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What happened to the fanfic on (Mor_tru)

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    What happened to the fanfic on (Mor_tru)

    Not sure if this is the place to ask (feel free to point me when you know a better one), but does anyone know what happened to all the Stargate fanfic on I had bookmarked several stories by different authors, but they all seem to have disappeared.

    Currently, I'm specifically looking for stories written by Mor_tru, but so far have only been able to locate two of them, which were also published elsewhere.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Yahoo has since shut down geocities. Unfortunately lots of Stargate fan fiction have disappeared because of websites shutting down, for one reason or another. Usually, I'll try AO3 and see if has been posted there by the author or if the website it was originally posted on archived it there. I don't know if you've tried there or not. I'm a newbie to the fandom, and come up against broken links several times. It's sad, and a little bit frustrating. Nature of Fan Fiction I guess, especially coupled with an older fandom.


      P.S. Welcome to GateWorld.


        This is from (a good place to check for others in addition to what's been suggested):

        There is some on Jack Fic (You'll have to scroll down to Mor_tru. Maybe you'll find others on Jack Fic too.):

        Hopefully it's one of the authors your looking for.

        Feel free to post the other authors and/or stories you get stuck on finding.

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          Thanks for your replies, and for the 'welcome'.

          AO3 carries "The Weight of A Shadow" ( and still has "Senseless In The Arms of An Angel" (, but those seem to be the only ones still around.

 indeed lists most of his stories, but they all link to geocities. :-(

          This site also used to have a story called 'A Place Where Christmas Didn't Belong' (I bookmarked it as, but that link no longer works either.

          I didn't know about AO3. I may still have downloads of a few of his stories on an old laptop. If it still works and the stories are still there, would I be breaking copyright rules if I uploaded them to AO3? I tried contacting Mor_tru, but the two e-mail addresses I found are no longer in use, so I cannot ask his permission.

          It is indeed sad and frustrating to see fine stories obliviated.
          It also is heartwarming to see that others attempt to save what they can.


            Send the explanation above (that you tried to contact him, and that the websites are gone) to AO3 and ask if they can post the stories. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can't. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

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