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    Hi everyone. I would like to post here link for my Jack/Sam stories. I have started to write not so long time ago and have written 2 stories until now. Maybe somebody would be curious and would like to read it. Both of them are shippers stories but also people who are not shippers may like it. Maybe Feel free to write me a question or just a comment. I always really appreciate it

    You can find them in AO3 as well in FFN




      Originally posted by AgentKalGibbs View Post
      I'm interested in reading this, but it's not available on the WBM :/ Does anyone have it saved and be willing to email it to me?
      Did you get sorted with this fic? I have a copy saved if you still want to read it.


        Rachel500 has posted a follow-up to Theoretically Possible called, Practical Demonstrations.

        In Theoretically Possible, Captain Jack O'Neill of the Federation starship Cheyenne swaps places with Gen. O'Neill of Homeworld Command one Thanksgiving. The follow-up has Col. Carter giving relationship advice to Lieutenant Commander Carter of the Cheyenne.
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        No Sam w/o a Jack and no Jack w/o a Sam.
        It's like and immutable law of the multiverse.


          Hi everybody. I wrote a new Sam/Jack fic. I have to warn those who would like to read it. The rating is E because of the smut part. It is the first chapter of 3. I hope you will like it

          I post here both AO3 and FFN links: