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    My favorite race are TAURI ! We are the 5th race ! .Without the awesome SG1 team's hunger for adventure and knowledge , we would not meet any other races !!!! GO TAURI !!!


      "What is your favorite Stargate alien race, and why?"

      I would say the Asgard. They are advanced beyond us like the Ancients, but they still have the same fear and make the same mistakes as us.

      1) Fear death, thus created cloning process

      2) Cloning process becomes cause for eventual extinction of the Asgard race.

      Where the Tauri, fear any potential threat to us:

      See the first Stargate movie: We used the Stargate and sent along a nuclear bomb to blow up any potential threat on the other side, but our bomb was nearly used against us. Our solution become a threat itself.

      Stargate SG-1: After getting attacked (because of our actions in the first movie, I think), humans launch a team to attack that threat. We wind up going face-to-face with Apophis and making ourselves seen more of as a threat.

      In Stargate Atlantis, our fear and willingness to go straight into action lead to the awakening of the Wraith and the later rise of the Pegasus Replicators.

      Speaking of Pegasus, the Pegasus Asgards were cool. It was a great way to bring back that race, but show and whole new philosophy within their culture.

      The Asgard I think are the most human aliens we ever met. I think they show better than any just what are potential could be.


        My favorite SHOW may be Stargate Atlantis, but my favorite RACE has to be the Goa'uld. I love the mythos and the concept behind them, they sparked an interest in Egyptian mythology that I still have today. They enabled the show to ask some pretty tough questions (the episode 'Pretense', for example). They also gave rise to the Tok'ra, (which wove together some of my favorite storylines), had some awesome technology (the ring transports, the ribbon device), and, let's face it, proved that arrogance can be the critical weakness of a species. They also let us see some truly remarkable actors: (Peter Williams, Cliff Simon, Suanne Braun, Peter Wingfield, Claudia Black), and some truly human storylines (Jacob Carter, Cassandra). They are beautiful, horrible villains, and I love watching them.


          My favorite race is easily the Ancients.

          Without them we would not have had stargates to begin with, and the thought that it is possible to ascend, however difficult it may be to accomplish, is encouraging. Daniel Jackson's stint among the ascended were some of the best episodes, especially when he confronted Anubis.


            My favorite race is the Ancients. They lived to better themselves; to ascend to a higher plan of exsistance. When in fact, in many ways they were still as flawed as we humans. There is a lesson to be learned here.


              My personal favorite alien race is the Nox.

              My reason is there is such an enduring aura of mystery about them in some ways. While they seem to be on a par with or even somewhat above, possibly, the level of advancement and technological prowess achieved by the Alterans/Ancients (the Nox can activate a stargate for travel with a wave of their hand, for example, without use of a DHD or computer), we really learn little about them except that they are very powerful and are pacifistic. Other than that, even after the reappearance of one of them in the episode about Skaara's Triad on Tollana, we really learn little which is in depth about them as a people. In their achievement of a very high level of advancement, they seem like the anti-Alterans, lacking the overweening intellectual arrogance of the Alterans/Ancients or the power-hungry arrogance of the Ori.


                The Nox are my favorite race encountered in Stargate! They are an extremely advance race, yet they are the most respectable race in the entire series in my opinion. Many of the advanced cultures tended to come off as arrogant, but the Nox were gentle spirited beings who cared for those around them. They didn't interfere with the battles of less intelligent races (for the most part), and they saved the life of both SG-1 and a Jaffa. That is true love for life. Their intelligence and knowledge was intimidating, but they would never hurt anyone. That is the perfect race.


                  My favorite race is the Nox. I like names with X's in them... also, with Z's and occasionally V's.... like Vincent. Although I don't like the name Vinny.... I do like the name Wolfgang.... which seems to be neither here nor there.

                  In conclusion: The Nox seem to be the most comfortable in their jammies/clothes.


                    My favorite race is the Asgard. They're actually helpful, and were the ones that were really willing to take a chance on the Taur'i.


                      My fav was the Re'tu. The five man suicide squad was awesome and well thought out. I loved their plasma weapons and the fact that you couldn't see them. They reminded me a lot of the aliens from Starship Trooper. Mother was by far my favorite.


                        My favorite race would have to be the ancients, they have all the power in the universe but at the same time know if they were to influence any race good or bad it would be devastating. At the same time there are a few who are willing to break the rules to help.


                          My favorite race is the Tok'ra. They're so interesting with the idea of two distinct personalities in the same body.


                            My favorite race is the Asgard. I love how their stories intertwine with Norse mythology; and they are total bros


                              I always loved the various forms of Michael's hybrids. They were downright terrifying at times, and they helped create one of the coolest story arcs in the entire franchise.

                              Neither wraith, nor human, nor Iratus bug, but always some complicated mixture between them that was alien to any one of those races.

                              If I'm required by the rules to narrow it down further, I'm gonna have to say the creatures from Vengeance (which were more Iratus than even the wraith). Those things are terrifying.


                                With so many great aliens to choose from, it's a hard decision But, I think my favorite alien race from Stargate would have to be the Asgard.

                                Who doesn't love Thor? I love the interactions we get to see throughout the series and the humor they invoke, and that they stay not only loyal to Earth, but in the end, humans are the ones to benefit from their knowledge and technology.

                                I was very upset that they decided to kill themselves off, but it also gave Earth a chance to really step up their game after their greatest allies were gone. Like parents who push their child out of their home and encourage them to be their own person, the Asgard were always there to help us develop our potential and I believe they were very proud of us in the end.

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