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    Gotta admit, this was a cool season opener. Very action packed. nice conclusion to "The Last Man" Loved the Simpsons reference and rodney panicking at the fact that he has to deliever teyla's baby. but i gotta admit Out of all the people they could've replaced Sam with, The IOA chose Woolsey? SO Wrong on SO many Levels.
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      August 2008: I was watching the Beijing Olympics and also doing permitted web design work for my Dad's company and...Atlantis was back!

      1. For once Rodney wasn't damaged.

      2. John was though, his craziest stunt yet.

      3. Would have been nice to have kept Sam around but I think it was this or Sancturary for AT at this point.

      4. From the IOA's POV I guess Woolsey was the safe bet.

      Solid ep.


        Not a bad start to the season. Nicely paced, rescuing the survivors of the explosion, Michael turning up conveniently so Teyla could be rescued! stop to give birth, get back to Atlantis to find Sam going off back to Earth and be replaced by Woolsey.

        Well, never a dull day for the Atlantis crew!


          Wow S5 of Atlantis. Its hard to believe their are only 3 more months of Stargate watching. As far as S5 goes it is no surprise I am not a fan of this season. It seems like its nothing but filler. It lacks an ongoing like what we had in S4. I just felt they were all over the place. Anyone this episode is not bad. The only compliant I have is the insanity that someone who probably has organs crushed not to mention tons of internal bleeding could be able to do the things Sheppherd did. I don't care how high a threshold a person has for pain that is just not possible. Besides that I liked it. I felt their was a good combination of character moments like what happened to Ford haunting him. Thier was some good action spilit between the Hive ship and Carter's team on the planet. Their were great visuals with the space battle. I always thought the failed hyperspace launch by Micheal was cool looking. I am not the biggest McKay fan as many may know but Rodney playing the midwife was quite hilarious. I remember Carter fans being angry the way she was and how it was a slap in the face to her character. I liked it for that reason. Its relastic for higher military brass to have politics affect their job status
          Originally posted by aretood2
          Jelgate is right


            Joe Mallozzi has resumed his episode memories on his blog.

            SEARCH AND RESCUE (501)

            When production resumed on Stargate: Atlantis’s fifth season, little did we realize at the time that it would be our final year. We were coming off a terrific fourth season and had some great scripts on deck and some big ideas for what lay ahead. Samantha Cater was on her way out and a new Commander was on his way in. And this time, there would be no discussion over potential candidates. There was only one. I picked up the phone and called Robert Picardo, told him we’d love to make Richard Woolsey a regular. I pitched him what we had in mind, a move that would complete Woolsey’s transformation from pencil-pushing pain-in-the-ass to surprising and lovable friend and ally. Bob loved the idea, welcomed the opportunity and his deal was closed that day. It was tough to say goodbye to Amanda, but we were happy that she would be leaving for a passion project, the first season of Sanctuary, in which she would be producing and starring (and, eventually, directing as well over the show’s five year run).

            The change in command was not the only development in this final season. Teyla would finally give birth, the Michael storyline would be concluded, Elizabeth Weir would make a (sort of) return, while the introduction of a powerful new enemy would complicate matters for our intrepid expedition.

            But first things first. We had a story to conclude, some trapped team members to rescue and, of course, a baby to deliver…

            The rest are photos and BTS vids:
            VFX Supervisor Mark Savela at the Search and Rescue concept meeting.
            The show’s visual effects were second to none, thanks to the work of Mark Savela and his crew.
            Art Department package for the episode. The Construction Department had their work cut out for them on this one.
            The former village set is transformed into a ruined facility on what we used to call The FX Stage.
            That’s a load-bearing ladder!
            A relaxed Jason Momoa returns from hiatus sans dreads. It would be a couple of episodes before we could write them out so we had to wig him to start the season. The wig, by the way, was made of his own hair.
            One easy to handle baby for the birthing season.
            Don’t forget the umbilical cord!
            Inside Michael’s hive ship.
            An Alien-esque feel.
            The wraith tech was always very organic-looking.
            Wraith tablet.
            Michael (Connor Trineer) at the controls.
            An Andy Mikita joint.
            A visit to the wraith OB/GYN.
            Kanaan, Teyla’s baby daddy, relaxes between takes.
            Martin Christopher (aka Major Marks) checks out the craft service offerings.
            Amanda Tapping and Mitch Pileggi.
            Stand-ins (or, more appropriately in this case, sit-ins) aboard the Daedalus.
            Preparing to send out the MALP.
            Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok at work.
            David Hewlett and Kavan Smith take a break from the dust and debris.
            Major Lorne looking the worse for wear.
            Exhausting work. McKay’s jacket gets a workout.
            McKay and Lorne
            The ruined facility.
            The jumper. Stage 2.

            Wraith Effects vid
            Wraith Effects II vid
            On the hive ship vid
            Search a rescue rehearsal vid
            And the scene vid

            ETA: You'll have to go to the blog to see the vids play.


              Sad to see Sam go, but otherwise this episode was a great opener.

              I loved the zooming out effects in the intro.
              Did they finally get Michael?
              Congratulations to Teyla.

              I hope there was some nice info on the hard drive McKay salvaged in the beginning.
              And that rubble set was really cool...
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                Only time will tell
                Originally posted by aretood2
                Jelgate is right


                  I liked the episode. Find it odd they would risk hundreds of people to save 3 people. Not from this episode but I also find it odd that wraith never use their ability to make people see things. I guess the writers forgot about it.

                  Back to the episode though. The zooming around planets was cool. I liked the baby scene and the rescue. I'm kind of glad to see Sam go because she wasn't being used enough.


                    Originally posted by Lt.Colonel John Sheppard View Post
                    Gotta admit, this was a cool season opener. Very action packed. nice conclusion to "The Last Man" Loved the Simpsons reference and rodney panicking at the fact that he has to deliever teyla's baby. but i gotta admit Out of all the people they could've replaced Sam with, The IOA chose Woolsey? SO Wrong on SO many Levels.
                    I agree, except I actually like Woolsey.


                      Originally posted by Baron Of Hell View Post
                      I liked the episode. Find it odd they would risk hundreds of people to save 3 people. .
                      Look at how often SG1 sent squads of people to rescue 1-2 SG members.. Its common in the military to risk dozens to save one.


                        First time watch!

                        I liked this episode. It was a nice conclusion to what I thought was a very lackluster season finale.

                        Stray Thoughts:
                        It was nice to see the Daedalus hold its own against the Wraith cruiser. It's about time we had something that could compete with a ship that has no shields. (Since most of the series, it couldn't.)
                        Also, Rodney delivering Teyla's baby was fantastic. Kinda bummed it was named after John instead of him.
                        After being pinned down by a beam and needing major surgery, I think you should seriously sit this one out and let someone else save Teyla, John.
                        Also, I'm assuming that we haven't seen the last of Michael with the missing jumper. I'm fine with that. He's a fun villain.

                        So happy with the conclusion to this 2-parter (or pretty much 4-parter). Interested to see what Woolsey brings to the table. I liked his transition in and Sam's transition out. Shout out to Ba'al in Continuum!
                        [call me loser.]


                          The only part of that cruiser=daedalus fight i didn't like, was it seemed we only held our own CAUSE of the asgard beam weapon...


                            True, but I'll take it if it means that they aren't such a pathetic force in the galaxy. Because I've never understood how they can't hold their own against the Wraith when they don't even have shields... It just never made sense to me. So if adding beam weapons evens the field, I'll take it.
                            [call me loser.]


                              Originally posted by nx01a View Post
                              Thank ye, ye who liveth on the shoulder of our fallen [literally] goddess, Heightmeyer.

                              I forgot to shout out Major Kevin Marks. Brilliant shooting! TWICE! He made up for the one who missed last season. The plot made her blind.

                              I take it that, since we see Marks is here,
                              something bad happened to the Odyssey. I really SHOULD watch AoT...

                              The collapsing hyperspace window was beautiful, like dust from a butterfly's wings.
                              I swear Marks has served on all the ships, they bounce that poor guy around like crazy