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Lost my SG1 loving friend last year - raising money for his hospice with a miniature!

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    Lost my SG1 loving friend last year - raising money for his hospice with a miniature!

    Hope this is allowed, no worries if it's not.

    I lost my friend to cancer last year, and I'm raising money for the hospice that cared for him by selling a limited edition 28mm scale figure.

    Tom was a loong time Stargate fan - he had a screen-used replicator prop and a commemorative mini stargate (like 4 inch diameter - He told me why it it was important, but I've sadly forgotten) framed on his wall, in pride of place, near the front door. Of course he had the full set of DVDs and it was often on in the background when I went to visit. This is my little tribute to his memory - the P90 was the only sane choice for the weapon.

    We've raised a nice amount of money so far, it would be so awesome to raise a bit more in the final days.

    I'll quote the full story with the links below. Thanks for looking.


    This figure is a tribute to my friend Tom, who was taken from us last year. It will only be available until the 13th of September 2020 and 100% of the donation amount goes to St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds, UK.

    Physical 28mm Miniature -
    Pre-Supported STL -


    Tom was a geek, gamer and keeper of a literal mountain of un-painted models. We met in school and for over 2 decades he was a constant and effortless presence and influence in my life. It's gutting to think that his sarcasm, humour, his encyclopedic knowledge of pc parts, weapons, Sony products and sci-fi mythologies, his generosity and his advice now only exist as memories.

    When he walked into hospital, Tom was concerned, but confident that he was in the right place to get fixed up. A few days later the doctors informed him it was aggressive final stage terminal bowel cancer - he was 34 years old. He was placed on a hot, dimly lit and noisy ward and he struggled. The bed was the wrong size, treatments were confused, he couldn't sleep and all hope of making it home one last time faded, it was soul-destroying.

    But then finally, he was transferred to St. Gemma's, a peaceful, comfortable, well staffed hospice environment where he spent his final days reminiscing with friends, sipping cold drinks and listening to gentle rainfall in a garden just a few metres from the end of his bed.

    This miniature is created from moments and memories, it was something I had to sculpt.

    Read more about St. Gemma's here -