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Stargate Costuming & Cosplay

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    Stargate Costuming & Cosplay

    We all love Stargate. We have our favorite sides, even favorite aliens.

    I know some of you have gone to Conventions and see people dressed up in either some spectacular outfits or the cheesiest costumes every made. We see a LOT of the Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers and Jedi or even those dresses up as Starfleet or Klingons from Star Trek.
    Well... Stargate is no exception! And there are some Stargate costuming groups that definitely need your support! Why should Star Wars and Star Trek fans have all the fun!?
    If you like it... LIVE IT!

    Each of these costuming groups are devoted to positively strengthening the fandom and networking.

    SG-Operations an SG-1, SGA and SGU cosplay and airsoft costuming group focusing around the human side, aka the Tau'ri. SG teams in the US and some around the world.

    Tok'ra Resistance the good versions of the Goa'uld. Tips on the costumes, fan films and more.

    Wraith Never Ending a networking site and costuming source group for fans of the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis.

    Jaffa Legions Jaffa Kree! A costuming group for fans of the Jaffa.

    Thus far, there is no costuming group established for the Ori, Goa'uld, Replicators, Asgard, or other aliens and human races from Atlantis. But... I highly encourage someone to establish one!
    Please... join and support the Stargate Costuming Groups. They positively support the Stargate Fandom and are perhaps the most visible at events.
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    I have to admit I do dress up as a member of the SGC.
    I have a complete off world ensemble. Minus a backpack.

    And an SGC outfit can be reasonably priced to put together.
    Combat clothing can be purchased from Army surplus stores. Unit badges can be found on e-bay.
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      I went hunting for Stargate cosplay pics, and I found a lot! People have made awesome, awesome costumes, and very close to the ones on the show!

      I found a bunch here:

      And then I grabbed some and put on my photobucket (the photographers said the pics were released to creative commons and could be downloaded):

      A few samples

      Smilies made by Roeskva (

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        I love wearing my Stargate Atlantis uniform as well as other costumes (namely Teyla).


          I'm trying to contact two guys who attended the Toronto Fan Expo in 2010 dressed up as soldiers in SG1. I took their photo, and want to use it in my book GREAT POWER AND GREAT RESPONSIBILTY, which is being published this year, but need their permission.

          They were standing in front of display in the main exhibits hall, advertising another con.

          One had a zat gun, the other a submachine gun. Both in green uniforms. Anyone have any ideas who they are?


            I just found that there is a facebook group for Stargate cosplayers:


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              Ahh that is so awesome!!!


                Oh awesome! I've made some very basic SG jackets/costumes in the past.

                For SG-1's and John Shephards BDU's I just brought the Green and black BDU shirt/jacket and sown patches on them. I have a custom SGA security jacket always had difficulty finding grey pants to go with it.

                Great to see some SG cosplay


                  MFK 2015 - International Festival of Comics (Poland)

                  Photos from MFK not approved by my friond, Nero, to the public

                  Because I did not have a costume, I got in my paws on the camera.
                  Well, take a photo in the dark, in a crowd, where ever someone comes in cadres or they nudges you.
                  Fortunately invented something like the automatic settings, but due to the flash time to take a picture and capture the focus lengthened.
                  For this reason, some pictures are not of good quality... but what the hell



                    Guess who found a trenchcoat in her closet?

                    Guess who needs help finding a good trenchcoat design to tailor it to?

                    Yup, any suggestions would be great. Also, anywhere to get patches, especially custom ones.
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                      Ok, i don't know if anyone posts on this anymore or will even read this but I NEED HELP! I have always dreamed of cosplaying stargate since i was 8 (i'm 27 now...) I have NO IDEA where to start in finding everything. Ideally i'd like to cosplay as Rodney McKay. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction as to how and where to obtain the items for this? So far the jacket has been the hardest one to find so yeah...HELP! Thank you!


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