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Stargate's Legacy: Tell Your Stargate Story!

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    Stargate's Legacy: Tell Your Stargate Story!

    This month GateWorld's Adam Barnard kicks off a brand new column at the site: "Stargate's Legacy." He'll be exploring some of the series' most significant and personally meaningful episodes. But first, here is Adam's personal introduction video.

    Now it's your turn! We want to hear your personal story about how Stargate has been meaningful or influential in your life.

    You can put yourself on video and upload it you YouTube (be sure to e-mail us a link or post it below), or just write up your personal story and share it below. We'll choose some of your contributions to feature on the main GateWorld site.

    Thanks for sharing your story about what Stargate's legacy means to you!
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    What Stargate means to me...

    It's my ultimate fantasy series!

    When I first watched SG:1, it was because it was on before my then favorite series, 'Poltergeist: The Legacy'. I wasn't really much of a fan of the original movie, so I was meh about watching a series based on it. But I gave it a try with my mom, and right away liked it!

    I liked every character, but I was having some leanings toward a couple of people. By the 3rd episode, 'Emancipation', I knew my favorite character was Sam Carter. By the 4th episode, 'Broca Divide', I officially became a Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill relation'ship' fan (aka: shipper). And the rest is history.

    But the basic story, the basic premise of this series was just awe-inspiring and something I *so* wished I could live out! And having it be done in present time Earth made it feel like it really could be happening behind the secret scenes for our real life.

    But it wasn't until season 4 of the series that I actually got my first computer, and the first thing I did was look up the MGM Stargate Store (it used to be advertised on TV at the end of an episode). Well, I was new to the internet, so I accidently lost the link, but in trying to get it back, I ended up getting 'Stargate Stories'... and here came fan written stories (fanfiction) into the mix! That was like having new episodes, only made to *my* own personal tastes (Sam/Jack IN a relationship! Hehe!).

    Then Gateworld Forum was discovered by me. It wasn't called Gateworld then, and it was on the Delphi Forums site, but that's how I got into talking to and with fellow fans. There's good and bad parts about being with other fans: the good feels greater, and the bad feels worse. You can super enjoy things with like-minded individuals, but feel tormented by people that hate what you love. But life is yin and yang.

    But what does Stargate mean to me? I can travel to other worlds. I can be on SG:1 and have adventures with Sam, Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c. I can live through Sam Carter and have her experiences. I can love through Sam Carter and yearn to be with Jack O'Neill. I...

    SG:1 is the *only* series I've ever watched that I'd trade my real life for in a split second!!

    Reading fanfiction and reading the official Stargate novels have kept me going, even when the TV franchise was still up and running. But it's especially become a godsend for me now that there's no new episodes to watch.

    But because of reading these stories, I *know* there's still life left in the TV franchise, and so many stories left to tell.

    My 17 year love affair with Stargate SG:1 is far from over!



      What does Stargate mean to me?

      I'll be honest, I was never really fascinated with science fiction (so I guess that puts me in the same vein as Jack O'Neill).

      I kind of stumbled onto Stargate SG-1 by way of watching MacGyver (you know, RDA's other TV show, about the troubleshooter who could save the day with a paperclip and duct tape). In the summer of 2009, while up late on a Friday night, I decided to give the show a chance, by watching "Fragile Balance." I had no clue what was going on, and decided this show "wasn't for me." I worked in a golf pro shop at the time, and when the golf director left for the night, I would change the channel to SyFy, because it was the closest to ESPN. I saw "Crystal Skull" and "Window of Opportunity" during two of these channel jumps...and loved both episodes. I guess I figured it was worth trying this show out, but it took me quite a few months to actually really start watching. I started watching reruns regularly in January 2010 on Hulu and SyFy (and starting in 2011, Netflix). I got a slow start on it, but I gradually began to get sucked in by the adventures of four very different people through a large ring that shot a vortex of water from a puddle. In mid-2010, I began to watch Stargate Atlantis, but I got an even slower start on this series (which picked up slightly in 2011 when I subscribed to Netflix, but really began to pick up interest in it in early 2012). As of today, I've finished both series, start to finish. I still watch SG-1 every Saturday morning while I eat my waffles and Nutella, it's just become a Saturday morning tradition that I can't give it up. SG-1 has helped me through chronic sinusitis (and surgery to fix the condition), gallbladder issues (and surgery to fix it), stressful moments with my health, and any stresses I have with work. I've read quite a few SG-1 novels since 2011, collected DVDs, Blu-Rays, and have photo ops with and autographs of actors, which brings me to my next point...

      And then there's the Conventions...before 2012, I thought of Conventions as activities "Star Trek fans did," and never in my life believed I would attend one. And there I was, in August 2012, on a plane by myself to Chicago O'Hare, first time travelling halfway across the country, first time travelling solo, and first time to a science fiction Convention. I was hooked from the second I stepped into the Convention room at the Westin O'Hare...and I've been back. I went to my second Convention in 2013...with my boyfriend of (at the time) 10 months by my side. And we're going back this year...

      I met my boyfriend through Stargate - I posted a picture of me in front of the Stargate on a dating website, and figured it wouldn't attract anyone, but it pays to be honest as to who you are...and that's how I met Chad, a Stargate fan since 1997. We connected online first, and when we met, we knew it was something special. I showed him a short video of the 2012 Con, and he said "can we do this?" I knew he was a keeper (and my family can't believe I met someone like me!). We usually devote some portion of our "lazy date nights" at home (we have one lazy night and one actual date night per week) to Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis viewing, and we love quoting episodes, even calling each other "sir," "ma'am," "Colonel," and "General." When we go in August 2014, it will be our second Con as a couple (my third and his second, overall), and 2 months shy of our second anniversary. I've also met some of my favorite people in the world (literally!) through the Cons, and chat with them everyday. They have taken a liking to Chad, and made him feel welcome to Con life (he never knew about Stargate Cons either).

      So, above all this, what does Stargate mean to me?

      Stargate to me means, friendship, camaraderie, a way to escape from life's stresses (even if it's for 45 minutes, it's still an escape!). I've gotten more into science fiction (even expanding into other franchises), and now like science in general. I've learned so much from listening to Samantha Carter, Rodney McKay, and Daniel Jackson prattle on about their areas of expertise, found that I can relate to characters on different levels. Above all, I've met the love of my life, and discovered who I am in this world and my true personality. I've figured out that I am, in fact, a geek...though I'd been suspecting it for years, it took Stargate to bring it out of me. And it's made me a happier, much more centered, and better person because of it.

      Not bad for someone who swore they would NEVER get sucked into this franchise...let alone science fiction.

      Allison and Chad 001 (2).jpg

      Allison's Written Words - Blogger Blog

      Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention, Chicago - August 2012
      Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention, Chicago - August 2013
      Creation Entertainment Official Stargate Convention - The Final Journey, Chicago - August 2014 (can't wait!)


        STARGATE’S LEGACY – What it means to me.

        From an early age I have been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and Science Fiction. In 1994 a movie came along that had both these elements, with adding the idea of alien influences on Earth’s ancient civilisations it was as if this movie was made just for me!

        Needless to say I loved the movie with the idea of the discovery on Earth of an enigmatic piece of alien technology that turns out to create a wormhole that could transport people instantaneously to another world. Then travelling with the explorers to a world populated by humans living a life consigned to history five millennia before on Earth, but still so alien was captivating.

        I wasn’t even aware that a TV series had been made based on the movie. I could never have believed whilst channel surfing back in 1998 on catching an image of the Stargate I remembered from the movie on the screen, then pausing to watch people coming out of it into a dark creepy forest to be attacked by Neanderthals would be the start of a wonderful obsession.

        It was an obsession that was good for me though. The adventures of SG-1 with the great character interactions and the wonderful sense of trial and error of the early days took me on a great journey. I couldn’t wait for the following week’s episode. It was what helped me through some bad times, and a wonderful distraction from the maelstrom that having a young family and full time job was; such was the power of the story telling. It drew me in with likeable characters, living a life we as viewers can relate to being set in today’s world, but what an unusual and extraordinary job they had. There were also the beautifully realized sets, costumes and CGI, along with beautiful locations. My family learned quickly that nothing but the direst of emergencies would drag me away from my weekly fix of Stargate.

        Perhaps through watching our heroes travelling into the unknown I was inspired to do the same in a way. After a holiday to Vancouver to visit my husband’s relatives we felt there were better opportunities for the kids in Canada than there was in the UK at the time in 2003. We applied for permanent residency, it was granted a year later and a year after that we emigrated. The irony of all this is that I didn’t know that Stargate was filmed in Vancouver at the time, only that I thought I’d seen the scenery before somewhere!

        So I found myself in the land of Stargate itself by a twist of fate. I haven’t looked back and the kids are doing well for themselves. I guess Stargate is kind of responsible for the life I lead now.

        Of course ending up living in Vancouver gave wonderful opportunities to indulge further in my love of Stargate. I have met many of the wonderful actors that have entertained me over the years at conventions, listened to their stories of how much they enjoyed being part of the magic that is Stargate. I have stood in the gate room on the ramp in front of the Stargate, giving me my ultimate geek moment, visited Atlantis, Icarus Base and sat in a Puddle Jumper on set visits to Bridge Studios. I guess living where I do means that Stargate is all around me all the time in a way. It's fun to remember the great adventures that took place in various places. I enjoy sharing it most with fellow fans and happily volunteered to take them around various filming locations when they've visited Vancouver.

        Another great thing about Stargate for me is finding out how many more people there are out there that have the same love for it. Meeting fellow fans and sharing ideas and thoughts on Gateworld over the last 8 years keeps the memories of great Stargate moments alive.

        What is gratifying is that the magic of Stargate continues to lure new people in, joining those of us for whom the adventure will never end.


          I've been aware of Stargate since the first movie was released. I was curious about the series when it first aired, but didn't watch it because it was on whatever that network was that first aired it. I didn't want to pay the fee to get that channel just so I could watch one show. Then in 2004, after I had moved to another location, I discovered there was a local cable company that had Syfy, so I quit the cable company I had been with and signed up for the local one. I got quickly introduced to the series on the Monday marathons of SG1 on Syfy, and was completely hooked. I quickly found that Sam Carter was my favorite, and while I liked Daniel I found him highly annoying and irritating.

          I was going through a lot of health problems at the time, so it was wonderful getting to escape from them for awhile.

          I was also faithfully watching the new episodes on Fridays, as well as watching the marathons whenever they came up. Somewhere in about 2006 (I think), I found Gateworld and spent a lot of time "lurking" until I finally started to join in on some of the conversations. It was then that I found out what "shipping" was, and discovered that I was already a "shipper", since I loved the relationship between Jack and Sam. It was very clear to me that they belonged together (although, apparently that is the subject of a lot of discussion and disagreement).

          Sometime around 2007 I also discovered fanfiction, and have been hooked ever since. There are some exceptionally good fanfiction writers out there, and I think some of them could well have written for the various shows, and we would have had some really exceptional episodes.

          I was delighted when SGA came around and I became a faithful fan of that show, too, though SG1 was and still is my favorite.

          I really tried to be a fan of SGU, but just couldn't do that. Until the 2d season, when I decided it had become worthy of being watched. And unfortuntely, we all know what happened at the end of the 2d season.

          I have the DVDs for all three series, plus the two movies, which I have watched repeatedly, until I've lost count of how many times I've watched them.

          They have saved my sanity, I think, because of one of the health problems I had (and still have), because watching these and participating on GW and reading fanfiction distracted me enough from the problem that I could somewhat ignore it and allow myself to be zapped off to another reality for a short time.

          I've also met some lovely people through GW who have become friends, and we stay in contact when not on GW too.


            I'll keep mine short.

            Stargate has meant the world to me I stared watching it when I was 5 and have watch and read news on it religiously since it began, I have seen every episode of sg1 and sga at least 10 times some even 30 times

            I have also seen watched sgu 3 times enjoying the first season a lot more the second time around, I have every stargate episode and film on dvd/bluray stargate has helped me through a lot it's helped me through the downs in life and has also helped me to relax when I can't sleep it has the greatest story of any tv series ever, and brings back so many good memories, I hope to death one day mgm will give it another chance knowing fans will buy and not pirate it since it's such a loved show.

            One thing about stargate is that unlike other franchises stargate is one where you can't say your the biggest fan because so many people love the show equally like if it were family.


              Stargate meant and still means a lot to me. It was one of the shows I grew up with.

              SG-1 was just amazing. I loved everything about it... the plot, the stories, the characters... everything.

              Stargate Atlantis wasn't good as SG-1 was, but it was a still great show and it has expanded the Stargate universe even more than SG-1 ever could. Unfortunately, the writers treated the show and its characters like s*** and managed it to completely ruin it once the second half of it started.

              Stargate Universe was a great show - perhaps even better than SG-1 and Atlantis combined - but it pulled the shorter stick because there still were some things left unresolved in the series that preceeded it. You just can't start a third series when you have a bunch of unresolved stuff from the previous two. Some say SGU came in too late, but I'd say it came too early.

              Anyway... if there will be a new movie or TV series, I'm so watching it. I don't care if it's cannon to the series we know, I just want more Stargate!


                What Stargate means to me ?

                This is my favorite sci fi television series. I really enjoy when i watch SG-1.
                Indeed this show is very good to me because i really to like science fiction. From time to time i like watching some episodes from season 8.

                Stargate:Atlantis was an awesome television series,my favorite character in this part of Stargate is Rodney McKay.

                SGU was a good show,sadly that only two seasons.

                Why i like Stargate ? Because this series about Space,technologies which sometime we can create.

                If they're will create new part of Stargate,i will watch it.
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                  This is how my love for Stargate began.

                  I was really interested in the whole Atlantis mythology. So I did a Google search for anything regarding it. Then I stumbled upon the Wiki entry of a certain "Stargate Atlantis", and then, as they always say, the rest is history.

                  I didn't realize firsthand that SGA was just a spin-off of SG-1, which I had no idea of. I did a little digging, and realized that it was much deeper than I initially thought. Then, SG-1 happened. Then the original feature film, Stargate, then SGU.

                  The mythos of the entire Stargate universe was one of the reasons why I fell in love with the franchise. Also, the reason that it was set in the present time with the existing Earth mythology, in contrast to the futuristic ST or the galactic SW, made me see that we have so much potential as a civilization. That our petty world wars are nothing in comparison to the wonders that the galaxy, or the universe, can offer.

                  The Stargate opens up the possibility that we can travel halfway through the galaxy in no time, and that we can explore distant worlds in a few press of buttons. If it ever gets revealed to the general public, it would certainly be cause for confusion and chaos. But for those who believe that we are not alone in the universe, this will be a welcome development.

                  I have in me, some ideas that might be keys to closing some of the loopholes in whole SG universe. But I'm not confident yet about them. But as I try to develop those ideas, I watch the whole franchise over and over again to make sure that my idea will not be considered something that appeared out of nowhere.

                  Overall, my love for Stargate will not wane, as long as I live, and of that I can be sure.


                    Always loved the show cause i am one to know about advanced technology in places where its not norm. Kind of my bread and butter chasing down such stuff like this.

                    Good example of advanced technology is the Baghdad battery. Egypt was ahead i believe for various reasons i rarely mention out loud unless someone has a open mind. You would be amazed at what i found for this place.

                    Stargate just reminds me of the Ishtar gate in Babylon and the other in HollyWood. Message me if you REALLY wanna go down this rabbit hole with me. I feel like Dr Jackson when i explain the unexplainable to a mere muggle.
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