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    Originally posted by A Wraith Named Bob View Post
    I listened to the premiere GateWorld Podcast recently and I felt that for the first installment, it was great. The main thing I liked about it was the fact that it didn't include spoilers. I thought it was nice that you left it up to the listener to decide whether or not to listen to the interviews and possibly hear spoilers. I enjoyed how you had it broken up and the sound effects were nice. I also enjoyed the fact that you talked about what was being discussed in the episode thread for "Search and Rescue". Many podcasts, as I'm sure you know, have different segments and I think it would be cool if you expanded (which I'm sure you plan on doing anyway). Here are some of my ideas:

    1) "Guess the Episode" - Have a clip of audio or dialogue from a past SG1 or Atlantis episode, or even the movies, and then the listeners can guess by emailing or submitting their answer to the forum. Then, maybe you could give away some prizes.

    2) "GateWorld Tips" - A segment that gives some advice about that listeners and users may mot have known.

    3) "Omnipedia Snippet" - Take a passage or entry from the Omnipedia and read it on the air. You may even be able to make a game out of it. You could read the passage, but not the title of the entry, and then have people guess which entry it is.

    4) "Behind the Event Horizon" - You could have interviews with the behind-the-scenes crew of the shows and movies. It would be more about the process by which things are done rather than what is going to happen in episodes. I know I can't determine whether or not this is even logistically possible regarding getting the interviews, but I think it would be cool. I enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff.

    So those are just some ideas I had. I really enjoyed the podcast, especially the discussion about "Search and Rescue". I may even be cool if you take thoughts from the GateWorld users that they post in an "Episode Thoughts for Podcast" thread under the episode forum. That way if they don't want their voices heard, then they know if they post in that thread then it may be used.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next installment.

    I like the guess the episode idea. Sounds like fun. I've always found that podcasts that are really contributed to by the listeners are fun to listen to and participate in.


      Absolutly love the podcast, as if i couldnt get any more geeky! As an idea for what to do, you could do a piece on the stargate books and audio cds, esp the new ones out, maybe do little reviews.

      as for another stargate film and sgu i say i hope they get both, i dont think you can ever have too much stargate, as long as they dont get rid of Atlantis early to start sgu and that they bring jonas back at some point, i really dont think theyve tied up that story in a very exciting way! and i love jonas (though not as much as daniel)


        Great podcast, you guys.

        I have not seen the new episodes from season 5 yet (since I am from the other side of the world and it has not arrived here yet) but its fun to hear what will come eventually and what is happening in the Stargate world.

        As other people may not agree on I would actually like to hear some spoilers of the future episodes and so on... My suggestion is that you can discuss the spoilers in the end of every podcast and before every spoiler-session play a special tune of "spoiler alert" that people can recognize. If people simply don't want to hear the spoilers they can then simply turn off their ipods.

        Just a thought!!

        About the "Guess the Episode" idea that someone mentioned earlier, I think that is a great idea...hope it will come a reality.

        It would be nice to have some live interviews in the podcast with the crew and cast of SG Atlantis (and the other shows). Maybe they could come with comments about the behind-the-shooting events and so on..

        I can't wait to see Picardo as the character Woolsey. (Maybe he will appear soon as of the forum smilies? )

        I only wish "Star Trek"-fans and their websites would have come up with this great idea of podcast (episode discussion, interview with the crew and cast) when the show was alive and kicking..

        GateWorld is a really great site..!!
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          Originally posted by Darren View Post
          Episode #3 is now available!

          This week's topics: "Broken Ties" and David's Comic-Con report
          Plus: Trivia, Stargate news, site features, and viewer mail

          New this week: We have a question for you, and we'd love to hear your opinion. Just post here (or send me an e-mail), and we'll pick a few responses to read on the air next week.

          LISTENER'S QUESTION: Do you think MGM is about to green-light the third movie, the third TV series (Stargate Universe), or both, or neither? Tell us what you want to see from Stargate, and why!
          Based on DVD sales I would say MGM will green light another movie.

          It would not surprise me based on the cost of producing SGA if this is it's last or maybe we get one more season and Stargate Universe is then green-light to replace it.

          Originally posted by Darren View Post
          ALSO! With Stargate Atlantis taking a break on August 8, we have our first open week to talk about a subject other than the newest episode. (We're doing a bonus podcast this week to cover Stargate: Continuum.) So also tell us what you want to listen to David and me drone on about for 30 minutes.
          How about a segment on the Stargate Continuum Soundtrack which will be released on Aug. 12th.
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            I think both SGU and a 3rd Stargate movie will be green-lighted. There's still too much action to be had, stories to be told, and money to be made.
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              hello guys,
              i new to gateworld and wanted to say thanks for the podcast!
              your interview with robert picardo was really, really great. i also enjoyed your discussion on the new atlantis epiodes as well. i thought it was an intelligent critique with a lot of geek/fan appeal.

              more interviews would be great! (tall order, i know) i would listen to an interview with anyone working on stargate. as well any more critical discussions like your new episode discussions.

              that's the sort of content i'm hungry for, rather than trivia or broad forum discussion topics.

              i'm also really interested in fan created work. i haven't dug real deep yet, but i bet gateworld could be a great platform to organize talented fans towards interesting group projects.


                Episode #4 is now available!

                This is our special bonus episode, all about Stargate: Continuum. Beware of SPOILERS for the movie.

                CALL US! We're rolling out the new GateWorld Podcast Hotline, a voicemail box you can call any time of day or night to record your thoughts on anything Stargate-related. Tell us what you thought of the newest Atlantis episode or Continuum, give us your feedback on the podcast, pontificate on Stargate fandom, or describe your newest theory about time travel. Everything is fair game, if it's Stargate.

                That number is: 616-712-1647 (long distance rates apply)

                Seriously -- any time, day or night. Don't worry, it doesn't ring at my house.

                If you record your opinion of Friday's new episode of Atlantis by Monday morning, there's a good chance you'll appear in that week's new podcast.

                Thanks again for listening and contributing!
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                  Oh WAY COOL!!! you have the hotline up and running I can't wait to hear the fans comments on an upcoming podcast

                  You guys just rock the casbah
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                    That's cool but living in the UK (long distance), I'd give it a miss

                    ETA: Thank you for that enlightening podcast. I too had missed Mitchell's certainty at the end of the film
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                      In the future, if we think it is going to get enough use to justify the added expense, we might add a Skype voicemail box. So as a Skype user, you'd be able to leave a message via Skype from anywhere in the world.
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                        I just listened to Episode #4 after watching Continuum for the first time and I thought the show as great, as usual. I liked that you brought up points such as the cost of the movie and why it would cost so much had it been a feature film. I agree that the greatest thing about Continuum is the nod SG1. It had great character moments, wonderful action sequences, references to past episodes, a lot of great appearances by actors, however small they may have been. It was an overall great movie and boy does it look good in blu-ray. The first blu-ray DVD I've ever seen and it was great!

                        Keep it up and I look forward to Episode #5 and the critique on "The Daedalus Variations"!
                        Steve, Bob and Todd. What chummy guys!


                          So far i have only listen to episode 1 because i live in the UK and your talking about episodes i have not seen but as the episodes role out in the UK i will catch up with it. But so far its great
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                            K, so the question of the week.

                            I would say that I think that they are going to clear the movie before the series. My main reason for this is that I think that when both SG-1 and Atlantis were airing it was a bit too much for the producers. Not to mention the viewers, having to try and keep track of both series. I have enough trouble just making time for Atlantis! (Why did it have to be a Friday night!?!)


                              Episode #5 is now available!

                              This week we're joined by GateWorld Forum moderator Tame Farrar for our round-table discussion of "The Daedalus Variations." As always, of course, beware of SPOILERS for this episode.

                              Also this week:

                              Contest! Find how you can win one of two copies of Stargate: Continuum.

                              Listener Mail! Lots of responses to last week's listener question. And we're debuting the very first call into the GateWorld Podcast Hotline.

                              CALL US! You can call the hotline and leave us a voicemail any time, day or night. Tell us what you thought of the newest Atlantis episode, answer the weekly listener question, leave feedback on the podcast itself, or talk about anything you want.

                              Just dial: 616-712-1647 (long distance rates apply)

                              Thanks again to everyone for listening and contributing!
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                                Just listened to Episode #5 (yep, early bird gets the worm!).

                                Internal bleeding? Oh no!

                                Darn, I can't enter the contest! I've only watched seasons 1-5 of SG1! But I am currently watching through them.

                                Once again I thought the discussion was great. Having a guest voice was cool, as well.
                                It was nice how you brought discussions from the forums into the podcast.

                                The listener mail was also great. I think the questions idea is really fun and sparks intriguing conversation.

                                I need to watch some more of SG1 so I can start fully answering these listener questions!

                                Once again, great show guys. I look forward yet again to the next episode!
                                Steve, Bob and Todd. What chummy guys!