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    Originally posted by Snowman37 View Post
    I referenced screen captures at GateWorld. There is no capture that clearly shows the should patch. Is it SG-1 or SGC? I can't tell. Unless you can provide a clear image of an SG-1 patch on General O'Neill, I'm going to have to assume it is an SGC patch. Why would he be wearing an SG-1 patch when he hasn't been on the team for three or four years? It's a military unit, not a fan club.
    I agree.


    When you're O'Neill's rank, you can do what the heck you want. Trust me, the amount of Air Vice Marshals, Air Marshals and Air Chief Marshals (that's RAF equivilant of Maj Gen, Lt Gen and Gen to you yanks!) who still wear flying suits as working dress, despite having not flown for over a decade is absurd. So, it's not beyond the stretch of the imagination, despite the fact that, as you said, technically he is not supposed to be wearing it.

    As for Carter, she has no excuse. I don't buy the idea of her borrowing a shirt - just wouldn't happen, in the time between Continuum and EatG, she was clearly stationed AT the SGC, and clearly was in the 2IC role AGAIN (I wish they'd be less mary-sue with her postings), so why she was wearing a sodding SG1 patch, I don't know...

    "Five Rounds Rapid"