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    Daniel Rashid as Kasuf appreciation

    I would just like to say that I think Daniel Rashid's portrayal of Kasuf is a underappreciated gem in Stargate Origins.

    There has been a lot appreciation for Ellie Gall and Connor Trinneer, and rightfully so. I am of the view, however, that Rashid's Kasuf is the standout and that his performance has the most resemblance to the characters in the original movie and SG1.

    Of course, Rashid does physically resemble a young Erick Avari, and the company made a good choice casting him from that perspective, but even his mannerisms and gestures very closely resembles Avari's portrayal of Kasuf.

    I have seen some reviews put him in the same basket as Wasif and Beal for being too silly, but I think this is an unfair criticism. Even in the original Stargate movie, which is clearly the more serious take on Stargate, Kasuf has his own idiosyncrasies and oddities, and I think these same traits come through in Rashid's portrayal of the character.

    Yes, thank you!

    Daniel is awesome as Kasuf.
    He's awesome as himself too but I agree that he did a young Kasuf justice.
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