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    Originally posted by AVFan View Post

    Yeah, SGU emoticons would be awesome. I'm thinking one like this:

    except it has Eli, holding up a sign that says "Math Boy", and an SGU gate, and no DHD.

    Or, Eli as a superhero, holding sign that says math boy.

    at the thought of Rush as an emoticon.
    If there's going to be a Rush emoticon it must do the eye thing.


      i ahve to wait till tommoarow to watch the lates SGU episode which is currently on
      Continuing Stargate

      Stargate Universal Sin

      Stargate Dark Frontier

      Uttara Kuru- Afterimage (proper theme for stargate)


        while we ait for s09, hows about a quick discussion on SGU's Water?

        So stat off with what I thought was obvious. Lure the sand creature with water. Duh. now it has all the water it wants. I liked that they brought it back though.

        Spencer stealing. lame. We knew it was happening, but its good to get it out in the open. I do like that young let him go.

        Chloe and scott. Really lame. It was not done well. I thought the others up to this point were fine, but scott showed a real lack of leadership by turning off his radio. Eventually someone will die or something cuz of it.

        I rad a review that said the whole shoot first ask questions later mentality was not good in the episode. I thought it fit perfectly. Since "none of these are the right people" it actually worked. They are scared and desperate to preserve their supplies, so they want to eliminate the threat.

        Overall, not the best. The FX were cool and I liked the off world stuff, plus seeing the wormhole (which is whitish) was neat.

        5/10 *'s

        Cool. join the discussion. I put it in spoilers b/c someone said they hadn't seen it yet.
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          About the Chloe/Scott thing, I think maybe that might be the point. I think that eventually someone will get killed because of his neglect, and he'll have to live with it. Besides, his character description do say that he's not ready for the responsibility of leadership.


            Originally posted by Link Æwondåslåmon View Post
            About the Chloe/Scott thing, I think maybe that might be the point. I think that eventually someone will get killed because of his neglect, and he'll have to live with it. Besides, his character description do say that he's not ready for the responsibility of leadership.
            For somebody who wanted to be a priest, Scott sure likes the ladies.

            On a side note, I did sort of hope they would keep the alien around, as a part of the crew, would have been interesting.


              he was meant to become a priest, but as we got showed, he's not cut out for such a job.

              he is somebody who enjoys love and the company of women. so what? he's good looking and all, i won't blame him


                Originally posted by thekillman View Post
                he was meant to become a priest, but as we got showed, he's not cut out for such a job.

                he is somebody who enjoys love and the company of women. so what? he's good looking and all, i won't blame him
                Didn't say I did either.

                Just seemed a tad humorous.


                  16x02 "Believers"
                  Synopsis: A mission to a deeply-religious and deeply-divided human world threatens to spark a major conflict when it's revealed that both of the planet's kingdoms worship different versions Vala Mal Doran.
                  In the new O'Neill Stargate Terminal on Earth, Vala and Major Eaton are in the women's ready room, suiting up for another mission. While she pulls on a new shirt, Rebbecca asks her teammate what it was like living out in the rest of the galaxy, back in the days before the System Lords were toppled. After all, that was an entirely different culture, where people had to live in constant fear of their alien overlords, and she, being posted in the relatively safety of the Beta Site for so many years, really has no idea how it would have been.

                  Pausing for a moment, Vala looks up, a strange look in her eyes. Shaking her head, she says that she couldn't tell anyone what the average life of a free woman was like during that time period, as she went from being the vessel of a vile Goa'uld to someone forced into a smuggler's life to survive. She went on lying and manipulating people just to get through the day, and in retrospect, she sometimes wonders what a life she could have had had she not been taken as a host that fateful day. But then she reminds herself that it was that combination of events, horrible as they may have been, that led her to hijack the X-303 Prometheus on its journey towards the Pegasus Galaxy, and she's not sure she'd trade anything for the life she has now, as a member of SG-1.

                  After they've gotten ready, the two women head to the gate room, where they find Mitchell and Daniel already waiting for them. From the control room, Talbot asks what took them so long to get assembled, and Vala replies that she and Eaton were just having a little chat between girls, prompting the men on the team to give them rather-confused looks. Deciding it isn't really that important, though, Mitchell waves his hand to signal they're ready to go, and the stargate is dialed up for their newest destination, P7X-823. When the wormhole connects a few seconds later, Cameron turns to the others asks if everything's okay before they go. Vala assures him that everything's fine, and without anything else to ask, the group marches into the gate.

                  A few seconds later, they emerge from the puddle of the stargate on P7X-823, finding it a cold day here, with snow drifting down from above and blanketing everything in sight. Walking over and wiping some of it off the M.A.L.P.'s instruments, Daniel mutters that now they know why their mobile camera wasn't picking up anything. Being the first contact team here, they don't really know what to expect, but Mitchell decides to head out from the gate and see what they can find further on. It looks like there's a path up ahead through the forest, and they head out that way. As they make their way along the winding trail, Eaton notes that she can scarcely remember a time they arrived on an alien planet and found something other than near-perfect weather, and that it's a really beautiful sight to see an untouched landscape like this covered in white. Nodding in agreement, the rest of the team continues on in relative silence for the rest of their trek, simply appreciating the scenery.

                  But the silence is broken as they near the end of the forest, and there's a sudden crack that echoes among the trees, startling the human explorers. Mitchell raises his weapon and tells the others to follow him with their own guns at the ready, and SG-1 dashes past the final few dozen meters of woods to emerge on a small cliff overlooking a valley, where a rather astonishing sight awaits; a massive battle is raging below, with what look like System Lord-era Jaffa on one side and Ori crusaders on another. Watching in disbelief, Daniel asks if maybe they hit a solar flare on the way here and ended up a few years back during the last war, but Vala doesn't think that's the case. Either way, the time for talking is over, as they've already been spotted by the two sides, and gold and blue plasma blasts start whizzing by them immediately.

                  Mitchell yanks Vala back just in time to avoid her being hit by an inbound burst, and he shouts that maybe they should make a run for the gate and get out of here for a while until things cool down. Daniel, for once, doesn't argue in favor of staying to try and arbitrate an end to the fighting, and he gladly agrees to abandon the mission for now. The team breaks their position on the top of the ridge and starts back to the forest, only to find soldiers on both sides emerging, holding their weapons high and shouting for SG-1 to identify themselves or face immediate and very fatal consequences. At the same time, though, the two groups keep their eyes on one another, and, as Eaton mutters to her teammates, it looks like all it would take is one dirty look to get them into a renewed shooting match, offworld strangers present or not.

                  Stepping forward hesitantly, Mitchell introduces himself and expresses his desire for a nonviolent meeting between their two worlds, swallowing his usual need for cynicism and sarcasm in the face of so many staff weapons. When the warriors don't seem to take much stock in what he had to say, however, Vala throws up her arms and says that this isn't a proper way to get to know on another, and promptly begins rattling off a series of rather strange facts about her life, awkwardly hoping to relieve some tension to avoid a shootout she knows SG-1 would probably lose. Daniel goes to shut her up before she makes a fool of herself, but, quite suddenly, one of the warriors on the side of those wearing Jaffa armor begins shouting in Goa'uld, and his companions immediately wave their staffs threateningly in Jackson's direction. Taken aback, the archaeologist quickly lets go of his teammate, and Cameron, more than a little confused, asks Vala to translate whatever it is their screaming. She starts to say that she can't tell over all the shouting, and then the whole affair takes yet another turn for the strange, when the Ori-aligned warriors likewise begin yelling incoherently, this time in Ancient.

                  Growing very confused now, Eaton turns to Mitchell and says that she has no idea what's going on here, a sentiment the Lt. Colonel is quick to echo. They both look to their two other teammates, frantically trying to catch snippets of the shouting and translate it into something useful, but nether Daniel nor Vala can hear enough to make out a full description of what's going on. That is, until one of the Ori warriors steps toward SG-1 and grabs Vala's arm, an action which results in the instant return to hostilities, and the opposing group of warriors fill him with plasma faster than anyone can blink. And now that the first shot has been fired, the two groups are already back to knocking one another out left and right, prompting Mitchell to declare that this party's getting a bit too out of control for his liking, and he tells his team to pack up and prepare to evacuate back to Earth.

                  The four of them dart behind a few battling warriors and make for the forest at a dead run, but some of the natives notice them leaving and take action at once; one of the Jaffa-looking men pulls out a zat and stuns Daniel, and one of the crusader-appearing women uses her gauntlet to knock out Mitchell and Eaton. Realizing that she really has no chance of getting out of this lone, Vala gingerly comes to a stop and turns around, her P90 held above her head and a forced smile on her face, staring down the approaching warriors and muttering that this is just her kind of luck.

                  A few hours later, Rebbecca is slowly coming to, and when she sees a still-blurry face a few inches away tell her that it's about time she's waking up, she instinctively punches out, knocking Mitchell back into his rear. Letting out a yell of surprise, her CO shouts that he can't believe she actually just hit him, and Eaton, wincing, apologizes. Looking around and seeing nothing but three stone walls and a metal grate keeping them inside, she asks Daniel, standing nearby, where they are. But Jackson has no more of an idea than she does, and he just shrugs, guessing that their captors will be back sooner or later to deal with them. Until then, they'll just have to sit tight... and try not to kill one another in the process.

                  Outside the jail building, Vala is staring at what looks like something straight out of the Demilitarized Zone in Korea; a settlement stretches for a mile or so in both directions, but right down the middle, they're completely different. On one side, the buildings have all been constructed in a Gothic style, reminiscent of the Medieval Christian architecture so loved by the Ori. On the other side, everything has been designed with the typical Goa'uld love of bright yellows and bronzes, taking quite a bit from late Egyptian patterns. And facing one another on their respective sides are hundreds of patrolling soldiers, looking as ready as ever to shoot their adversaries should they dare try and cross the lifeless patch of dirt between them.

                  For now, though, the Ori crusaders are keeping Vala on their side of the settlement, claiming that they are doing everything they can to defend her from their "infidel" brothers. One of the crusaders in particular, a fierce-looking woman named Reya, is sitting nearby, sharpening the spikes at the end of her staff weapon and eying her "guest" with a mixed look of suspicion and regard. At length, she puts down her tools and walks over, inclining her head in reverence before apologizing for the firefight she and her companions walked into earlier. Vala insists that it wasn't anything more than they're used to encountering, but she rather-sardonically asks if it was completely necessary to stun the rest of her team. Frowning, Reya admits that were she there, her troops would not have done that, but given that she is needed here to prevent check the enemy at all times, she does not always have complete control of her forces.

                  Curious, Vala asks what the cause of all this insanity is, and at that, Reya stares at her as if the answer is obvious. Not understanding why she's receiving such a strange look, Vala laughs nervously and repeats the question, asking if she's missing something. Frowning, Reya says that she can't believe Vala would really forget this quickly, and slowly, the former smuggler's eyes widen in disbelief as she realizes.

                  Meanwhile, the rest of the team is still cooling their heels in their cell when a visibly-shaken Vala suddenly comes barreling down the hallway, brushing past two crusader guards and a ring of keys in hand and frantically trying to open the lock to free her friends. Surprised to see her walking around so freely and uninhibited by the soldiers, Mitchell asks what in Hell is going on here, but Vala just yanks the cell grate open and says that they're leaving. Now. Regardless of what their orders are, she's decided that they are heading back to the stargate and going home immediately, and when Camera tries to say otherwise, she shouts that she just can't be on this planet anymore. At last, Daniel grabs ahold of his friend and asks what in the world's going on, and Vala drops the revelation that has so terrorized her; this is the planet where her enslavement to Qetesh ended, and all the horrors these people have endured is her fault alone.

                  (Beginning of "Believers," see next two posts for more.)
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                    (More of "Believers," see previous post for beginning and next post for end.)

                    As she leads the others out of the jail and into the courtyard of the Origin followers' encampment, Vala elaborates on the situation while Mitchell gawks at a massive stone statue of her nearby. This planet was once peaceful, and it's all thanks to her that that's no longer the case. Qetesh chose it to be the seat of her throne, and as such the native humans suffered heavily under her. When the Tok'ra incited a rebellion in the western kingdom, the humans rose up there and attacked the palace that once stood here, in the valley between the two great nations, overrunning the Jaffa garrison, burning it to the ground, and dragging Qetesh out before her slaves for extraction. Needless to say, it was the most-terrifying moment of Vala's life, but she thought that, at last, this world would be able to knit itself back together.

                    She was, of course, wrong. While the western kingdom (called Pieta) celebrated its newfound freedom, the army of the eastern kingdom (known as Medicia arrived just in time to see their "god" under siege by their brothers and sisters. Enraged, they sent word back to their leaders of this heresy and attacked, and that has been the situation for a decade and a half, with the two nations locked in a state of barely controlled all-out war, a conflict only made worse a few years ago during the Ori Crusade. According to Reya, a Prior arrived shortly after the incident on Kalana ("Beachhead"), and upon learning that one of the planet's kingdoms had overthrown its Goa'uld master, subsequently set out to convert it to Origin. The people were sick of years of futile combat, and gladly bought into the belief that the gods had not abandoned them after all, trading their hardened principles of freedom and liberty for prostration and alien technology capable of turning the tide in their favor. And two year after that, when Adria herself visited, the Pietans were assured of the justness of their cause.

                    Of course, they were shocked when the Orici informed them that her mother was the former Goa'uld host they themselves had deposed, and taking that as a sign of Vala's divinity, they pledged themselves to cleansing their world in the name of the "Blessed Mother." Adria left soon after, blissfully aware of the bloodbath erupting behind her as she departed to lead her own war. Any chance at peaceful resolution had vanished within a matter of days, but at length, the Medici, knowing that Ori weapons made their enemies all but invincible, finally stalled long enough to push through a ceasefire. This settlement along their mutual border was built as a place of diplomacy to hopefully reunite their planet, but the last few months have seen steady re-escalation, until today when the two sides clashed once more.

                    A little stunned by this incredible tale, Daniel reminds Vala that this is hardly her fault, given that it was Qetesh that did this, not her, but she refuses to pass the blame. Whatever the case, she just needs to get away from here; if the ISGC wants to explore so badly, they can send SG-2, but she can't stay on this planet and watch the carnage that her hands and her voice created. Mitchell, for once, doesn't argue with her, and given that these people just shot and locked them up, he has no problem telling Talbot another SG team can handle this one.

                    Pulling her friend aside, though, Eaton points out that Vala was going on and on earlier about how incredible it was to be free of all the illusions and trappings of Qetesh; shouldn't she want to spread that freedom to these people? Their indoctrination by the Goa'uld has poisoned their planet so much that they're literally tearing one anther apart, and here they have a real chance to fix it. Rebbecca just wants to know if they can really just walk away from this, considering their mandate is to procure good relations for Earth as well as advanced technology. Looking beaten, Vala admits she wants to see these kingdoms to stop their war, but honestly, she can't be the one to do it. Being here brings back so many horrible memories, and it's simply too much for her. Eaton doesn't let up, though, and finally, Vala agrees to stick around for a bit, if only to try and ease away some of the pain.

                    Just then, Reya and a group of crusaders approach, and the female leader apologizes to Mitchell for rendering them all unconscious and stripping them of their gear. Her men hand back their P90s, combat vests, and other equipment, and she says that they are free to leave at any time, though returning to the stargate will require skirting the edge of Medici territory, as the portal sits directly on the boundary line between the two nations, just as this diplomatic outpost does. But Mitchell, glancing glumly at the two women under his command, informs Reya that they've decided to stay for a while, if that's alright. Interested, she replies that of course it's okay, but warns them that she cannot guarantee their or the Blessed Mother's protection should they cross over to the Medici side. With that, Reya and her warriors bow to Vala and depart for their posts. Watching, Daniel commenting that this whole Mal Doran worship thing is going to get very old, very fast, to which Cameron mutters that this isn't the first time they've had to endure her god-complex ("The Ties That Bind").

                    A few minutes later, the team crosses the no man's land to the Goa'uld-worshiping side of the settlement, and Vala is immediately swarmed by devout warriors trumpeting the return of their "god." Daniel does his best to hold them back, but it is only when a much larger warrior arrives that the others all back off. Striding confidently up to Vala, he gets down on one knee, pulling off his Jaffa-style helmet to reveal a rather good-looking older human who introduces himself as Zod, the commander of the Medici garrison here. It has been sometime since he saw his lord Qetesh, and he remarks that he is most-pleased that the crusader savages did not kill her, as his people had feared. Cradling his weapon protectively, Mitchell awkwardly says that Vala isn't Qetesh, and starts to explain that their "god" was nothing more than a parasitic alien that had lived inside her body for years. Daniel, however, tactfully cuts him off before he throws the rather large gathering of staff-weapon-wielding warriors into a frenzy, and instead asks Zod if they can poke around the settlement, escorting Qetesh around her old dominion. He immediately gives them all the time they need, though insists that an honor guard of his finest men follow them around the encampment, to defend them from any possible crusader madness.

                    As they push their way through the throng of people come to get a glimpse of Vala, Mitchell asks Jackson what he's trying to do here, telling them that their teammate is still a goddess. Daniel just shrugs, saying that they need a good way to move around without anyone impeding them, and what better way than to continue the masquerade. For someone who's spent most of his life convincing people that believing in aliens posing as deities is wrong, this is something of a turnaround, but no one can argue that, at least on this side of the settlement, the lie will serve them better than the truth.

                    They start to break away from the main group of warriors, but almost at once, there's another problem; civilians begin running up, baskets of trinkets and food in hand, and dropping in reverence at Vala's feet, creating a human wall between SG-1 and the rest of the garrison. They grovel for a good thirty seconds or so before Mitchell finally shoves them aside, muttering that this is getting ridiculous, only to be shoved back by one of the warriors, who tells him to show respect when in the presence of Qetesh. Flushing red, Vala says that's really not necessary, but the warrior is already swinging out to punch Cameron, who ducks just in time to avoid being knocked clear across the plaza. Another of the warriors quickly joins in, this time letting a kick loose at Eaton, but the New Zealander catches the leg and expertly yanks the man off his feet. Before anyone can tell what's really happened, a full-fledged frenzy has erupted, with the team right in the middle, and Vala shouts for everyone to stop immediately.

                    Surprisingly, all the warriors freeze instantly, but the scene has apparently unleashed another problem; Reya's promise to be watching from her side of the settlement kicks in at just the wrong time, and blue plasma blasts suddenly begin whizzing into the Goa'uld-styled section of the outpost, slamming into nearby buildings and knocking down the people standing closest to the no man's land. Under his breath, Mitchell complains that this has to be the most-insane planet they've ever visited, and he and the rest of the team scramble under the cover of a nearby fountain, hiding behind it as over two dozen crusaders line up on the border of their encampment to blast away at their adversaries. The Jaffa wannabes aren't giving up that easily, however, and they soon reorganize and start firing back, shouting that this assault on Qetesh will not be tolerated as the crusaders holler to send the Blessed Mother back or face destruction.

                    Deciding that enough is enough, Vala stands up to tell everyone to calm down, then dives back behind the fountain as a few stray plasma bursts whiz past her head. Daniel sarcastically notes that that was a brilliant idea, and Vala shoots him a poisonous look in reply. Ducking down a little more when a part of the fountain explodes next to her, Eaton tells the two of them to quit the flirting and focus; they need to do something, or there isn't going to be much cover left to hide behind in a minute or two. Agreeing, Mitchell pulls out a grenade and pulls the pin, looking it over nonchalantly. When the other three members of his team start screaming at him to get rid of it, he rolls his eyes and says they all worry too much, then stands and lobs it into the no man's land. A second later, a moderate explosion blossoms where it fell, startling both sides of the fighting into temporary silence.

                    Seizing the opening, Daniel shoves Vala out into the open, and for a long moment, she stands there awkwardly, aware that all eyes are upon her. At length, she raises a hand and waves, causing Jackson and Mitchell to smack their foreheads in dismay. Thankfully, however, she manages to get back on track, and shouts that this has to stop, for the sake of both kingdoms. Looking at Zod and his men, she says that Qetesh no longer approves of slaughter in her name, and turning to Reya and her crusaders, she reminds them that the Book of Origin says that accepting differences in others is part of the path to enlightenment. Smiling, she claps her hands together and asks if they can all just be friends now, hoping that maybe, this once, things will be this easy.

                    And, of course, they never are. One of the Goa'uld-worshipers shouts that they will never give in, and takes advantage of the lull to get off a shot at Reya, who notices the golden burst headed toward her to late to get out of its way. Raising her staff defensively, she prepares to take the hit, but one of her crusaders leaps up, sacrificing himself for his commander, and is thrown back into a nearby building by the force of the blast. Staring in shock at the dead body of her soldier, Reya grabs his weapon in her off hand and points them both toward the other side of the settlement, shouting that in the name of the Ori, this will end once and for all... in death. There will be no peace between the two nations, not now and not ever, and this war will not end until one of them is no more. Surrender is not an option.
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                      (End of "Believers," see previous two posts for beginning.)

                      A short time later, SG-1 is trudging back to the stargate, depressed and disappointed that they could not solve this planet's dilemma. Vala looks especially devastated, muttering that this is all her fault, and Rebbecca does her best to cheer her up, reminding her that tonight is the weekly ISGC girls night out. Sighing, Mitchell walks up the the DHD and starts punching in the symbols for home, glancing back at the two women and admitting to Daniel that he really would have liked to see this mission end better, if only to give Vala some closure and peace of mind. As he activates the gate, Jackson says that sometimes there's just nothing they can do, and much as he hates to admit it, this is one of those times. Mitchell punches in their IDC and steps through the wormhole, followed by Daniel and Eaton, but Vala lingers behind for a moment, staring back in the direction of the two garrisons longingly, before shaking her head and turning toward the puddle.

                      Just before she can step through, though, she hears a shut behind her, and she turns to see one of the crusaders running toward her, telling to wait. Over the radio, Mitchell asks if there's a reason she hasn't arrived yet, but she clicks hers off and asks the approaching warrior what's wrong. The woman breathlessly replies that Zod and Reya have decided to settle their issue with a duel to the death, and someone has to step in and stop them before this all goes horribly wrong. Muttering that it's already gone horribly wrong anyway, Vala turns her radio back on and tells Mitchell that she has something to do, then lets the wormhole fizzle out and tells the crusader that they're going to stop this, somehow. With no time to lose, they set off at a dead run for the settlement.

                      Meanwhile, a massive crowd has assembled around the no man's land, clearly divided by affiliation with all the crusaders on one side and the Qetesh-worshipers on the other. In the middle of the throng, Reya and Zod pace around in a large circle, the former still carrying two Ori staff weapons and the latter armed with a Goa'uld staff weapon and a Jaffa combat knife. They glare at one another angrily, daring each other to make the first move and set off the deathmatch, and the people on both sides begin shouting insults in Ancient and Goa'uld (respectively), hoping to enrage the others. Twirling one of her staffs around in her hand, Reya quotes a passage from the Book of Origin dealing with the impudence of those who refuse to believe, to which Zod replies that he isn't frightened by her book of lies. Then he takes a stronger grip on his weapon and turns, motioning at his opponent to make the first move.

                      Happy to oblige, Reya leaps forward and smashing one of her staffs down, Zod barely able to sidestep the attack and counter with a jab of his own. He ties up one of his foe's weapons and strikes in with his knife, but Reya bends over just in time, letting it sail over her head harmlessly while she whacks his head with her second staff. Reeling from the blow, Zod pulls back and takes aim, then starts blasting away with the firing end of his weapon, but only manages to kick up the dirt around Reya. Returning fire, the crusader commander keeps her quarry pinned between two lanes of plasma, bringing the heads of her staffs closer and closer together to trap him between them. But Zod is determined not to be trapped like this, and he dives to the ground and rolls away, aiming his own staff as best he can and shooting off the blasting end of one of Reya's own.

                      Glancing in awe at her now-useless second staff, Reya throws it at Zod's position, but he's already moving in the opposite direction, pulling himself up a split-second ahead of the incoming pike. In retaliation, he hurls his knife at the crusader, and in the instant she's forced to bring up her staff in defense, he lunges in with his own, knocking Reya off-balance before sweeping her legs out from under her. He raises his weapon up above his head and prepares to impale his opponent on it, but hesitates when Vala shouts for them to stop, newly arrived on the sidelines. Not moving, he looks up to see the woman he believes is a goddess parting the crowd and standing a few dozen meters away, pleading to end this brawl and live alongside one another, and he honestly seems to consider heeding the wisdom of his "master."

                      Reya, however, has other ideas. Caught up in the moment, she grabs her staff and slices its blade end across Zod's chest, leaving a deep gash and pushing him back several feet. Retreating to the other side of the field, he clutches at his wound and glares savagely at the now-standing Reya, unbelieving that she would strike him like that. Grinning, the crusader assures a despairing Vala not to worry, and that the Ori shall have their victory momentarily. She brings her staff up to firing position just as Zod does the same, taking aim and relishing the chance to end this feud once and for all, bringing peace and prosperity back to her people...

                      ...and then fires, seeing a moment too late that Vala is sprinting between the two warriors, shouting not to do this. She reaches the middle of the field just as the plasma blasts do, and takes one in the chest and back simultaneously. Standing there, she glances down at the gashes and gasps, not quite sure what to say, before collapsing, and the crowd of stunned onlookers rush forward to gather around their patron goddess/saint. For their part, Reya and Zod simply stand there, shocked at what has transpired, and slowly drop their staffs and join the crowd, desperate to save the deity they have dedicated their lives to serving.

                      A short time later, the rest of SG-1, having come back to the planet after Vala ran off, is standing in a small chamber on the "Jaffa" side of the garrison settlement. All of them have looks of anticipation and worry in their eyes, and several members of each kingdom guard the door, trusting one another for the first time in years in light of their mutual loss. Turning to one of the crusaders, Daniel asks how long until they "know," to which the warrior replies that "it" should be done in just a few seconds, and the camera pans to reveal that the team is huddled around a Goa'uld sarcophagus. After a moment, the device ceases glowing, and the top portion splits apart to allow a very-disoriented Vala to sit up tiredly, wondering what's going on. Glad to see her but unable to entirely help himself, Mitchell asks if she met God while she was technically dead, then jokes that he supposes she'd just be meeting herself. Pulling herself out of the sarcophagus, though, Vala is adamant that she's never posing as a deity again, then glances at the warriors surrounding them and asks where Reya and Zod are.

                      Sitting in opposite cells in the crusader jail, the two commanders in question are being guarded by the opposite kingdom's soldiers, apparently awaiting trial by their respective nations for treason (the murder of their god/saint). While the rest of her team waits outside, Vala comes inside and sits between them, asking what will happen now. Not able to meet her gaze, Reya quietly guesses that new commanders will be brought in to take over the garrisons, and the war will continue just as it did before. All of this, and nothing will have changed. Nodding in agreement, Zod admits that the conflict between their people has grown past the religious interests that sparked it, and now it is just a matter of time before they destroy one another. They should have realized that before, but their own stubborn pride kept them blind to reality, and he sincerely apologizes for it.

                      Smiling sheepishly, Vala apologizes herself, truly sorry for not just telling them the truth when she arrived and letting the madness escalate as much as it did. Then she sits up a little straighter, and a thought comes to her. Turning to the two natives, she asks what would happen if Qetesh/the Blessed Mother was suddenly the enemy, and she says she has an idea.

                      A few hours later, the ISGC gate room is filled with members of the defense team, all hiding behind riot shields specifically designed for offworld duty. There's a long moment where they all watch the active stargate before them, then gold and blue plasma blasts begin whizzing through, slamming into the metal barriers the waiting soldiers have at the ready but not causing any real damage. Standing in the control room, Talbot watches nervously, then breathes a sigh of relief when SG-1 sprints through the event horizon, Reya and Zod in tow. The iris closes behind them, cutting off the stream of deadly energy, and Danielle congratulates them on a job well done, even if the mission did end up going a little beyond the general scope of a simple reconnaissance run.

                      Looking around at the chamber they've found themselves in, the two P7X-823 natives ask what will happen to them now. Mitchell explains that the Jaffa Nation has already offered to grant them full citizenship, despite their being human, and that they have their pick of over two dozen worlds that are being resettled after being evacuated ahead of the Der'kal armada in the war. Maybe one day, they'll even be able to go home, but for a while, their planet probably won't be that much fun to visit, what with the chaos that will ensue when word spreads that the goddess the people had come to revere so much had betrayed them.

                      While Mitchell and Jackson escort their new guests to the guest wing of the stargate terminal, Eaton turns to Vala and gives her a hug, saying that she's so proud of her for sticking around and giving these people a chance to throw off the shackles the Goa'uld and Ori put on them. Grinning ruefully, the smuggler admits that they deserve the same shot at happiness she had, and she's going to give it to them even if it kills her. Laughing and reminding her that it already killed her, Eaton pats her on the back and heads off after the others, and Vala follows soon after, ready for another mission.
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                        I apologize for the insane delay... my first round of college mid-terms had me swamped, but it paid off with good grades! Anyway, back on track now! Also, question; I've decided I want to rewrite "The Lost Tribe," too, for my own reasons which will become apparent once I've done. So my new question, what should be next: SG-1's "The Forerunners" or the Atlantis rewrite?

                        I promise that whatever it is, there won't be another unending delay, as I need the fun release of writing these just as much as you like reading them.
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                          I vote for "The Forerunners".


                            Great episode s09. I would like some Atlantis please. I vote for "Lost Tribe."

                            Dr. D
                            God is the original transporter.

                            Acts 8:39b-40a: The Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Phillip away and the official did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing. Philip, however, appeared at Azotus (an old city in ancient Israel) and traveled about.

                            He is also the author of love and justice:

                            Romans 5:8: But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

                            John 14:6: Jesus (Christ) answered: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


                              Now I'm afraid I've lost all my readers with the mid-terms... xD
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