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    Originally posted by Sarai View Post
    Jumble I'd love to see how that wood play out...

    Or would I? *arches eyebrow*
    You're the one with the camera

    Suzy = Beautiful with a great personality, this person will make your heart melt.

    Or - The nickname for a female Mallard duck. The male is called Greenhead.(should I tell Mike? )

    Suzanne = A very unique,special, different. A hard to find, hard to keep, picky girl.
    "Wow, Suzanne is really different, but shes awesome"

    Joanne = A girl who seems innocent , but also knows how to have fun. Joannes are usually beautiful, have slender and sexy bodies, extremely smart, and get all the guys. (Yeah, she was serious competition by the time she was 14 )

    Jo = its how we say see it originates from cotton mouth caused by smokin too much green. Ummm...

    Robin = a very outgoing person capable of about everything. (Absolutely NOT!!)

    Second meaning is more like it - a shy person when you first meet them but then opens up to be a real character. they are usually fun to talk to.

    It's ok Eve, nobody really blames you for the pms. We blame your parents for giving you that name


      7 a.m. and it's already been a rough morning around here. Oi!


        Cool names of the kids Jumble

        Looked up my official name: Johanna

        First thing: A girls name. Usually a real cool girls name.
        Second: generally a a hot blonde with a killer body
        usuallyy refered to as a hottie wit a body
        everyone loves her and wants to be with her or in her
        she is modest but knows shes hot **** and can do and get whatever she wants.

        *blinks* I have no blonde hair or "hot" body ...weird...wrong...

        but it's better than Janneke
        A yucky thing that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth



          *huggles LJ* Hope the rest of the day proves to be sweeter

          Hmm *is intrigued by this irban dictionary bizzo*

          +bekki enjoys sweet success
          +Bekki is lovely...
          +bekki loves music of most genera's; is kind, passionate, and a strong willed person
          +bekki loves brandt
          ie. bekki is a wonderful & smilely young woman

          Well...that's quite nice, really Althoguh I have no idea what brandt is


            Oh dear

            Oma = German word for "granny" or "grandmother". Oma sex - pornography involving elderly German women. A German GILF.
            If that oma's boobs hung any lower, she would step on them.

            Su = 1. A way to say "Shut Up" on AIM or AOL Instant Messanger.

            2. Stands for socially unacceptable. It can be used in many ways but is often used as an exclamation. It describes situations which are akward, tense, or actions which are inappropriate in a given situation, or simply unacceptable according to social norms.

            Better use your full name in future


              Bekki did you see I asked for a tut on your sig on the Artwork thread? Pleeeeeeze

              *huggles LJ* All these bad days, you're going to be owed a heck of a lot of good ones


                *laughs uncontrollably* Oh dear! Poor Oma!!!

                ...and Jumbly, I have been staring at GIMP for about 20 minutes now trying to figure out a tut It's coming...I just have out how to make one...


                  Thanks Bekki Do you save before you flatten the image? Because that wood help you with the tut


                    I saved up to a point...but I merged the only tricky part of the sig before I saved it as a JPEG...silly me. Ah well, I shall attempt a tut tomorrow (and shall have plenty of time to do it seeing as I am stuck at home sad )

                    OH - and I forgot to mention, date #5 this evening. Twas fun We had cocktails and chinese


                      Thanks Bekki

                      Gosh this one seems very keen........... 5 dates in a week


                        Originally posted by jumble View Post
                        Eveline = a gorgeous girl. very beautiful. enjoys playing sports, generally an all-around good person.
                        I wish I was like an Eveline, they're so cool. every loves them.

                        Eve = Proof that God is unfair.
                        So, ONE lady ate an apple and now all of womenhood have to suffer PMS? Where's the logic in that?

                        I've never watched Lost, sorry.
                        Okay, that had me cracking up.

                        Eve, my dad and I watch Lost, he's like bouncing off the wall to see it tonight.

                        And SQUEE my dad got me all of season 5 of TWW!!! *bounces*

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                        Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt


                          Someone help me...teacher scares the crap out of me....

                          *lip trembles*

                          I can compare it with my mom with PMS and a hangover...which is BAD!!!!

                          She just threw one student out of the room like we are little kids...


                            Long-ish and probably boring rant alert

                            I am at the office today. My one and only day at the office. The rest of every week I am at one shop or the other. Office day is for working on the blasted website that I am stuck with making and maintaining. It never gets finished because:
                            A. the owner keeps changing his mind about what he wants.
                            B. I only have one fricken office day!

                            Now there are several loud and elderly gentlemen in the next room over. We are only separated by a very thin wall and door. They are members of the Housing Authority and they are having a meeting. The owner of the two wine shops I am a buyer for also owns the office building and he has, apparently, given these guys permission to meet over here (technically it's a pre-meeting as "actual" meetings are held at the Town Hall.

                            They are arguing over the budget and houses that the town owns and could be developing but are standing unused, undeveloped and basically wasted. The only woman in the group had pointed out that they could be developing these properties and making housing for people who need it and in turn the town collects rent and actually makes money.
                            Does this make sense to the men (old, set in their ways men) in the room? Of course not! They have said that if she brings it up in the official meeting they will make a motion to "review it at the next meeting". BTW- That's exactly what they did at the last meeting. Same argument-different day.
                            Last year when the Housing Authority was chaired by a younger man they were operating in the black. This year they voted in an 85 year old man who is a "town institution" and it's only February and they are already in the red and in the meantime my hard earned money for which I am heavily taxed is going to pay for the upkeep of houses that are just sitting there with no actual people living in them and no actual money being made from them.

                            And I can't even get any decent work done because of the noise. No one will give any leeway to anyone else. All they do is argue and insist they are right and everyone else is wrong and nothing is accomplished.
                            *iz totally pi$$ed*

                            Sorry woohoo's Wish me luck for the next few hours



                              My Fanfiction My Sam/Jack vids (yahoo) My LJ
                              Thanks everyone for my b-day icons and sigs!
                              Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt


                                on all the names So here's mine - there's a lot for me


                                short term name for marijuana...people who smoke pot often love Jane's

                                the name of the most beautiful woman in the world, other woman were so jelous of Jane's that they made up a term for Jane's calling them plain because it rhymed and made them feel better about themselves cause they were not names jane and they are ugly.

                                janes are always the girls with the sense of humor in any group

                                jane's can also be that girl that had a crush on you in high school but you never dated, then she shows up at the reunion lookin all hot and successfull, then you kick your self in the a$$ for not being nicer to her because now she is hot and wont give you the time of day.

                                jane's are better then everyone, and are usually associated with class and wealth and beauty

                                the hot girl next door that you grew up next too is always named, or should always be named jane

                                Someone who is very average in appearance and everything else, even though everyone wants to be her and thinks she is gorgeous. "Plain Jane"

                                1. A plain, understated girl who is still unbelievably hot
                                2. Short for weed
                                3. A name used in a bunch of awesome songs
                                Hmm. Well, that's good I guess Although it could do with some serious grammatical editing And I did not know the marijuana thing

                                Edit: ((((((Bree))))))
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