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Stargate SG-1 Survivor - Season 2

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    Stargate SG-1 Survivor - Season 2

    Welcome back! I'll explain the rules for those who don't already know:

    The idea is, people who want to take part in the game "adopt" an episode from Season 2. Once someone has chosen an episode, no one else can choose it. So a maximum of 22 people can play (though I don't expect even half that )) You can choose any episode you want as long as it isn't already taken; but that episode's popularity will have a big impact...

    Then the game begins: each round there will also be a Stargate related challenge. The person who does the best in the challenge (and therefore their episode) will become immune from being voted out of the game. The person who does the worst or those who do not complete a challenge will automatically risk elimination, alongside one other: a second person chosen by the other players, who can send their votes by PM to me. Then, the Immune player will vote off one of those two, who will be eliminated from the game. A new round begins and we keep going until there is one player and episode left: the survivor.

    In the final round, the eliminated players get to vote for who wins from the two that have survived. However while still in the game, players may choose to vote out a popular episode as they may perceive it as a threat. Therefore it is important to choose your episode carefully.

    Here are the episodes from Season 2:

    The Serpent's Lair - dipsofjazz
    In the Line of Duty - Hathor_girl

    The Gamekeeper - I'm Just Sayin'
    Thor's Chariot - Missster.Freeman
    Message in a Bottle - aintright

    Secrets - the fifth man
    The Tok'ra, part 1 - Snotr
    The Tok'ra, part 2 - CaptJanson
    A Matter of Time - Nikki
    The Fifth Race - Anubis69
    Serpent's Song - Skadi

    One False Step - LoneStar1836
    Show and Tell - warmbeachbrat
    1969 - Naonak

    Out of Mind

    Let the game begin!
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    Stargate SG-1 Survivor - Season 2

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    Getting in early!

    The Fifth Race, please.

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      Originally posted by Anubis69 View Post
      Getting in early!

      The Fifth Race, please.

      I'll go for... 1969.


        A Matter of Time

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          Darn it! Three of my fave episodes have already been chosen!

          So, I choose you, Thor's Chariot!
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            I'll take The Serpent's Lair.



              One False Step

              Okay, I'm not promising I'll be able to participate. Hurricane Ike is headed right for Texas and is supposed to hit sometime late Friday night and we are projected to get strong winds (at least in the tropical range as long as the storm doesn't track farther north) so if you don't hear from me Sat/Sun then I'm without power and so feel free to vote me out.
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                I pick Tok'ra I
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                  I'll play too - Serpent's Song is a good one. I'll take that.
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                    *sigh* some of the best episodes are taken...give me "In the Line of Duty", please?

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                      Hmmm...sounds interesting. I'd like to join Tok'ra II would be nice (of those that are left).
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                        I'd like to play this time....

                        I'll pick The Gamekeeper

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                          My episode choice for Season 2 will be "Secrets".
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                            Good Luck Lonestar, hope Ike stays away.


                              Show and Tell please!

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