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A Call To Star Gate "Claudia Black" Fans

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    A Call To Star Gate "Claudia Black" Fans

    Scapers have been doing Con Books for the Cast of Farscape and giving them to them at the Burbank Convention every year.

    I have the privilege to collect submissions and put together one for Claudia Black this year and thought maybe some of the Gaters might want to send a massage to her.

    If you do not know what a con book is here a deception and some do's and don'ts:

    Fans create notes and/or photos and artwork and send them to whoever claims the actor's con book for a particular con. The "collector" collates the entries into a con book (often a three-ring binder) and it's given to the actor at the con (or sent to them if they don't attend the con). Frequently there's a 1/2 to 1 page limit to the entries (that's up to the "collector"), and usually no fan fiction is accepted.

    The notes can be short and simple, such as "Hi! My name is XYZ. I live in JKL, and I really like Farscape." They can also be longer and more detailed - name, location, something specific you particularly liked about Farscape/StarGate or their performance; something you've done because of being a Farscape fan (job, hobby, new experience, etc.) The actors are people just like us; this is just a way to say "I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you" and share a little of yourself with them since they've been so gracious as to share a little of themselves with you.

    Any notes should be polite and within the bounds of good taste, and not contain anything that would make the actors feel uncomfortable. "I've hired a private detective to find out where you live, because I intend to kidnap you and have my way with you", or "Ditch the spouse and kids because you're my twue wuv and we will to be together 4eva", would be totally unacceptable. "I hope I have the chance to meet you again, and look forward to seeing you perform in the future" is much better. Naked photos are on the not accepted list. (Yes, it's happened.)

    Please no Fan Fic or anything of that manner.

    If you would like to send something please send to e-mail [email protected]. Please send submissions by October 25th.
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    It would be a fantastic idea if we can build that book using our Claudia's Fan Club name to sign. I can copy all this proyects to create con books into one new in Claudia Black Online website where all the visitors can see the information. A website dedicated to Claudia would be a good promotion.
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      That's a really nice idea - even though she was only with us on SG-1 for a short period of time she created one of my favorite characters of the whole series run. I'd love to contribute something!


        "Ditch the spouse and kids because you're my twue wuv and we will to be together 4eva", would be totally unacceptable
        Oh, snap.
        Just kidding! =)
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