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Crossover fun with Photoshop! - a little silly ;)

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    Originally posted by mazzmatazz
    FF, that is FABULOUS!

    And here is your Vorta... at the risk of incurring the wrath of all the jack fans... haha, the Wrath of Fans

    I was thinking Jack would look better as an Officer. Admiral Jack O'Neill has a nice ring to it.

    Btw, great job with the edits Mazz!!


      I got two: EDIT: I added some.

      Ge, I didn't know they had F-16s in Atlantis!

      Look! Its SG-1 in Atlantis! (Ummm, Danil needs a haircut)

      Lookes like Hammond got another promotion!

      It's indpendence day + Stargate!
      Anyone notice the window washer on the phymid? I guess somebody's getting paid overtime.
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        A few I did a while ago:

        "There's not a little boy born who wouldn't tear the world apart to save his mummy... and this little boy can." --The Doctor.
        "The plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces are called Aglets. Their true purpose is sinister."--The Question.
        BAD WOLF!!!


          The lovely Carson as a Talaxian... I'm running out of characters and races I might give Teyla as an Ocampan a go. Perhaps Siler as a Denobian? I bet secretly he has 3 wives



            OK that was cheating

            Capt Jack


              I couldn't resist adding to this. Talaxian Sam.

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                Originally posted by MarshAngel
                I couldn't resist adding to this. Talaxian Sam.

                Oh poor Sam got JAUNDICED!
       : lilferret


                  ok Mazz I have one for you you. How about Oma Dressed as Mary Poppins. Please Please Please!!!!! *gets down on hands and knees* (dont tell my boyfriend)


                    ok I just thought of another, Minijack as something


                      Young Jack blended with Wesly Crusher? *Dodges bricks...*

                      Hmmmm...feel free to kick me out if non-Trekkage isn't welcome, but I had a few crossover pics with other stuff hanging around in the Photobucket...

                      And yes, it sucks, but it was finals week and I was PLANNING to stay off the PS altogether, so I had about 10 minutes to throw something together .

                      And a pic from my former sig...

                      Last one, honest .
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                        John as an oompa loompa!!

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                          Originally posted by yasureubetcha
                          Stargatrix--too, too cool! I'm impressed!

                          I am so blessed! Cherriey made this cool sig; scarimor made this great Dr. Lee smilie and Spudster made another neat one Dr. Lee RULES!

                          Myn's fabulous twilight bark smilie:


                            And don't forget the Babylon 5 aliens and uniforms!

                            Great stuff, everybody. Keep it going. I want moooore!

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                              Keeping with the whole trek thing..


                                Originally posted by McKay's girl
                                John as an oompa loompa!!

                                That's just WRONG!

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