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    Stargate RPG

    I want to start a Stargate RPG set five years after disclosure.

    The political situation on Earth has changed drastically. The ineffectual UN has been replaced by the Terran Federation with its capital in London. France has become the French Empire with a Bonaparte as Emperor. Germany has become a constitutional empire. Austria-Hungary has reunited in central Europe. Russia is in a state of civil war.


      As for the Federation military, Jack O'Neil is Chief of the combined Chiefs of Staff. He's married to Sam and they have one child. General Sam Carter is chief of the SGC. Starfleet comes under the SGC and is headed by Admiral Steven Caldwell. Head of the ground forces is Marshal of France Julie Bonaparte, Princess Imperiale. Terra, the Asgard and the Tokra form a Grand Alliance.


        Full Name : Sieglinde ‘Linde’ Maria Wettin

        Birthday: August 4, 1977

        Nationality : German

        Rank, Title or Position : Crown Princess of Germany, Queen of Saxony, Duchess of Saxony and Thuringia, Commodore 2nd class, Terran Federation Space Navy

        ATA Gene: yes, natural

        Mental talents: telepathy (interplanetary range), remote viewing

        Height: 6'1"

        Build: Athletic

        Related Skills: Naval ship handling, surface warfare, logistics, gunnery

        Unrelated Skills: Cooking, hiking, camping, reading, writing, strategy games, fishing, horseback riding, piano, swimming, boating

        Credentials: BA, Economics (Bundeswehr University Munich), MA , Political Science (Helmut Schmidt University - Hamburg)


        Sieglinde is tall and athletic, the result of both natural genes and exercising every day. She is a natural blonde, with blue eyes. In short, a typical Nordic German. Her usual attire on shipboard is the standard coverall, She dresses elegantly and in excellent taste when off duty and enjoys dressing up when going out for social occasions. She has a tan from her years on shipboard both in the North Sea and off Somalia.


        Well-mannered and gracious to all she meets. She does not rub in her wealth and social position, and through her years in the navy and her social training as a child gets along well with both enlisted and officers. She is not afraid to speak up when she feels senior officers are wrong, but will generally do so in private. She is the first officer from the Germany Navy to go this far in SGC and so is highly motivated to excel. She does not brag about her wealth and titles, feeling somewhat embarrassed by them at times, yet determined to live up to their long and honorable history.


        Piano, horseback riding, reading (historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, military fiction as well as lots of history). German cooking. She delights in cooking for guests. When she is not in space and she has the time she will often be found hiking and camping in the Colorado Rockies. She also sails and owns a small yacht, which is currently anchored off Kiel, Germany.


        Two of her main passions are history and archaeology. She would love to obtain a PhD in the subject and spend time in learning the history of off-Earth tau’ri civilizations.

        Field Experience:

        Sieglinde graduated from the Marineschule Mürwik in 2002. Her education included a year for basic military education, four years studying for a BA, then two years in advanced naval training. Her first ship assignment after school was a two-year tour as a logistics on the Brandenburg-class frigate F217 Bayern. Most of that tour was spent in the Indian Ocean providing support for NATO operations in Afghanistan. After returning to school for a year to earn her MA, she went back to sea as the executive officer of the Gepard-class fast-attack craft P6122 S72 Puma, with an area of operations in the North Sea and the Baltic, taking part in a number of NATO exercises. After another stint of short duty, Sieglinde became the chief gunnery officer, and later the executive officer, of the Bremen-class frigate F210 Emden, serving in the North Sea and North Atlantic. Her final assignment before coming to SGC was as commanding officer of the Braunschweig-class corvette F262 Erfurt in anti-piracy patrols off the Somali coast. During this time she participated in a number of pirate captures and several personally dangerous boarding actions. By this time she was the youngest ship captain in the German navy, with a reputation as an excellent ship handler and on a fast track to become the first woman to hold a combat flag command. It was then she was recruited for SGC. Her ship handling skills translated well to space warfare and soon became assistant tactical officer on Daedalus under Colonel Caldwell.


          Anybody interested?