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2008 Vancouver Con (Creation)!!!

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    Yes I am still here - although I don't post a lot....still a MASSIVE Daniel Jackson/Michael Shanks fan and try and get my Stargate SG1 fix on tv when I can..

    Real Life has been hectic since those heady days of what seemed like my non-stop Convention Going...since 2017 I've been the proud Grandmother of a beautiful little girl called Jessica Jeanne who is now 4 years old & the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Her "Gah" (my old man, Jim) and I have had the honour of doing MASSES of babysitting/child care as her Daddy and Mummy have both worked very hard since she was born...of course a lot of that has stopped during the Pandemic and Lockdown over here but we help out when we can and when it's safe for a couple of oldies in their early-mid 60's can allow...can't wait to get my vaccine and then I can hug my son again...

    However, travel for me will now always carry too much anxiety and fear for me to even think about Con-going again for a long long long time...

    I'm sticking to walking locally, playing with my granddaughter, visiting all the lovely beaches and countryside in my own beautiful country and LOTS of staycations...

    But I remember those heady days of the Vancouver Cons from 2006-2009 with great fondness..

    Deeds xo
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      Great to see the thread active again. Got a call from Padraig a few days back at 04:00 to ask me to post in here.
      I don’t need an excuse. Such great memories. And friends I made at Vancouver that i am still in contact with regularly! Since the last time I posted in here I’ve gotten married. We would love to get back to Vancouver one day. Such a beautiful place and full of memories for all of us.
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        What? Hey, it's me. Ba'al's buddy. I'm here because it was suggested I should say hello. So, Hello.
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