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In Memoriam: Sana (a.k.a. Whistler84) – A Mission for the Entire GateWorld Community

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    I didn't really know her but I always enjoyed reading her posts. She will be a sorely missed member of this forum.

    I'm sending all my sympathy to her family.


      She was sick?! She DIED?!
      OMG! I had no idea!

      I loved her sigs! I asked her to marry me just because of her sigs! She said she just got engaged and therefore couldn't marry me!

      (My proposal was a joke but I truly love(d) her sigs!)

      God Bless,
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        Guys, to all of you who didn't know about what was happening, don't feel bad. Whistler only really told two of us what she was going through -- she didn't want any of us to treat her any differently. She didn't want to be labeled as "sick", and the most important thing to her was that she carried on normally. She found out about this in late November; she didn't feel she could tell me until late last month. This is really hard to even accept, but we can't forget who she was and what she stood for. She will be missed so, so much.

        "But that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence." ~In memory of Whistler84...loved and missed but never, never forgotten. Safe journey, my dear friend. Love you.

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          omg that is so sad.. i didn't really know her, but from what i've read she was a great person. may she rest in peace.


            Thank you for posting this CeeKay. I think it's a good idea to have a message on the main forum, just in case there are people who knew Whistler, who haven't been to the threads she frequented recently (where the message about her passing was posted).

            I think all these words are very kind. Even if some of you didn't know Sana at all, it is nice of you to post a message showing you care.

            Here is some of what I posted on the Teyla appreciation thread:

            I didn't know Whistler that well, but I got to know her a bit from this [the Teyla appreciation thread] and some pms. I remember she wished my mom well when my mom was in the hospital, despite what she must have been going through. She was a very thoughtful person. Her presence will be greatly missed.

            My heart and condolences go out to her family and friends. And I know that she is now in a good place where she has found peace.
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              I'll also leave my condolences to Whistler's family and the people that were lucky enough to be closer friends to her than I got the chance to be. The sigs she made are truly beautiful and her posts here were always trying to lighten the mood when things went badly, she was the voice of reason and a peacemaker in the best Weir style!!!! She will be much missed...
              Awesome sig made by *E*K*R*. Thanks!!!!!


                As a mother of three, I can only feel crushed as to what her family is going through. I can only share with you why I loved her dearly and why I will always remember her.

                First off, CK..thank you for doing have no idea how much this meant for her.

                Ironically, Whistler was my first online Love! and she will always be.
                GW was my first experience ever on this whole crazy online stuff...Long story short, you all know how things can get pretty heavy on the threads, especially the shipper threads and back in August 2005 when I was posting in my favorite thread, I had some difficulty with some posters, and Whistler, who didn't even support or like my shipper preference, and hardly even responded to any of my postings, stood by me, supported me and had encouraging words for me..and because of her and only her, I stayed posting on GW...So, blame it on her that I am still around and STRONG!

                So, this is who Whistler was! Loving, Smart, Caring, Supportive, Sensitive, Strong, and Wise beyond her years....

                SP and I had a great relationship with her...They were the younger more serious posters, I was the older, the wise crack joker..and the one that loves them both!

                It's amazing! I never experience this whole online thing, and now I find myself having online daughters (don't ask) and now I am mourning someone that I loved online!

                The power of the World Wide Web and the power of someone like Whistler84/Sana who even through something as simple as typing some words made such a great impact on my life!

                I only ask one thing from you guys...She loved Teyla's and Weir's character. She could relate to many of these characters rich quality, inner and outer beauty and supported them both greatly.

                Ironically, I wanted to cheer her up since she had told me of her surgery and so I had dedicated this entire week of events that I planned in her bring a bright smile to her face....and I am thankful because although she passed away unexpectantly, she got to see and read the first couple of pages that were dedicated to her...and it made her smile....So, I accomplished my goal.

                This week the Teyla and Teyla Wow thread will continue with its events. We can no longer bring a smile to Sana's face, but it will continue in her honor and in remembrance of Sana...

                I find a bit of comfort in knowing that her friend stopped by to informed us of this tragedy because Sana begged her to; just another proof of what a classy lady she really was!

                I will also see if I can dig up some of her postings in the Teyla thread and Wow thread along with the Teyla/Weir that if any of you want to, you can get a glance at who this wonderful girl was, and why she will be remembered by many here. So,you can stop by and read and/or contribute to the thread in her honor. Hopefully, her friend Terry promised me that she will try to come back again this week to see some of the postings there...and she can see what a great crowd of supporters we are and how much we cared for our friends, here!

                I've also invited her fiancee to be..but I don't know that he will come...Regardless, I do this not for her, for she is gone, but for myself and for those of us who loved her.

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                  Death, even if it is part of life, is never easy. My condolences go out to the family.


                    I didn't really know her at all, just through what she would post.

                    My heart is sad, and I send my condolences to all her friends and family.


                      We have proven over the last day that our online community is truly special. Sana was often the voice of reason. The one who gently led us away from getting a little too serious about trivial issues and urged us to accept the opinions of others as having equal weight to our own. She took the time last week to send me birthday greetings, and in a little private exchange told me about her struggle. I was awed beyond words that someone so young could go through so much and still be able to lift up others. Many of us have real life situations that we need to escape from if only momentarily. Gateworld gives us a chance to step back and lighten our load.

                      Thank you, Sana, for reaching out to lighten the load of all of us. You will be sorely missed.

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                        Originally posted by SnoggingPicard
                        Guys, to all of you who didn't know about what was happening, don't feel bad. Whistler only really told two of us what she was going through -- she didn't want any of us to treat her any differently.
                        Thanks for letting us know, SP.

                        I didn't know Sana as well as some of you did, but being a member of a thread she frequently posted in, I feel she will be sorely missed. She was one of the very few people who had made friends among S/W, S/T, Teyla and Weir fans alike. That is a feat that speaks volumes in itself. I'll remember her as the person who was always level-headed in times of conflict, a virtue I don't possess. She was somewhat of a mediator between the two ships, a respected member of both communities. She had the skill to put a stop to many shipper spats before they escalated into something bigger, a very rare talent. It is ironic how all those arguments now seem petty and insignificant in comparison to the news of her tragic death.

                        My condolences go out to her family and friends. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank her friend Terry for coming online. You are a truly brave soul.


                          Originally posted by Camy
                          We can no longer bring a smile to Sana's face, but it will continue in her honor and in remembrance of Sana...
                          Of course you can still bring a smile to Sana's face. She was a remarkable person, at least, from the post I have read she seemed to be a remarkable person. I do not believe that death is the end. I have no doubt that she is now aware of the positive impact she had on this group and I'm sure her spirit is aware of the positive messages being left for her here on this board and I can only imagine a grin wider than possible at the revelation

                          It's an amazing thing to have touched so many lives and to have had an impact on so many. My condolences go to her family, friends, and to all that knew her. I know she will be missed by many.


                            My condolenses to her friends and family. I didn't know her but its a horrible thing to die so young when she had her whole life ahead

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                              I was truly, truly saddened by the news - while I also didn't know Sana personally, she seemed like a really nice person and it was always a pleasure to read her posts in the Sheppard/Weir thread. She made me two sigs to use here and her talent was just incredible. All the arguments we've had here on GW feel so stupid and unjustified right now - the most important thing is to appreciate each other and live each day to the full. That's what hearing about Whistler84 has taught to me: it really was a reality check of sorts.

                              My deepest condolences to Sana's family, fiance and friends. I truly will miss her a lot.
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                                Originally posted by CeeKay Sheppard
                                I'm afraid I'm the bearer of sad news. One of our own, Whistler84, passed away last night. Her real name was Sana.

                                One of her close friends left this message in a thread Sana frequented:

                                Please – let's all make this our mission. Let's not forget her.

                                Let her live on.

                                Words cannot express how great she was. It's hard to believe that... that she's really gone. She was like family. My heart goes out to her and her family.

                                She will be sorely missed.