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Stargate Dawn Free Roam Roleplaying Game

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    Stargate Dawn Free Roam Roleplaying Game

    Heeey everyone, I'm a long time gateworld lurker who never got to actually making an account. I just wanted to present something I've been working on recently.

    I've been working on my own little stargate RPG adventure game for the past month. I'm pretty far in development but there are a few visual issues I need to sort before releasing the first official release. That said, the introduction is available for download below.


    The game takes place in 2014 Three years after Destiny has gone into deep FTL. Through an old tablet, the SGC discovers another ancient ship known as the Dawn. This ship from the description of the tablets is said to be the most powerful Ancient ship with the power to dial any stargate regardless of distance and location.

    You play as the leader of the SGB (Stargate Black Ops). They are the best of the best and often sent on suicide missions. It is your job to find and rescue the destiny.

    Upon entering the Dawn you soon find out that the ship has a very unique feature.

    Every planet dialled from the ship's gate will explode in 24 hours.


    The actual game itself is free roam with many features such as fighting, training, crafting, travelling and even romance. The introduction release below is just a cut out version that I've uploaded for you guys to try.

    Really hope you like the intro, please let me know what you think!



    I just noticed that choices options aren't lining up the text properly. This is only an an issue in the Intro release so please pay it no mind.

    Save before the fight scene!!