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    Originally posted by mishy_mo View Post
    This has sparked an idea but I don't think it completely matches the brief. It's got a shippy (J/S) twist. I'll post a link when it's ready!
    Cool. I've already read some of your stargate stories.It's fine if it doesn't match the challenge completely, like I said bonus points for Jack having/getting superpowers. Mostly because I find the idea of Jack O'Neill with superpowers more then a little funny.


      One of the Ori does something beyond stupid and messes with the Timeline in such a way that the Ascended Ancients have to find a way to fix the mistakes before the entire universe collapses, how do they do that? They cause General Jack O'Neill to start reliving events of his past. Starting with Sam saying they could just leave it in the room. How will Jack change things? Will the Ancients allow him to make changes or will they force him to relive events the same way he remembers them? Can he save some of the people that were lost the first time round? Or will he be forced to watch friends die again? Why did the Ancients pick him to live in this groundhog days take two?


        Gah. I'm having far to many Plot Bunnies pop into my head. Here is another. Have fun.

        (set between season 3 and before season 8 can be completely AU or just partly) A peice of alien technology gives Jack massive bird wings and lets him fly around with them. Problem is he can't hide them nor get rid of them. At first they don't know that the wings are technology. But there are so many little gadgets in Sam's lab Jack has touched nearlly all of them, so which one gave him the wings and how do they get rid of the wings? The wings seem to be organic untill they are proven to be some sort of nano metal, how are they proven to be nano metal? How does Jack learn to use them? What does Jack do with them? Is Jack the only one able to use the technology or can anyone use it? If Jack is the only one that can use the wings, does he keep them or does something happen to them or are they given to NID or Area 51 to study?

        Small edit, sorry for that.


          Originally posted by Eldritch View Post
          You know, I always thought it would be cool to have seen an episode where SG1 disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and after a reasonable length of time Hammond was ordered to give up the search and resume normal SG operations. So he takes a leave of absence, and gets with Jacob and Bratac to locate and rescue SG1. A one off story with just the three 'old guys'.
          I was just browsing this thread when I noticed your post.

          Not sure if you or anyone cares since your post dates back to 2012 but... there is a fun, well-written fic out there called "Gate Cowboys" featuring that basic premise (Hammond, Jacob and Bratac have to go off world & rescue SG-1):


            This one is just for lols. Jack dreams he is Corvo Attano (yes I know that Dishonored came out in 2012 way after the last Stargate episode. Just say it came out way sooner if you actually include the game) he can be in a coma or just a normal dream doesn't matter. How would Jack make use of Corvo's powers from the Outsider? (Or you can use Daud's or Emily's powers from Dishonored 2) Now answer another question, was it really a dream or was it a past life? (*cough* Ancient *cough* XD ) Basically this is meant to be a fun romp combining Stargate and Dishonored in some fashion.


              So I think most SG-1 fans would agree that the show's use of the Arthurian legend in season 9 and 10 wasn't one of its strong points. The blending of the original legends with the show's own mythology was rather superficial and left a whole bunch of plot holes.

              Still, given that there are tons of stories and myths associated with not only King Arthur but his knights too, I think there are actually some interesting tales that can be weaved into SG-1 fanfics.

              For example, the Vulgate Cycle has Galahad and a bunch of other knights questing for the Grail when they come across a mysterious self-piloting ship. The CliffsNotes version of the myth can be found here, here and here, but the gist of it is:
              • The enchanted ship was built by King Solomon and incorporated in its construction wood from the Garden of Eden itself.
              • Only those with complete faith in God can enter the vessel.
              • Onboard the ship is a magic sword capable of laying waste to whole kingdoms... with the caveat that anyone "unworthy" using it will be punished by divine powers.

              Since in the SG-verse the Knights of the Round Table had contact with the Ancients and their grail-quest took them across different planets, it could be that "King Solomon's vessel" is actually a Lantean spaceship. It's controlled by an A.I., thus operates without a crew as-per the legend. All those warnings about "only those of faith/those who are worthy can enter" might mean it has ATA sensors or perhaps active measures against those controlled by Goa'uld/Ori. And the "magic sword" is obviously a Big Honking Spacegun.

              I'd think a fic where S.G.C. finds such a ship and uses it to break an Ori siege of Earth or something would be an interesting read.


                A bit of a rewrite with the fourth season.

                Elizabeth Weir was able to escape from the Replicators. After freezing and tricking Oberoth, she was also able to kill him (in similar fashion she killed that one Replicator in "Ghost in the Machine"). After returning to Atlantis, she, and other personnel are questioned severely about whether Weir can be trusted to still head the Atlantis Expedition. Ultimately, with the support of her comrades, she is put in command, though Sheppard and Rodney are commanded to keep watch on her for any strange behavior she may display. Also, while the nanites are keeping her alive, while she is not in proximity of the other Replicators, she is unable to access the Replicator abilities, and she has no connection with them.

                So like one "episode" could be where she begins acting very strange and out of character, causing others to be concerned (could be justified, or she could be acting strange for a personal reason). Just the lingering concern from both Weir and the team, wondering if her mind is still her's.


                  Several years ago I tried to write my own fanfic, I was a teenager with no experience with writing and I never actually finish it. Even though my version is not good, I think that whole story has good potential for an experienced writer. I kind of feel nostalgic and sad that it was never published.

                  The whole idea is set in AU (or more precisely in future of SG-1 TV show) with no characters from TV. It supposes to be written like SG-1, every chapter has its own story. So it could be a very big project. I have a basic idea about the situation in the galaxy, several characters and story for few chapters with some ideas for future. I would not want to limit author imagination, I would just like if you would keep some of my characters the way I make them. And maybe discuss ideas with me or let me beta read the story.

                  I don't want to reveal the whole story publicly. If there is someone who is interested, I would tell him/her more. But goa'ulds are back, SGC is still secret and exploring new planets - like old times.


                    Originally posted by Flu View Post
                    I don't want to reveal the whole story publicly. If there is someone who is interested, I would tell him/her more.
                    I'd be up for learning more about your idea. Feel free to PM me.


                      Originally posted by incognito View Post
                      I'd be up for learning more about your idea. Feel free to PM me.
                      Hi. I don't have permissions to send PM, my profile here is new. If you give me your e-mail address, I will send you more info.


                        Originally posted by Thek View Post
                        I wanted to write this plot bunny, but its been sitting idle in my head for about three months now.

                        Okay the plot bunny went like this, the SGA team are exploring a planet when they run into a Wraith child, whose caretaker is a female human that looks around 50 or so. However, she is actually only 25, has been willingly feeding the child Wraith for a few years now, and has developed a maternal relationship with the kid as well.

                        And the entire story was to evolve around the moral issues concerning what to do with the Wraith child, the opposing veiws that would arise, explore the idea that the Wraith aren't actually evil, but are just living creatures that want to live, and a team developing fic.

                        However, I could never get the idea to evolve with in character characters.
                        I know this is from page one and there's about a dozen other pages or so, but I've been considering something like this for a long time. I never figured out how to put it in my fic, which is all about defining cultural and personal identity and what makes someone a person (the answer isn't DNA).

                        Originally posted by Rail'k View Post
                        Here are some ideas that i am using in my fan fics

                        B)An asasination attempt
                        I'm doing this one. In fact, multiple attempts (get back here, character!)
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                        Price for Pain What do you mean violence isn't the answer?

                        Burn It All Away Blood moves the heavens. Fire purifies the land. Legends change worlds. Destiny burns.

                        Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Fiat justitia et pereat mundus. Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

                        All are PG-13, each with a single act of rated R violence. Adults situations and other, tamer violence.

                        Ficta voluptatis causa sint proxima veris

                        I'm creating a fan comic and I want input from as many fans as possible. Please PM me if you want the discord link. You can also chat, show off your own creations, and rp.


                          I'm starting to ponder if I should write a totally non-canon fanfiction about a deascended Ancient in modern times. Discovering evidence that the Ancients are somehow descended from modern humans an example is that he discovers same Neanderthals DNA in modern human and a Ancients/Lantean population.

                          For some context my totally non-canon headcanon is that the Alterans are descended from time traveling humans from earth back in time some + 50 millions of years ago across the galaxies.