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First Three Episodes Reaction Thread (SPOILERS)

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    First Three Episodes Reaction Thread (SPOILERS)

    I have to say I didn't really like it. It looked like it was very low budget, and the dialogue was really bad in my opinion. I feel like there was a sense or feeling of fun to it that was something to like, that probably can overcome all of that.

    But what really bothers me is the complete lack of faithfulness to established continuity. Opening the Stargate and knowing the seventh symbol in the 30s completely destroys what's been established in both the movie and show.

    Another issue I have is that it seems like it's trying to be a nostalgia kind of thing. But I don't know that many Stargate fans at this point have nostalgia for the movie, and parts of this play as this loving tribute to the original movie. I love the movie, but like most Stargate fans, it's the shows that made me a fan. So all that is kind of weird.

    I don't know. Like I said, there's a fun feeling to it that I think I could come to enjoy, but there's a lot bothering me too. I've be interested in hearing more opinions and thoughts on this.


    Thanks for creating a new thread for some general reactions!

    This is just a friendly reminder that, for those who want to discuss the specifics of each episode, we do have official spoilery discussion threads for each episode here:


      Yeah, it felt too much like fanfic to me. The story, even if you can ignore the canon changes, is pretty meh so far. It's decent enough to keep watching though.

      I just wish some other company would buy Stargate from MGM. They keep saying how important the franchise is to them but they never seem to want to commit real resources.

      Oh well, back to my SGU rewatch.


        I for one really enjoyed the first 3 episodes.


          Not a good sign that I find Catherine extremely irritating in this series...


            I really did not enjoy this at all. Canon ruined even though they said it would be canon? The story was beyond average. Honestly I would have preferred a comedy skit with david hewlett as rodney with Richard dean anderson or something.

            Even stargate infinity was more enjoyable to watch than this.

            The actors weren't that bad though the writing could have definitely been better. This whole thing just seems so insulting to why we fell in love with stargate. Regardless I paid for the subscription in hopes this could lead to more stargate but please no more of this.


              I enjoyed the first three episodes. I liked the old Woosh, the old journey through the gate, I liked that they started with the first movie and I liked that they were frozen after stepping through the Gate.

              It was again totally different than the other series but if you think of SGU, it was also totally different and I didn't like it at the beginning.

              I'm going to watch the rest of the season and I hope that this will be the beginning of a new era of Stargate


                Things I liked: Catherine, I thought she was a good character, rebellious and I can certainly see her becoming the character we know from SG-1. The Goauld, she was great, I loved her design. Her friends were great for the limited screen time we've seen them so far. The last scene, when she puts her head through the puddle and that beautiful new travel effect.

                Things I didn't like: The CGI was very bad, the new puddle effect and even gate look unfinished. The script was okay, but I think with the lack of budget and story time was lacking somewhat.

                I will certainly be checking out the season. But I think this isn't really going to guage the interest in further stargate very well. Star Trek Discovery looks beautiful, compared to the 90s series. Stargate Origins looks terrible, compared to 90s SG-1.


                  I think Origins is far more better than Infinity...

                  Infinity has nothing to do with Stargate, with the canon, but Origins tries to be. I, personally, don't get bothered by the Canon, I just enjoy it. Who knows? Maybe at the end of the seasons Catherine rememberes nothing


                    I enjoyed it. Yes it's not the Stargate we all fell in love with, it's loss budget and I think they have done a decent job with what they have.


                      If this was a dedicated fanfilm I'd be saying "what an incredible job they've done! Everyone needs to see this!", but it isn't. It's an official studio supported production. I think they should have did away with the SGC site/app and put that $$ into Origins and released it as a movie on Netflix or Hulu.


                        I still suspect we will see our buddy thor show up, who will use a bit of memory manipulation to make Catherine, an others forget most of these events. Humans will defeat the Go'uld before his intervention, which give him hope that touri in the future can free the galaxy from the Go'uld if allowed to evolve and develop their technology for longer.

                        The primary problem is that the gate, which is suppose to be star of the show is a poor imitation of past stargate. MGM really should have built a real version of this prop for this show instead of going for a rather poor CGI version.
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                          Regardless of how you feel about Origins, the one thing we have to stop doing is saying things, "I would have rather had SGU come back..." or "Why didn't they just do a final movie for one of the existing series?" or "They should have gotten [particular actor] to come back..."

                          The sentiment "Why don't they just finish Atlantis?" is part of the reason why SGU went under, because fans felt cheated and many refused to view SGU for what it was, an engaging though different Stargate series, because they could not get beyond their anger about SGA.

                          Yes, the glory days are wonderful, but if you remember back, one of the big reasons why the SG-1 and SGA movies were scrapped (in addition to the fall-out of the DVD market) is that MGM filed for bankruptcy. We can't just assume that MGM has the power/money/desire to fund a high-budget film or series the way that we enjoyed in the past.

                          We have to be in the here and now ... and the here and now is Origins. That doesn't mean we have to like it, but we have to interact with this mini-series without bringing our preferences and prejudices for the past with us.

                          That being said, I agree that the low-budget aspects stand out. It's unfortunate that in spite of technological advancements, the Stargate and wormhole itself looks a bit crude. The fact that they don't have money for big sets is apparent because most of the camera work focuses on the reactions of the characters instead of showcasing what a particular environment looks like (I'm thinking especially of the first moments on the new planet ... Abydos?). This is the thing that for me makes it feel most like a fan-made film.

                          However, I'm very excited to see where the story is going. Conner Trineer is especially engaging as Dr. Langford, and the new characters are interesting. Right off the back, I'm particularly loving the character of Wassif! I'm glad to see that it's still a lighthearted script - I was wondering if they were going to go for the straight drama of SGU or the pervasive humor of SG-1/SGA, and I'm pleased that they aren't taking themselves too seriously. Many people are comparing the show to Indiana Jones (though literally any show about archaeology in the 1920s/30s would be compared to Indiana Jones), but I sensed more of a return to classic SG-1 in the tone of the script: a bit hokey, a bit stilted, but desirous of quickly establishing relatable characters for the story.

                          I'm also enjoying the spreading of the Stargate mythology to the Nazis. We know that the Nazis discovered the DHD, so the premise of a Nazi scientist searching for alien artifacts was, I think, a good choice for an antagonist given the location and time period. Brücke is a sleezebag and one of the poignant moments that really sticks out in my mind is him harassing Catherine after swearing he wouldn't hurt her. That sequence was played well by both Ellie and Aylam in a way that immediately drives our dislike of Brücke way up and shows Catherine's continued resourcefulness. Though very different contexts, Catherine biting Brücke reminded me of Sam biting Jack in "Within the Serpent's Grasp." Now my head-canon is that Catherine taught Sam to bite in unknown circumstances!

                          So, first SGO impressions? It's not great; it's not terrible; it's just a different series. For all its good and bad, at the end of the third episode, when Catherine steps through the gate, the internal gate ride is what finally made me go, "Yes! Stargate is back!"
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                            Just accepting and continuing to support the current status of Stargate is actually what we shouldn't be doing. Nothing will change if TPTB know they can put out any old drek and people will buy it. Vote with your wallet.

                            If MGM feels they can no longer squeeze any more money out of us, hopefully that leads to a sale to a company with actual vision and finances to see it through.


                              From what i've seen:

                              -there's a strange love for certain canon things (the subtle snow effect, the cold, the details of manual dialing and the fact that once opened, the other side can power it as well). I think we've also seen that Ra necklace before

                              -There's a strange aversion to other Stargate things. the stargate has pretty much always looked like it was made of stone. The Stargate banner at the top of GW shows a blackish-grey stone-texture gate with clear red symbols. This is the stargate. let me rephrase. This is The Stargate. We now know why they chose that look, because the metal one looks fake as hell. Apparently it's a real prop, but it couldn't look faker if they hired a 13-year-old to do a blender render.

                              -I'm still amazed at the fact that people talk actual german in the show.

                              -I'm completely confused why the gate activates so slowly yet deactivates so fast. In the series, locking the gate creates the iconic sound followed instantly by the Kawoosh. Shutting off causes the puddle to glow briefly then dissipate. In SGO, it takes up to 10 seconds between the POO and the Kawoosh. Deactivation happens under a second. All i can think is, why?

                              -Not sure if they used the original footage to make the effect, but the Puddle has never looked more water-y. (the water effect of the stargate was originally made by blasting a jet engine into a pool of water, then removing the water digitally and inserting it into the stargate)

                              -I quite honestly don't understand why the characters do what they do. I like the Nazi Occultist guy the most (not a good sign), since he has clear motives. Catherine seems to be just...there. Her friends help her because... they're friends, that's it. Catherine is insanely antagonistic to the Nazi's even though she's at gunpoint. It's like she wants to be executed for just not being worth it.