok'ra?

    It kind of fits, with her trying to start an uprising against Ra (the meaning of Tok'ra). This would also add weight to her brainwashing Catherine to assemble a team and come back to Abydos. As the Tok'ra "share" the hosts' bodies, it could also mean that this could be why the Harsesis was born.

    Admittedly, she does appear a bit too ruthless to be an operative, but then again, that could just be a (necessary) cover so that she is not detected by Ra or those loyal to him (epecially with Serquet serving her).

    Does anyone know if this question has been answered anywhere, or if not, could it be possible that she in fact Tok'ra?

    Aset was more concerned about hiding the child from Ra, than that she was resisting him because she didn't agree with his ruling.

    Her resistance stems from the child being killed for being the offspring of two Goa'uld, rather than from a desire to be against Ra's ruling as supreme leader of the realm.

    As far as brainwashing Catherine goes, while completely left unexplained, I'd say that was a way for the writers of the script to keep SGO in line with Stargate (1994), and the fact that SG-1!Catherine indicated she'd never been off-world before in Torment of Tantalus, which she clearly had done but Aset wiped from her memory.

    Also, for the record, Aset is the Egyptian name for Isis (which is Greek/Roman in origin).
    As we learned in season 4 of SG-1, Isis and Osiris ended up on the bottom of the Atlantic when the ship carrying the artefacts of the expedition in Egypt having located those two jars sank while taking them to America. This occured years before Catherine has her little off-world adventure.

    Thereby going against SG-1's canon, and since Tok'ra is an SG-1 invention, I'd say the chances are slim.
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      It wasn't mentioned on screen, but I read somewhere that one of the Asets (Isis') was supposed to be a clone (and by extension that would mean that Osiris must have been one too), which was obviously introduced purely to fit in with exzisting cannon. I don't remember which one it was, if it was the one in the jar or the one in Origins, nor do I know how it was supposed to have come about, but if it was a clone, then it does not alter the cannon of the one on Earth dying.

      Obviously the brainwashing was also purely to keep with cannon, but in-story she must have had some reason to brainwash Catherine, and given that at that point in time. she could not possibly have expected the Tau'ri to be able to protect the child from Ra in the future, then there must have been some other motivaltion to make humans return to defeat Ra. I got the impression that she had been wanting to rebel against Ra for years, probably longer than the baby had been alive, and that the baby (and the Nazi's arrival) just accelerated things (or rather screwed her plans up). Her wanting Ra dead could just be Goa'uld rivalry, but she seemed to be too benevolent for that.

      The most likely answer is that her wanting Ra killed in the future was just retribution, but I just wondered if there was, or could have been more too it.


        Aset's history is covered in one of the SGC's Mission Files, which are finally accessible to the general public.

        Catherine's "brainwashing" is the only true gripe I have about Origins. To me it fundamentally changed her character. She went from a strong woman, that pushes for the study of the Stargate because of her drive to discover the unknown, to becoming someone that is just mindlessly following a directive.


          Thanks for that link moosman. It certainly explains things a lot more, even if it doesn't entirely explain why she was willing to try to kill him in the first place.

          I pretty much agree with you about the brainwashing. I think just wiping her memory would have been... ok, in as much as being a necessary device to keep in with cannon. However, I would have preferred her memory loss to be accidental somehow, something a bit more orignal, such as some kind of accident with the gate or something.