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    Originally posted by Linda06 View Post
    *nods head* The ideal ending
    Why thank you. In both ways.

    Originally posted by EvilSpaceAlien View Post
    I think I may just kill myself if Rodney gets any more scenes than he already has.....

    Or maybe I'll just kill Rodney instead.

    Aww.... Now that's a happy ending!

    Yes. Two Rodney centric episodes is enough. Then, you just go into the "overkill" zone.
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      This thing is kinda long and some are not really SGA words but here goes:

      Post movie or season 6 of Stargate Atlantis

      Ronon Dex and John Sheppard are playing football. Sheppard is teaching Ronon the game. They received an invitation to Keller and McKay’s wedding. Sheppard is the best man. Ronon, Carson and Zellenca are the groom’s men.

      On the day of the wedding, all of them got a text message or a call from SGC. They are hailed to go to SGC for very important matter. The wedding has been hold and off they went to SGC with their formal dress and gowns.

      On SGC, the SG-1 team found an atlantian device or pod that holds a body of a woman. With their history and knowledge of Atlantis, they are back to the city with the approval of the IOA.

      The SGA team and Dr. Daniel Jackson are working hand in hand to decipher the encryptions of the pod. It seems like the other pod in the city and aurora but with a very difficult codes.

      Rodney encrypted one of the code and it is a video feed. They opened the video feed of the person in the pod.

      “I am Freya Zornir, daughter of Drenrann Zornir and Relar Zornir, heir of the atlantians, princess or queen of atlantis. If you are indeed seeing this, I am the only Atlantian alive and I am the only one who can bring my race back. I am sent to Sateda to live as one of them. As the wraith invaded Sateda, my Satedian parents will put me in this pod to save the atlantian blood line. We did not expect the wraith to destroy Sateda as early as now. I do not know if my people win the war against the wraith but we have no other choice but to execute the plan of this pod early on. Please take care of me and bring me to life. This is the only chance of my people, my race, my atlantian blood to heal and grow my race again.”

      They found the pod of the princess of atlantis. But Rodney is not yet convinced and retrive another video feed. A continuation of the other video.

      “When I was living in Sateda, a friend of mine named Ronon Dex said to me for as long as he live, he will take care of me and bring me back. You are the one who taught me how to live and love. Please wait for me. We shall meet again.”

      Then everybody looked at Ronon. In the conference room, Mr. Wuzzy and the team discuss the circumstances about bringing her back to life and Ronon told the story of a girl he met before Sateda was destroyed. They practice combat and sharpen their knowledge, which Ronon didn’t really listen but instead just looked at her, her eyes, her lips, caressing her face and tucking her hair behind her ear. They had a relationship but then the girl just disappeared and her family did not know where she went. He moved on and met a nurse and continued on with his life. Once in a while, he will think of her well being.
      Dr. Keller rushed to the door and told the team that her vitals are going haywire. She needs to get out of the pod now or else her vitals wont be able to save her genes. Dr. McKay and the team run to the isolation room to work on her coding. Rodney, even if he say its impossible, did finish his encryption even under pressure. The pod opened, Dr. Beckett and Dr. Keller revived her.

      The lady then opened her eyes and said “Thank you”. They kept her on the isolation room and kept track of her vitals. Her vitals became stable. Dr. McKay received a very large source of energy from the room. The princess itself is a walking ZPM. She then makes the whole city and whole system operational. The energy that Rodney is reading is like the ancient who already ascended. The princess explained that the royal or noble bloodline of the Atlantians are indeed very powerful like the ascended Atlantian. She does not even need to sit on the chair to power up atlantis and the drowns.

      She said that she does not want to over take the people of earth but she wants to go back to Pegasus galaxy with the atlantis expedition team on board. She wants to protect the people of the Pegasus galaxy. She does not have her most powerful energy here in milky way.

      IOA and the atlantis expedition and the princess discussed the use of atlantis flying back to Pegasus. If she does not have enough power, how can they go back to Pegasus without hyper drives.

      The other wraith from the darts who attacked area 51 manage to escaped and landed earth. Like what the episode “Vegas” they created a machine powerful enough to go back to Pegasus. They manage to get a hold of Michael’s theories and research about Teyla’s baby.

      The wraith named Alvin, finished the machine. The machine is like a transporter like the one in the episode “Tracker” but with this he manipulated space/time continuum. He manage to have 5 set of a scenario of kidnapping Teyla’s baby and teleported back to the Pegasus to the nearest planet on the edge of Pegasus and milky way.

      Teyla requested the city to go back to Pegasus. 1st the princess is the real owner of the city of atlantis. 2nd she wishes the SGA team to help her get her baby back. The baby is around 3years old now.

      The story will evolve on the Princess and Ronon, Teyla’s kid and Sheppard and the traveler girl(who kidnapped him). atleast rodney was not really the "star" of the show.


        I for once, would have liked to see their original SG-1 objective fullfiled:

        After Atlantis's setting down on earth, going public! setting a revolution, all scientists doing all kinds of revers engineering and experimenting, earth becoming "the future planet" kids in flying vehicles ('cause they'd be so easy to handle), microwaves that cool things... hmmm well you know what I mean... Maybe, Anubis resurecting, attacking earth just to get kicked by the new uber-humans. haha!


          I'd redo all of EatG. First off I'd have the superhive be waiting for its back up, a massive fleet of Hives and Cruisers to arrive. The first part of the two parter would've ended showing a jaffa patrol picking up multiple contacts inside of a Ha'tak and then we see the super hive move in as it confronts the Oddysey which has dropped its cloak. The next episode begins with the Ha'tak hailing the Wraith to figure out what's going on only to be boarded. We then see Atlantis racing at full speed to get to Earth, they then learn that the hive has a gate and send a team through on a sabatoge mission. Meanwhile the Oddyssey is attempting to deal with the Hive but is beggining fail when drones break out from Antartica but are only able to temporaroly disable it before it reverses to the moon and the Oddyssey takes the time to recharge shields. Meanwhile Atlantis picks up Sun Tzu and Appollo while they recharge the power to there beams. Meanwhile word of the Wraith has spread to the Jaffa and they engage the back up fleet at numerous points and lose each time although Atlantis contacts them once in our galaxy and tells them of the superhive, which they to wish to dispatch. Meanwhile on the Hive they are able to disable it but Ronon is killed by a Wraith and they are forced to return to Atlantis which engages the damaged hive above Earth as several Ha'taks appear to help. Ultimately the combined forces of Earth's ships, the Ha'tak's and Atlantis push it back to the chair's range where it is torn to shreds. The episode ends with the team mourning Ronon and a brief clip of the remaining fleet approaching our system.


            sorry for necroing.

            No Man's Land: The Orion manages to survive the battle.

            BASMR: Earth manages to beam up ~200 ZPMs and thousands of drones as well as capture five Auroras.

            Daedalus Variations: McKay manages to shut down the Interdimensional Drive. Earth gets another ship as a result.

            The Lost Tribe: Instead of taking out the crystals for the Attero Device, McKay and Daniel remove the ZPMs.

            Identity: place is taken by Vegas, room must be made for Series Finale two-parter.

            EatG: Two Parter. Both episodes are 90 minute episodes (like Threads). SGC and related programs go public.
            Calvin grows up to be Frazz. The logical continuation of this is, of course, that Frazz then grows up to be Edward Norton's character from Fight Club. And thus, all four of these characters are gods.Let's go one more step. Calvin grows up to be Jeremy, who grows up to be Frazz, who grows up to be "Tyler Durden," while Suzie grows up to be Haruhi Suzumiya; since Kyon becomes The Doctor, this leads to the inescapable conclusion that after the end of Fight Club, Calvin becomes Captain Jack.


              ive been waiting for a thread like this
              some lanteans arrive at atlantis and again reclaim it forcing the tau'ri to take a subservient position in the city.

              it turns out that the asurans are still alive and managed to replicate and alter their base code to remove the wraith attack command and come out of hiding with a small fleet. they team up with the wraith to attack atlantis. one by one the 304s are destroyed or recalled to the milky way for defense. in a final battle, atlantis is destroyed in a dramatic and finalic (is that a word?) way such as an aurora ship bombarding the city while darts fly in and ram/shoot it. all the tau'ri escape while the lanteans stay and go down with atlantis.

              the wraith use their zpms (which were never used to upgrade the hive ship) to create and power another cloning facility to clone humans for food. with an ample food supply, the wraith unite again, take their fill, and go into hibernation. the asurans find another planet and continue their isolationist life.

              the lost tribe asgards capture michael and use him successfully in their experiments to stop cloning degradation. with the wraith sleeping, they are free to colonize a new world. however, michael escapes and establishes a private empire but the other powers keep him in check and theres peace in the galaxy.

              the travelers are able to stop their overpopulation problem by building new ships without the pressure of fleeing from the wraith.
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                Originally posted by ciannwn View Post
                What I'd have changed.

                Ghost In The Machine - Koracen doesn't cause trouble so Weir and the other Replicators get their organic bodies and leave Atlantis to follow the normal route to Ascension.

                Better - if they'll not force Asurans to make organic bodies... theywould can accept them "humanly" an explane that they don't need ascension... and will help them to find any planet with neutronium.