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    Originally posted by Jay Halstead View Post
    I don't have it downloaded, but I think I may have discovered it somewhere. I won't say where though. That's sort of happened with a couple other US shows, where they have been shown in the UK, but it's more that they're not available on DVD in the UK. Which is very annoying.
    In Belgium... you have to be creative when it comes to most shows.
    Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
    Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1


      In the US at least, it’s on YouTube for free on the YouTube Movies channel.


        A couple years later.... I watched Origins today on Amazon Prime. I thought it was okay, even though it dragged a bit.

        Falcon Horus, I am happy to see that you are still active on the boards.


          If anyone is still interested, it's now streaming on the Roku Channel for free (just checked and you can watch it in your browser with no sign-up required, so owning a Roku device isn't necessary).