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Farewell to our GW Family member WraithLord

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    Farewell to our GW Family member WraithLord

    I began to get worried about WraithLord (aka Lordy) yesterday after reading a post on his profile page, I took my concerns to a mutual friend, scifan, who managed to get in touch with one of Lordy's real life friends. Unfortunately, we received some devastating news:

    Hello scifan my name is Claire, I'm one of Chris's Real Life friends, I just read your message, I don't know how to break this to you....he died a few weeks ago.

    He was in a Car with another friend of his named David who was driving him back home from a 'Guys night out' from what I've been told they're Car skidded and crashed into a wall...they both died instantly.
    Lordy was a wonderful person with a kind nature, I will miss him as a member of GW and as a friend

    I know that he touched many people on this forum so if you wish to share your condolences to his family and/or memories of Lordy then please do.

    Rest In Peace Chris
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    Rest in Peace
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      I'll keep praying for your family through these hard times.



        So sorry to hear! my condolences and prayers are with the family!

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          I still can't believe it's true.
          It's just wrong.

          We will miss you Lordy. Rest in peace.


            I am very sad to hear this Rest in peace, Lordy - and my condolences to your family.
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              I agree. Lordy was the sweetest ever and I love how he loved his friends and Stargate. I will miss him terribly.

              My condolences to his family and friends.


                This is such terrible news.

                When I first started posting here, he made me feel really welcome and I will always be grateful.

                My thoughts are with his family and friends.


                  It's still so hard to think that Chris isn't here. I will miss him.

                  My prayers are with his family during this sad time.
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                    Rest in Peace, dude.
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                      Thanks for letting us know.

                      He will be missed



                        that's so hard to believe, he was so generous to posting the coolest pics and finding them and sharing them to the lj site. My heart and prayer goes out to his family and friends, may rest in piece. He will be sadly missed.

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                          My condolences and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

                          I may not have known him very well myself, but he touched a lot of people with his kindness and good will, and that will never be forgotten.


                            I was hoping for another convo soon with you, Lordy. I missed your company.

                            But now, we'll never talk again, about our favorite secondary women of Atlantis, about your love for Wraith Queens... About me maybe sharing Kate with you. I'm still not sharing, just so you know. She's all mine.

                            No more wonderful screencaps, which you dropped by to make us all happy fangirls/boys.

                            Thank you for the wonderful signatures and artwork you ever made.

                            Now, rest in peace, Lordy!

                            My condolences to his family and friends, and everyone who knew him here and in other places online.

                            You will be missed.
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                              Lordy's not dead!! Think about it a second! to keep us all happy, he is not dead! He's.... Ascended!! That's it, he was given the chance to go where we can't! Free of pain!

                              Yet to us here, he's gone, oh man do I miss him, such a guy can never be replaced by another

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