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Fan film tasteter/feed back plz!

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    Fan film tasteter/feed back plz!

    hello people

    If you have the time, please check out this link >>

    It is a short tasteter of a fan film we are working one. Bare in mind we did do this particular piece about 2 years ago so it is not as good what we will produce in the spring. This one has water marks from the editing programme we use the new one will not,

    I would appriciate feed back from it!

    as of yet i havnt had the time to convert the file into a flash so it will take some time to work, to beable to watch it properly you will have to click play and leave it 2 run through once, meanwhile you can use the forums or something, once you can hear the theme tune has finnished maximise the screen again and enjoy!


    P.s. Just looking at it, i must say i cant stress anuff that that is an old piece, now we have ldsa new things, we have flashing lights and everything, gun shots and chroma key effects.
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    Its just loading now, looks good though, cant wait to see your new stuff. I'll let you know when Iv watched it


      Oh, neat! I saw a fan movie for Star Wars the other day, and I was thinking how nifty it would be to have a Stargate one! The editing looks good, you're off to a great start
      Chleximpressed <--- by Kliggins


        Thanks alot!
        i love feed back hehe


          Well you deserve it it was good, shame it took so long to load on my damn machine

          did you get my PM?


            hey ppl i'm the joint owner of the site and i wil also be addding to the web site soon with a few ships from stargate that i have created with a kl program, nice and 3D.

            also the stargate video on the iste is slow becauise we chnaged servers since we put it on and we are unable to make the file smaller due to this, now it just takes ages to load. oh wel. therte wil be more soon.

            remeber visit :

            then go to videos!