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    WOW - Welcome back David and Diana it's been so-o-o-o long and I've so missed your podcasts. What an incredibly wonderful surprise to see your new podcast pop up in my podcast app (shameless plug for Overcast) thank you for another great podcast and as always you provide such profound views and information in your podcast.

    OMG Sign me up. I can't I friggin can't wait. Please don't keep us waiting too long. What a complete joy that you would allow us to listen in as you give us your thoughts, wisdom, discussion, etc. WOW I'm just floored this is better than I could of ever hoped for.

    Thank you David and Diana, I'm and old guy who loves Science Fiction and you've both been a breath of fresh air. One more time welcome back and thank you so much for what your bringing us, how much better can it be.



      Hi kiwigater - thanks for listening!

      We really wish Darren could've joined us, too, but he has written a great detailed review over on SciFi Stream.

      Our new site does have a temporary page up now, but yeah - I hate those ads, too!

      Wow, we have similiar tastes! LOVED, loved, loved EX MACHINA. Absolutely mesmerizing. Have you seen SNOWPIERCER? Both these films are great examples of why SF must get weirder if it's going to keep us engaged.

      WOOL/SILO is outstanding stuff. I'm now reading the second set of novellas. I think Scorsese has optioned the rights to the first batch. Hugh Howey's great. Would love to get him to come on a podcast to discuss his world, his writing process, etc.

      Can't wait for THE MARTIAN.

      Stay tuned for more. We're looking forward to seeing Part 2 of the Dark Matter pilot. Wonderful twisty promises are made at the end of the 1st hour that make for compelling TV.

      ETA: According to, Dark Matter will be shown in 86 countries. Maybe New Zealand will be on the list?
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