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    The time went so quickly with talk about everything and anything, but surprisingly very little about Stargate. I mentioned about the bit of a possibility of romance... and they seemed a bit surprised and Joe asked if that was something I’d enjoy. I think I pulled a face and said i’d rather see firefights, action and lots of blowing things up. At this point, Linz was still fangirling David, while Joe showed me some pics on his iphone, very sweet pics of his dog, and he gave a lil snuffle. Alas then it was time to go back to work... for them, not for us.

    Brigitte then told us that JM was ready to meet us, I wonder if he had been preparing his battle armour all morning. He seemed to just appear out of thin air, and before we knew it he was standing in front of us and smiling. He seemed genuinely pleased to see us. I told him I wasn’t that bad in person, and that I wouldn’t hug him too much. He walked us over to stage 6 to where the ‘Gate room is, and we waved to Marty G en route, smart man, he kept his distance. Mr M was absolutely lovely... until he stole our wallets. And showed us around the set, and talked to us about the blog, and about Remnants and how passionate he was about it and that he’d fight to keep certain things in it. He’d encountered resistance in some areas, but he felt those scenes needed to be there, and it was important to him.

    I know he gets a bad press sometimes, and I know i’ve given him a hard time on some issues, but he understands how passionate we were about the show and that we get angry and upset because it’s something we care about. And the mods may want to snip this out if they feel the need, but for some people that say TPTB and others don’t care about the show, then i’m sorry, but seeing the cast, crew and producers up close and personal and everything that goes into things on a daily basis, I can honestly say they’re very passionate about it, and want things to be great for the fans, and they try and do their best to accommodate a wide variety of views and tastes into the show. So we talked about passion, and then Linz and I went and played Stargate tag before going up the steps by the ‘gateroom and sitting with JM, who had a smile on his face, must have been after he lifted our wallets. Either that or he was really nervous about where our elbows were.

    Linz and I headed over to see Val in wardrobe, where we met up with Jason Momoa fixing his guitar case. He’s so tall!!! At 5 foot 1 and ¾ I paled into comparison. He’s very sweet and very shy. We talked about his tattoo which always fascinated me, and no I didn’t pull up my top and show him mine. I do have my limits ya know. We talked about the technique of how he got it set on his arm, and it really is fantastic up close and personal. Then we got chatting about his wig. It does look very real close up and you can hardly tell it’s a wig/weave. He was unfortunately busy, so we didn’t get very long to speak to him, so Brigitte escorted us to see Val. We had a lovely chat about the boys clothes, and I remarked to Val that Sheppard should definitely have some more casual clothing for season five and if it was at all possible could she leave off some buttons. We checked out Rachel’s maternity clothes and Linz and I said they were really beautiful. She seemed delighted that we’d taken such interest in what the actors wear.

    Then off we went to the second set where they were shooting a scene from FC/TLT on the Daedy. Linz came over all gushy and girly, it’s just a good job that she was sat down with the lovely Andy Mikita otherwise I think she would have kissed his shoes or fainted. Andy talked to us about some of the season 4 eps, and we told him how much we adored the ones he directed in particular Midway, and he said he thoroughly enjoyed working on that episode. He then handed over to Linz a continuity pic, which alas we cannot reveal it until after the ep airs as it contains a major spoiler and we wouldn’t want to get Andy into trouble. So we’ll save that and some of the other set pics until after the eps have aired. Sorry.


      Brigitte left us alone to talk with Andy and Vinnie (the 2nd AD) on the shoot, and contrary to Linz we weren’t flirting we were.... ok so we did flirt a little bit, but it was all in good fun. We sat for about 3 hours watching different scenes and bless, poor Jason, that one particular thing would not do as it was told, so it had to be reshot over and over again. During this time one of the actors banged their heads, we felt it from where we were. But he took it all in his stride and didn’t even shout out as they were shooting. What a trooper!!

      Then Robert Picardo came over and chatted with us, and he was just so charming. I asked him if he was planning on singing any opera on the show, and he said he wasn’t! That could have been interesting. He told us how much he’s grown to really like the character and tried to make it his own, and whilst i’m still a bit jittery, I do like RP and am looking forward to seeing what he brings to the role. We also talked about Voyager and cons he was attending before he had to head back onto the set.

      We stayed a bit longer before we headed back over to the Outsiders set once more where we revelled in the delight of seeing all the new sets, and the lovely Sean taking my hand and helping me climb the winding steps into a fantastic new set.... that will be revealed soon hehe. It looks fantastic and the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the peeps on the set is remarkable, they do a fantastic job. We then were approached by Mr F whom we talked to for a while in between takes and had our photo’s taken.... darn I forget to get their autographs. With everything that happened, that’s my only regret. L Well that and the fact Linz’s pics didn’t come out. L Joe, Linz and I talked about the Waterkeepers Alliance and the good work that they do, and Joe was very passionate about it all. Which was really endearing and then he just came over and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. SQUEEEEEEEEE.... *takes a deep breath*Oh that felt so good.

      You’ll be pleased to know that I didn’t squee once whilst on set. I squeed three times apparently. Or so Linz will have you believe. As you can see from the pic, Linz was actually fangirling more than me. She’ll tell you she’s just got her eyes closed because of the flash, but of cause I know better. I’ll let you be the judge of that pic. Alas it was time to say goodbye to Joe as he had to get back on set, but the day never ended there as Linz and I got to go and watch some more filming, whilst trying not to drool on the electrical equipment as the camera panned in for a close up shot of Joe. Joe came round about an hour later and said, “Are you still here?” hehe. Oh yes, we were, we didn’t want to leave, but we knew it was getting late and had to at some time.

      We said goodbye to Sean and the others and went with Brigitte to look at some of the new sets and at the PJ and another ship that was in there. And oh goodness me the lighting on the Hive ship was absolutely amazing and I took some great pics. But alas it was time to go. We’d had such a wonderful time we just didn’t want to leave, but we didn’t want to overstay our welcome either. So the lovely Brigitte called us a cab and before we left surprised us with some wonderful gifts, and ok i’ll admit I hugged her and squeed a bit. She was just a star throughout the whole day, showing us round the Atlantis set, and the SG1 set, where we both got a bit giggly and excitable. And she was just amazing and we can’t thank her enough, nor all the others that made our day so special.

      They really are a fantastic well oiled machine, and all the thought and caring they put into the show, they extended that same family feel to two strange fangirls who wandered into their lot. So I want to say to them if they every read this long winded post. Thank you for everything, it’s a dream come true and something we’ll cherish forever, thanks for making us feel part of your family for those few very special hours. And thanks to Linz for coming with me, it’s something we’ll never forget.


        Wow. Thanks for an awesome write-up. What an incredible experience! I'm incredibly jealous but thrilled to bits to be able to share vicariously in what sounds like an amazing day!


          My cheeks now hurt from grinning so much!

          I'm so glad you had a fantastic time, okay better than fantastic

          Sooooo very jealous of you getting to watch them film! Once the scenes have aired, I want a minute by minute account of everything that happened All for research for my degree of course

          You are two very lucky ladies (okay fangirls! ) but you both deserve it immencely!

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            Oh thanks guys - I really enjoyed reading this. I laughed so hard in some places. It does sound like you had a wonderful time - thanks for sharing it with us!
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              Linzi and Peg.
              I am so glad that you had a wonderful time. Reading it was just awesome.
              I don't know if I would be able to talk.

              I'm so sorry about your pics Linzi. I hope you will be able to retrieve them


                Fabulous job Linz and Peg, thank you so much for sharing. What a great once in a lifetime experience.

                Nope, I'm not jealous, not in the least...oops, my nose just grew another few inches.

                I hope you can salvage some of your pics Linz.

                I was wondering, did JoeF happen to mention what became of him making the film Shattered?
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                  Thank you very much for sharing.


                    Question. Did they really call 'hair to the set' when Joe was on?

                    If you were serious that's hysterical!


                      Thank you for sharing ladies. What a treat!

                      You didn't meet Rachel?


                        Thank you both for the incredible reports. They were so detailed I feel like I was there with you. So glad you had the wonderful time that you did.


                          Thanks so much for the wonderful write-up! What a fantastic visit that must have been. We're all green with envy ... but we're so happy to read your accounts!


                            Thank you for sharing your story! Your description of lunch with Joe and David was awesome! The two of them together sound hysterical. A Stargate Musical? HA! I wish I could've heard the food descriptions that they were making! Thanks again for sharing!



                              You girls are amazing. What great write-ups! The detail was so good I feel like I was there. I wish I had been. It sounds like you were a big hit with everyone too. Nice touch taking JF a bottle. Lucky you having lunch with David too and running into Jason.

                              Peg, it sounds like you got your dream day on set. You so deserve it. I am glad you took Linzi with you to share the fun. You guys are like peas in a pod and I can't think of a more appropriate pair to represent us whumpers on the set.

                              Linzi I am sorry about your pics and I bet there is some way to retrieve them. There must be!!

                              Enjoy your gifts and your spoilers. Don't forget to share them with us when the time is right!


                                I'm squeeeing and grinning all at once! That's pretty difficult to do!! Sounds like you gals had a most amazing time on set!!! So worth it, wasn't it??
                                And I'll confirm what you said about Joe and David together - they ARE 12, aren't they? And very much like Sheppard and McKay together I think.

                                Anyway, thanks for the write up! It was great getting to visit again through your eyes!! Sounds like it was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience - I can't wait to see pics!!!
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